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  1. Thanks. I just downloaded the file. I have a terrible feeling this is all we will be getting but I hope I am wrong!🙁
  2. Count me in as anxiously awaiting the new Destination Collection (I still prefer the original name of Cruise Atlas). I received mine last year on August 14. I sure hope Princess has not discontinued the print version because so many of us enjoy sitting at our leisure planning our next adventure. It’s to Princess’ advantage to continue the print version.
  3. I totally agree with both above. A few years ago I asked the same question and was referred to Kyss. These bags are very well made and last a long time. I use them on the airplanes, by the pool and on excursions. Love them! I just wish they would add a panel on the outside so they can slip over your luggage handle. Otherwise, they are PERFECT!
  4. Thanks for this good advice. I called my third party insurer and told them what I was planning and she asked "Steve" (for those who know who he is) and he said this would work as long as your paper trail shows credit to your account using the gift cards. I purchased four $500 digital gift cards for my upcoming B2Bs and as the transaction went along, I made a screen print of each step. I received two emails per transaction from Princess. One for the $500 and a separate one for the $25. Each has a separate redemption number with a pin to apply to your balance. I was able to credit my account with all four cards plus $100 from the four card bonus. I had no problem with each one because I waited about 20 mins. after each purchase to add to my account. I wanted the transaction to go through all the computer steps and by giving Princess time, they all went through. I hope this helps. Good luck everyone!
  5. I have had questions in the past about travel insurance and Steve Dasseos, who is the Travel Insurance Guru, has always answered my questions with good advice and options. You might compare policies on his website tripinsurancestore.com.
  6. Dear Charles, I am sitting here in tears at your awful post. I feel like I knew you and Judy through the many years of your adventurous posts. I am sure Judy would have wanted no better ending than to be on a cruise.
  7. We were also concerned about not being able to make reservations before the cruise but it was no problem for our Dec. 22 cruise. We walked into the Sterling Steakhouse on our first day onboard and could make a reservation any night we wanted. It should be the same for Sabatini's. Have a wonderful cruise!
  8. But the lights on the ship will be beautiful!
  9. I think it is preparing for its grand entrance on Monday the 19th at Port Everglades at 7:00 am Eastern. As much as I would love to watch it arrive on the webcam, I won’t be getting up at 4:00 am! 😉
  10. Not so. I just posted this on October 8. Maybe there was a post a long time ago but it probably wouldn’t have enough current information for me.
  11. You will be missing Christmas in the Caribbean!🎅
  12. Thank you. I had heard about the shuttle but not sure if we could get it to the next ship. Is there a sign where you stand for pickup outside the ship?
  13. Thanks everyone for your help! This is Cruise Critic at its best!!
  14. Thanks for the heads up. I will see if we can get the latest disembarkation time off the Coral. Thanks for your reply. How did you arrange for the complimentary shuttle?
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