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  1. I've been refunded for both of my cruises (both cancelled by Royal). In both cases the deposit was separate from the final payment. The first cruise (originally scheduled to leave on Tuesday! 😞) was pretty straight forward: two down payment refunds and two final payment refunds. The second cruise was more confusing. There were two refunds for the down payment and then two separate but different amounts for the final payment. What I finally figured out was that we purchased a BOGO 60% off and that's how they refunded it - one at full price and the other at 60% off. I have not been refunded cruise essential purchases on either cruise yet.
  2. Good to hear from you, Chris, especially that you are safe and healthy. I grew concerned when there were no new vlogs and the more recent ones disappeared. I love seeing your cruise vlogs, so I'm happy if you keep posting those. After all, given the new reality, it's likely the only cruising we'll be doing for quite some time. Thank you for continuing to entertain us!
  3. What has happened to his vlogs now? He was posting from home, (England) about life in isolation. He started a series "ask me anything about working on a cruise ship" and did several vlogs where he answered numerous questions. Now I can't find any of those newer videos. When I do a search for his vlogs, the newest one that shows up is when he leaves and flies home. Has he been shut down? Is he sick? I'm not a twitter follower or any other social media. Has anyone heard anything? Is he ok?
  4. I went back a few pages and did not see this topic. My apologies if this has already been discussed. I have two cruises booked, one of which has been cancelled and the other will likely be cancelled. My question is this: For both cruises my TA gave us some on-board credit. Will we lose it with the cancellation of the cruise or will that be part of the refund? Not a huge amount, just curious if anyone who has already gotten their refund got the on-board credit refunded too.
  5. At the end of the Day 8 vlog while he is recording the sunset he says it will be his "last sunset onboard." I thought it an odd thing to say when at the beginning he said it was 50-50 whether or not he'd be going back to the UK. In another (or maybe even day 8 ) vlog, I thought he mentioned Oasis going to Miami. Again I thought that odd. Why would Miami allow them to dock when they are not allowing cruise ships to dock? Maybe after the 14 day self isolation with no cases they would allow it? I don't know. I don't think anyone does.
  6. Just watched Chris Wong's vlog and at the beginning he is saying there is a 50-50 chance that he will go back to the UK. At the end while he is filming the sunset he says this will be "my last sunset onboard." Something obviously happened between the two segments of his recording.
  7. I can hardly wait until cruising is back to normal! I will be retired in 6 weeks and plan to spend a lot of my retirement on a ship I hope!
  8. This was emailed to me by my TA on March 11th: Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2020, 1:50 p.m. Subject: Manulife Statement So far, the statement below applies to our cruise customers who purchased a Manulife policy prior to March 5. I recommend that you reach out to your Manulife customers with this statement. I also recommend that you reach out to your cruise customers who did not purchase Manulife insurance because they should check with their insurer. Please see below message from Manulife: We are amassing frequently asked Q & A’s that we plan to release at a later date. We can now officially release the following; We have received official notice, in light of the March 9, 2020 Canadian Governments announcement posted on travel.gc.ca advising Canadians to “Avoid all cruise ship travel due to COVID-19”, all cruising is indeed now considered as a Level 4 travel warning. The ramifications of this are; Clients may cancel their trip and submit a claim for any policies that were issued prior to March 5, 2020, the insured will have the option to cancel under the PPP, All-Inclusive, Non-Medical and Trip Cancellation and Annual All-Inclusive Plans. If clients choose to travel there will be no interruption coverage for anything related to COVID-19. Also, if the insured client chooses to travel there is now an official travel advisory (Level 4) in effect for COVID-19, there will be no emergency medical coverage for anything related to the Coronavirus while on that cruise or in destination. If the medical condition is NOT related to the travel advisory, medical coverage would apply according to the terms and conditions of the policy. So this would imply that if we sail, we would NOT be covered for any COVID-19 related illness or quarantine.
