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  1. Both were there a week or so ago (daytime and evening). I checked that the daytime one worked and then posted the link. I have just checked and as you say the evening menus do not seem to work.
  2. https://www.pocruises.com/onboard-activities/dining/cafe-jardin Try the above link. Looks reasonable, but will know if a few days when we board.
  3. Hi, through this posting I found your link to your review of your 35 day carribean cruise a couple of years ago. As we are booked on the same duration cruise on Oceana in Nov it was really useful and would recommend your review to anyone like me about to embark on the cuise in a few weeks. Thanks.
  4. If its formal night with a tuxedo then its a white shirt, and of course shiny shoes. If its a lounge suit any colour at all is fine.
  5. I find an objective assessment behind the share price movement is sometimes useful '(Sharecast News) - Berenberg downgraded its stance on shares of cruise operator Carnival to 'sell' from 'hold' on Friday, pointing to a weakening outlook for 2020 following a profit warning the day before. On Thursday, Carnival downgraded its adjusted earnings per share guidance for 2019 to between $4.23 and $4.27 from a previous range of $4.25 to $4.35 as it said highlighted the impact of higher fuel prices. The bank, which cut its price target on the stock to 3,100p from 3,800p, said a combination of the weaker operational outlook and higher fuel costs result in its earnings per share estimate for 2020 coming down to $4, an 11% drop.'
  6. Contingency plans are never going to be port specific, it is about the ability to take appropriate corrective action to address individual circumstances. The actions P and O put in place appear to have been reasonable given the location and that they would not have had port based staff. From personal experience a few years ago when many hundreds of people arrived at Southampton to embark a P and O ship that could not be boarded, due to poor weather conditions, hotel rooms were found for all of us. In these circumstances it was easier to secure rooms whereas this would not have been as easy at this port.
  7. I've only had two Azamara cruises one port intensive and one transatlantic. My preference was very much the transatlantic. On the port intensive cruise I never really got that much opportunity to explore the ship and all it has to offer. The transatlantic trip did however provide that opportunity. I think its about getting into a routine on the sea days and getting involved in something you like. For me it was the gym followed by the art classes in the morning and then a lecture in the afternoon. I also thankfully managed to avoid the triva pursuit and anything with the word 'team' attached to it and still had a super trip.
  8. I think it depends on the size of the ship. On other boutique cruise lines the captain is extremely visible compared to the larger ships that p&o operate. Where possible a visable captain greatly enhances the overall guest experience. A captains role is so much more than stearing the ship. Unfortunately on the larger ships this interaction tends to be limited to the 12.00 announcements and the captains cocktail.
  9. Hi, a few years since we have sailed p&o, but luck lucky enough to get the 35 night cruise. Same as others have already said, details are on cruise personaliser but not on my account. Is this perhaps the reason that no tier is detailed on cruise personaliser, it just says 'no loyalty tier'. Off topic a bit but have p&o moved to being able to record on board spending in a better way than keeping drawer full of receipts. Thanks
  10. Lunch or breakfast is fine to share a table, particularly if we are on a table that seats 4. I am more than happy to share. But during an evening meal if we are on a table for 2 then sorry but the name is in the title (table for 2). More than happy for a 'goodevening' etc to people at the next table but some people really do need to be able to pick up the hint that sometimes we all like our own privacy.
  11. Only went to an Azamara event once and would not bother to attend another. Last time I attended HAL had got the balance much better. Nice lunch for all repeat cruisers with the celebrity cruisers acknowledged, no speeches.
  12. I fail to see why you should have a low expectation from Azamara. Go with a positive attitude and Im sure you will have a great time. I also will probably not return to CMV, but not for the reasons you have highlighted. Good sailing.
  13. We were on pursuit at the end of last year. Im sure you will have a better time but then they are at a completely different price point. Your original post indicated your surprise at being at Ringaskiddy but it seems you were aware from at least May 2018 of the port chane. Unfortunately ports do change and it is regrettable that CMV do not i form you direct. They did provide free coaches from Ringsciddy to Cork and back though.
  14. I was on the same Easter cruise from Bristol to Cardiff. A couple of points I would like to correct. The itinerary was alway scheduled as being Ringaskiddy, Cobn was never a port we were due to visit. The docking at the Isles of Scilly was changed with Ireland (Ringaskiddy) due to weather conditions and this was fully explained on embarkation. It was a very enjoyable cruise and Tresco in the sunshine was outstanding. In particular as we were able to visit the gardens before the official opening time which meant there were very few visitors.
  15. Absolutely fine. I have used the pages on specific ports for many years and they have always proved accurate. Glad they helped.
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