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  1. I've been refunded for both of my cruises (both cancelled by Royal). In both cases the deposit was separate from the final payment. The first cruise (originally scheduled to leave on Tuesday! 😞) was pretty straight forward: two down payment refunds and two final payment refunds. The second cruise was more confusing. There were two refunds for the down payment and then two separate but different amounts for the final payment. What I finally figured out was that we purchased a BOGO 60% off and that's how they refunded it - one at full price and the other at 60% off. I have not been ref
  2. Good to hear from you, Chris, especially that you are safe and healthy. I grew concerned when there were no new vlogs and the more recent ones disappeared. I love seeing your cruise vlogs, so I'm happy if you keep posting those. After all, given the new reality, it's likely the only cruising we'll be doing for quite some time. Thank you for continuing to entertain us!
  3. What has happened to his vlogs now? He was posting from home, (England) about life in isolation. He started a series "ask me anything about working on a cruise ship" and did several vlogs where he answered numerous questions. Now I can't find any of those newer videos. When I do a search for his vlogs, the newest one that shows up is when he leaves and flies home. Has he been shut down? Is he sick? I'm not a twitter follower or any other social media. Has anyone heard anything? Is he ok?
  4. I went back a few pages and did not see this topic. My apologies if this has already been discussed. I have two cruises booked, one of which has been cancelled and the other will likely be cancelled. My question is this: For both cruises my TA gave us some on-board credit. Will we lose it with the cancellation of the cruise or will that be part of the refund? Not a huge amount, just curious if anyone who has already gotten their refund got the on-board credit refunded too.
  5. At the end of the Day 8 vlog while he is recording the sunset he says it will be his "last sunset onboard." I thought it an odd thing to say when at the beginning he said it was 50-50 whether or not he'd be going back to the UK. In another (or maybe even day 8 ) vlog, I thought he mentioned Oasis going to Miami. Again I thought that odd. Why would Miami allow them to dock when they are not allowing cruise ships to dock? Maybe after the 14 day self isolation with no cases they would allow it? I don't know. I don't think anyone does.
  6. Just watched Chris Wong's vlog and at the beginning he is saying there is a 50-50 chance that he will go back to the UK. At the end while he is filming the sunset he says this will be "my last sunset onboard." Something obviously happened between the two segments of his recording.
  7. I can hardly wait until cruising is back to normal! I will be retired in 6 weeks and plan to spend a lot of my retirement on a ship I hope!
  8. This was emailed to me by my TA on March 11th: Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2020, 1:50 p.m. Subject: Manulife Statement So far, the statement below applies to our cruise customers who purchased a Manulife policy prior to March 5. I recommend that you reach out to your Manulife customers with this statement. I also recommend that you reach out to your cruise customers wh
  9. Sailing on Oasis June 7th (and really looking forward to it) and entertainment just opened today. Booked all our shows.
  10. Parsipany has been suggested (earlier on this forum) for pre cruise stay. What amenities can be found near the hotels there? Are there stores and restaurants nearby? Thanks.
  11. Looking forward to hearing about this. Sailing on Lady O in June and have booked the hot air balloon "excursion" on Coco Cay. Curious to hear about all the new stuff.
  12. Thank you so much for your advice. I'll sign us up for the guided tour.
  13. Thanks. Just to be clear, you're recommending the guided tour over the self guided?
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