  9. Sailing on Oasis June 7th (and really looking forward to it) and entertainment just opened today. Booked all our shows.
  10. Parsipany has been suggested (earlier on this forum) for pre cruise stay. What amenities can be found near the hotels there? Are there stores and restaurants nearby? Thanks.
  11. Looking forward to hearing about this. Sailing on Lady O in June and have booked the hot air balloon "excursion" on Coco Cay. Curious to hear about all the new stuff.
  12. Thank you so much for your advice. I'll sign us up for the guided tour.
  13. Thanks. Just to be clear, you're recommending the guided tour over the self guided?
  14. Sorry if this has been asked before - looked back at 10 pages and didn't see it. Sailing on Oasis of the Seas in June. First of port of call is Port Canaveral. My friend and I want to visit the Kennedy Space Center. We don't dock until 1:00pm. Ship offers two different tours. One seems to be a guided tour and the other seems to be self guided. Costs are about the same. What would you suggest? Or should we go with an independent tour? Thanks in advance.
  15. I was able to book my MTD, for my May 2020 cruise, but it looks like for only the first night. Does this make sense? If I booked a time for the first night, will I be booked at that time for all nights?
  16. Ditto. It's why even though I'm not going to be a suite guest on my Oasis sailing this summer, I will be looking into getting one of them. It will also be nice by the pool. Question - can they be used to leave the ship? Would be handy at the beach too.
  17. Hey Chris! Great video. It's interesting to see how the crew live. I don't think I'll ever complain again that guest cabins are small. They look gigantic in comparison to what you live in. I see the spelling of Assistant on your name tag is still incorrect. Doesn't Royal care? It kinda looks bad - you might even say unprofessional! (Perhaps they replaced it and you just hung on to the old one for a laugh.)
  18. Phew! Just read all 18 pages of this thread looking for an answer to my question. Did not see it. A friend and I are sailing Oasis of the Seas out of Bayonne June 7th. Last time I sailed out of Cape Liberty I flew in. My friend doesn't fly so we're driving down from Ontario. The ship sails on Sunday so we're going to drive down on Saturday the 6th. Last time I stayed at the Country Inn and Suites in Elizabeth. I was thinking of staying there or nearby. My main concern is this: I drive a high end vehicle. How safe will it be in the hotel parking lot? (I'm worried because one of the first posts in this thread is about a jeep sitting on cinder blocks.) I plan on parking at the pier for safety and convenience. Any other suggestions for hotels? We're hoping to keep it around $200 mark and won't need parking or a shuttle to the pier. Breakfast included would be nice. I've seen Parsippany (sp?) mentioned many times and wonder if that would be a safer option. How far is to the pier from there? Having driven 8 hours (or more) the day before, I don't really want a lot of driving in the morning. We plan to arrive at the pier at the suggested time frame of 10:00 - 10:30am. Given that it is a Sunday, is that feasible? Thanks in advance for your help.
  19. Say what now? You get a complimentary soda package and Johnny Rockets food with the purchase of a Boardwalk Balcony? First I hear of this. Was it a perk your TA gave you or was this something from RCI?
  20. Read this thread because I'm sailing on Oasis in June. Searching on Cruise Critic is challenging to say the least. I'm looking for info on complimentary beverages on Royal, more specifically Oasis.
  21. Seeing the comments above I was prepared to hear that these things were $40 or $50. Five bucks? Wow is right. I can see this coming in handy on formal nights when I'm wearing a dress with no pockets or at the beach or pool when I don't want to have to worry about where to put my sea-pass card. I worry about losing one though. Wouldn't someone be able to charge your account if they found it?
  22. I've booked this cruise for June. I've done this itinerary before. For me, the real draw is the possibility of being able to drive to port - my travel mate doesn't fly and the ship. I always wanted to try the Oasis class and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.
  23. Hey Chris! Guess you are busy acclimatizing to Oasis? We miss your reports and vlogs. Hope to see you again soon.
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