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  1. Thanks for asking...I have the same question:)
  2. That's exactly what I worried about...LOL. We are former Celebrity/Princess Cruisers, and I fear we will be too spoiled. Just like the first time we did a suite.....sooooooo hard to go back! I don't think it mattered where the boat was going or what cruise line, we just jumped at the chance to finally cruise:) I am excited to give Crystal a try. Please add us to future bookings... Serenity July 24 out of Nassau Mike and Rebecca
  3. I was wondering why I can't get a response from anybody on Harbour Island about renting a golf cart. First I emailed one line, last Friday, and immediately got a very short "we are booked" back...NOTHING else...like maybe, "thank you for your inquiry but". They didn't even ask which size I was wanting. I told my husband at that point, that I thought something was up, but he told me I was crazy...lol. As usual! So then I decided to email 4 others on that same day. So far I have heard nothing at all. Seems a little unusual for companies that supposedly (from Trip Advisor) have excel
  4. .Hi, I have a deck 11 aft facing booked in 2021....but I am a little concerned. I have read a lot of reviews that say the movie above is going constantly and VERY loud. Did you experience that? Sometimes people exaggerate, so I sure would love your opinion, or anyone elses too:)
  5. Its funny how everyone is different. Our last cruise was in a suite and we MUCH preferred Blu over Luminae. We had no trouble at all eating there every night. The only issue was the Maitre'D from Luminae kept calling to ask why we weren't coming there for dinner....lol. They keep track of where you eat.
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