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  1. No spa pass on the Sun, but you can use the steam room & sauna for free. We did the romance package including the 25 minute massage a couple times a few years ago - it was nice. Twenty five minutes wasn't bad - mostly just back and shoulders. At the time we got dinner in the French restaurant, wine, enhanced room service breakfast, and tea service (canapes), and a photo (which we never bothered to get). I thought it was a good value at the time - not sure what it includes now, so can't say for sure.
  2. I don't normally run around telling people I'm platinum - I only shared because I thought what had happened to them was what had happened to me (as far as being grandfathered in for both double points and level required). Ironically my first cruise as platinum, I did really get any benefits because it was a four day cruise! LOL.
  3. It may depend on when you booked the cruise - if you booked awhile ago, it may have been when the changes were going into effect, and some people were grandfathered into a tier based on the old rate. The cruise that made us platinum was booked when double-points were still in effect, and 75 points (maybe? can't remember exactly) were all that was needed for platinum. By the time we sailed, they were no longer doing double-points and platinum required 80 - we were still given platinum even though we only had 78 points. Hopefully it's that and not a glitch!
  4. Anyone recently on the Sun (late 2019/early 2020) recall if there were any spa specials (other than the 10/20/30 booking one they always do)? I know the first couple times I went on the Sun in 2011/2012, they had mix-and-match specials called something like "Spatopia" - you could pick 2 or 3 mini-services from a short menu. Thanks!
  5. Love the bulleted review! Not on the Sunshine until 2021, but love reading reviews and getting ideas in the meantime! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.
  6. I'm here! LOL. Enjoying your review, though I'm sad about your room disappointment - the Sun has a lot of "special" rooms (in all categories) that are worth knowing about when you book. My DH & I will be on her in a few weeks for our 5th time! She's one of our favorites for nice relaxing cruise - not the biggest or fanciest, but has a lot of cool features including a great staff. We've had better bar service on the Sun than on the Epic, and some of the best stewards of any of our cruises! Afternoon coffee in the Great Outdoors Café, a relaxing walk around the Promenade deck, evening cocktails in the Observation Lounge (now called Spinnaker, I think) - so great. I also like that there is still a lot available to do without an upcharge. My only complaint is that I wish the entertainment were a little better - I love Howl at the Moon, too, and I don't know why they couldn't have it on the Sun. Have fun with your family tonight! One of my best cruise memories was watching Thanksgiving football with my family on the Dawn - we had so much fun that we still refer to it as one of the best Thanksgivings ever! Thanks for the menu & dailies pictures, too!
  7. Funniest comment I read about the bathroom was that it was like "pooping in a phone booth..." 😃 The Epic inside was my least favorite inside stateroom but it was as much due to its small size (we had to put the stool in the closet so we had room to walk around) as the bathroom. I liked the separation of the sink, toilet, and shower - I didn't like the frosted glass and its location near the door...just a little too exposed for my taste. Still we don't spend a lot of time in the room when we have an inside, and I had a spa pass, so I showered and what not in there. The spa is worth it!
  8. You know, I have to wonder how many of these cases are noro, and how many are some other gastrointestinal illness, like e-coli - there was just a massive recall of lettuce for e-coli. Who knows where and what people ate prior to boarding...not to mention it can take a couple days after exposure before symptoms appear. Finally, cruise ships take a bad rap for these illnesses, but who cleans planes? How many people fly in, get contaminated in the airport or on the plane, but don't show symptoms until a day or two on the ship?? Wash your hands!! Better safe than salmonella 😏
  9. Thanks, everyone! It's just me & DH, who is also platinum. We don't have the shore excursion credit, just the platinum discount. We usually do our own thing, but for this cruise there is an excursion that works better for us. Thank you all for your help.
  10. I did a quick search, but couldn't find an answer (or else the boards didn't like my search terms - always a possibility). Anyway, I would like to book an excursion through NCL prior to sailing (we like to have as much paid for ahead of time as possible - just makes it easier to relax). This is the first time in awhile that I'm interested in booking through NCL as a Latitudes member, and I'm wondering how the shore excursion discount works - are the prices I see in MyNCL already discounted? If I book now will I get reimbursed on the ship w/OBC? Or do I either pay the higher cost to book now or wait until I'm on the ship for the lower price? Not trying to get into a debate about prices, booking through the ship vs independent, or anything else not related to my questions 😏 - thanks in advance to anyone who can help! 😃
  11. I haven't sailed either ship (just the Getaway in that class), but I have gone to a lot of the ports. GSC & Harvest Caye are both NCL's so they're basically extensions of the ship - beach day at GSC where the drink package works - beach or pool at Harvest Caye, but you have to pay for drinks. Both will have snorkeling, beach gear, etc. available as excursions (with more options at Harvest Caye). You can go upscale with cabanas at both. Roatan and Costa Maya have some great excursions (like snorkeling and ziplining) available both through the ship or through some good private vendors. Costa Maya also has some Mayan ruins you can book an excursion to see. Both also have nice beaches - you can take a cheap taxi into Mahajual and have a great beach day in Costa Maya. San Juan and St. Thomas both take American dollars and you can do fun stuff without an excursion. There is a cool fort to see in San Juan if you like history. St. Thomas has some great beaches. The only place I haven't been is Tortola, but it has some great beaches. I'd have a tough decision because I'd like the Escape better as a ship, but the Encore's itinerary better - you would have an additional sea day, so more time to enjoy (and spend money, lol) on the Encore.
  12. Pretty sure that the Sports Bar doesn't open until 5:30 - even on embarkation day. Usually the Seven Seas is open for lunch - it's tricky to find, and they will definitely try to steer you up to the buffet. If you're looking for it, go aft on deck 6, and then go down the stairs near the theater. If you try to get there from deck 5, you won't find it (even though that's where it is).
  13. I have sailed the Sun 4 times, once post-renovation. I only sailed the Sky once, but it was pre-renovation. They are pretty similar, but I think the Sun has a couple more specialty restaurant choices. The Sky's renovation looked like it rebranded a couple restaurants and bars - check the deck-plans on the website to be sure. I know the Sun has Los Lobos and the Sky has The Local. Both have an observation lounge in the front, a Great Outdoors in the aft, and a full promenade deck for seaside strolls. The rooms are slightly different, so if you have something special in mind, again, check the deck plans.
  14. You only get the vouchers if your cruise is 5 days or more - we were platinum on our last cruise, and we didn't really get anything since it was only four days.
  15. The Sun is one of my favorite ships, but I'm the first to admit the entertainment is not as good as the bigger ships. Still, we always find something to keep us entertained!
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