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  1. Thanks for the help, and sorry to the OP - didn't mean to post my question on your thread! I thought I was starting my own thread. Have a great day, everyone!
  2. I got the email Wednesday saying that my February cruise was cancelled. At the time, I had only paid the deposit - final payment wasn't due until December, and I was basically waiting to see what was going to happen. My question is about the FCC/OBC offer - how does that work if I never fully paid for the cruise? Can I basically just roll over my deposit to a new cruise and get the OBC? Is it a price match for a comparable cruise? I'm a little unclear how it gets applied if the cruise wasn't fully paid for. Also, do I have to pick the new cruise now or just state that I want the FC
  3. I've been on the Getaway (sister ship to the Breakaway), in an Oceanview, and on the Sun in two different insides, and the Sun's insides were bigger than the Getaway's Oceanview. We had a sideways inside on deck 9, and a regular inside on deck 6a (weird little deck you can only get to by a stairwell from deck 7). Both had small sofas, decent size desks with desk chairs and good side closets - plenty of storage. The Sun has a lot of unique staterooms in all categories and it pays to research!
  4. My sister, BIL, DH, and I are thinking about a trip to Bermuda on the Gem. We're also thinking about splurging and getting suite together instead of separate cabins. Two questions: 1. Is the second bedroom in the 2BR suite was big enough for two adults and/or does the couch in the living room open up as a bed? 2. What suite amenities does a non-Haven suite get? Thanks in advance!
  5. I think you'll love the updates from the refresh - she's so pretty now! The only thing I miss is the old Las Ramblas place - not only did I love the sangria and snacks up there, I also loved the décor. We planned to try Los Lobos on both our 2018 trip & this cruise, but we never made it. We've done the Epic & the Getaway, and they were fun, but I prefer the smaller ships overall. This one seemed so relaxing, and my husband and I thought it was because we knew the ship so well - we didn't get lost, we knew the better times to do stuff - it was great.
  6. You're welcome! It's fun to relive the cruise a little after it's over. Thanks for your kind words!
  7. I think your BFF will have a blast! The Sun was our first cruise, and we became instant addicts!
  8. About us: DH & I are in our mid-fifties, and this was our 11th cruise, 9th on NCL, and 5th on the Sun! Needless to say, we like the ship! We like a mid-winter getaway to be able to wear flip-flops and see the sun, with our biggest goal being relaxation. I'm a teacher, and my district has a week-long break the week of President's Day in February, so that's when we usually sail. We used to go for 7-day cruises, but we've really found a 5-day to be the sweet spot for our winter escape - I still have some time to catch up on work, and I don't have to find a sub and take an extra pre- or post-d
  9. Nice review! Elation is a fun little ship - we tried Carnival for the first time on the Elation last year (after 8 other cruises on other lines) and had a blast! Loved the bars - loved the burgers! We're already booked for another Carnival cruise on the Sunshine next year - looking forward to it!
  10. I think for some it's not the travel animals per se, but the perception that the little things that made cruising feel special are going by the wayside - after all, when was the last time you stayed in a regular hotel and got a towel animal? I've only been cruising since 2011, primarily with NCL. During my first cruise on the Sun, we had towel animals, chocolates on the pillows, and room service was free. The specialty restaurants were a single upcharge with no mandatory additional gratuity. Drinks had straws, lol. Now it seems like a lot of things are gone completely and those tha
  11. This is going to be my last NCL cruise for awhile, I think. I'm just too annoyed. I've purchased the spa pass on the bigger ships and I enjoy it - it's a little splurge that's worth it to me. But $60 for the Sun's little sauna & steam room? I don't think so.
  12. I can't believe they are charging for the steam room and sauna on the Sun - do you know if you can still use them for free if you get a massage?
  13. No spa pass on the Sun, but you can use the steam room & sauna for free. We did the romance package including the 25 minute massage a couple times a few years ago - it was nice. Twenty five minutes wasn't bad - mostly just back and shoulders. At the time we got dinner in the French restaurant, wine, enhanced room service breakfast, and tea service (canapes), and a photo (which we never bothered to get). I thought it was a good value at the time - not sure what it includes now, so can't say for sure.
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