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  1. I would have thought that if you do a charge back under section 75 for the balance that you paid its going to make it more difficult to recover the deposit.
  2. Sumo suits is the answer. Issued on embarkation.
  3. In this situation I would go to the provider of the service (in this case ABTA) for as close to definitive advice as possible. Extract from the ABTA wesite below. It may be quite useful to have a look for people impacted. Is a holiday voucher the same as a Refund Credit Note? No. A holiday voucher is different to a Refund Credit Note. Holiday vouchers, gift vouchers and other discount vouchers are not protected by the schemes of financial protection
  4. Just as a matter of interest how can anyone contemplate paying for a future cruise with the current uk foreign office advice: the FCO advises British nationals against all but essential international travel
  5. Absolutely right, just interesting to see peoples views.
  6. I think everyone has to undertake their own due diligence before taking anything on any forum such as this as a fact. But there is nothing wrong or unhelpful in people relaying their own considered understanding of a situation. It all helps a useful discussion and exchange of views.
  7. Two points, have a look at the timeline for the diamond princess. There was bound to be a negative impact on share values for the whole cruise industry. Larry just would have picked up on public information. Also the sale by Larry was well publicised at the time. Anyone could have followed the same course of action. No inside knowledge required to spot the likely drop in value. But I do agree with you regarding Bonnie. She is in a very difficult position and is handling it very well.
  8. Extract of an article by Simon Calder which people may find of interest. Its all a bit up in the air and very unsatisfactory. "From late April onwards, individual companies will now start instigating “rolling cancellations”: basically saying, “We won’t be running any holidays before this date” – which may be 1 May, 1 June or any other day they choose. Understandably they will be in no hurry to do this, because as soon as they cancel a holiday it triggers the 14-day full refund obligation. As a result, travellers booked from 17 April onwards may find their holiday company cancels just a few days before departure."
  9. Simon Calder on LBC today reported that the foreign office advice had been updated over the weekend (on Saturday) to advise against all international travel. He also stated that it was extremely unhelpful not to put an end date and that it would lead to confusion in the travel industry. I think the ramifications of this advice are still to unravel. I don't read this as being advice to cancel booked travel for next year or after, I do however think it would be unwise to book new travel plans for any future dates.
  10. As countries respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, including travel and border restrictions, the FCO advises British nationals against all but essential international travel. This latest advice I understand came out at the weekend. Pretty much means that no overseas travel can be booked until its lifted. Not that I intended booking anything just now.
  11. I think its quite reasonable to seek others experience about refunds. No issue with me raising this point.
  12. My guess is they, along with other travel companies, are hoping the rules regarding cash refunds will change and therefore will drag out the cash refund as long as possible. I hope that i am wrong though. Abta has demanded the government suspend the travel industry’s refund rules or face “catastrophic damage to the UK travel industry, and widespread consumer detriment”.
  13. This is a media driven event and people are buying into the hype. So you believe the Italian authorities have responded as they have as a result of media hype?.
  14. I do not think p&o consider or market themself a a premium cruise line.
  15. Seems they treat the pre cruise purchase as a gift and it does not show in order not to spoil the suprise. On the first night the wine waiter gives you the gift package. I also had nothing to confirm the purchase prior to the cruise. I took a copy of my bank statement to confirm the purchase in case there was a problem but it all worked out fine.
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