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  1. On the last P&O cruise I was on, just before the first lockdown l was advised by my winewaiter that the role of winewater was to be discontinued on the new larger ships. The role was going to be picked up by the general waiters. The wine waiter we had was not too impressed with the proposed change. If it did go ahead it looks to be a very retrograde step. Has anyone else heard this possible change.
  2. Having just performed the marshalling role at the local vaccination centre the number of grumpy people turning up for vaccination has increased. Thankfully a very small minority. I'm not sure if its the change in demographics but there does seem to be more people want to find something to grumble about. For all future people to be vacinated please be nice to the marshals. Its not thier fault if parkings not free or if you need to change your face covering. Thank you.
  3. I think you are correct. There is a balance to be struck which I think has moved too far to 'social' posts (as you call it) on factual threads. I was hoping that its just a sign of the times and that things would get back to normality at some time in the future. But as an infrequent poster the volume of these types of posts on threads seeking advice and comment has made me visit this board less often.
  4. Unfortunately a cruise round the uk would just become just a booze cruise, not at all like a transatlantic which I really enjoy. So probably not for me.
  5. I agree, quality of the included wine is not great.
  6. Talking of latest technology if you are not uptodate with the 36th America's Cup I would recommend having a look in particular the Italian vessel Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli looks stunning (even though its beating the British at the moment). Its best to see it in motion rather than a photo.
  7. You do not even need your nhs number. We did the same thing over the weekend in advance of any letter or notification. As long as you are in group 5.
  8. I was going to go for the cuddly animal and photo opportunity, but thought better of it.
  9. I did my marshals role a couple of weeks back, and yes I was frozen standing in the car park directing cars but my cruising experiences did remind me that the first point of contact to any experience is so important at putting people at their ease. It did make me think of all those staff standing on a dock in all sorts of weather welcoming you back.
  10. I knew as soon as I had posted that I should have made my comment more inclusive - apologies. The multi national dimension is the really nice thing about this board and although I've only cruised twice with Azamara, its the main reason I keep an eye on the comments made.
  11. I know you did not mean it in any way derogatory. I just did not want our American friends to use the term perhaps inappropriately. Keep well.
  12. In the uk, the term 'punter' is generally not the most complementary way of describing a paying guest.
  13. I think this is a reasonable assumption, with the use of the term 'vast'.
  14. I would have thought that if you do a charge back under section 75 for the balance that you paid its going to make it more difficult to recover the deposit.
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