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  1. I got on a ship for my first cruise, went to put my empty luggage under the bed and found 2 full packed suitcases! This was after we had left port. My steward arranged for someone to collect them. Somebody forgot to put their luggage out the night before!
  2. Rome will be really, really hot. We wore shorts and saw plenty others in shorts. Dress cool, I think sleeves might too hot so suggest taking a scarf to cover up.
  3. I was trained by the nurses at my GP surgery in the exact method of avoiding infection. It is not difficult once shown. They gave me everything I needed to use to take with me.
  4. Get someone with you to remove them. My surgery trained me before we went on holiday and I practised with them on a gauze. Much easier.
  5. You can just walk up when you want to eat and they seat you, sometimes you have a wee wait but not for earlier times I found. We went to see them onboard and booked a regular 7.30 time slot. We were seated in the same section every nigh and only has short waits. In other words...Don't worry.
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