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  1. Thank you for that info! I had not even heard of celebrity Central and the entertainment Court before your post.
  2. We have done a lot of cruising(on other lines) in the carribean and never been bothered by motion don't know if it is different on the California Coast No, it's a move up bid. Not sure if we want to do it or if it will be accepted even. Just looking for pros and cons. thanks so much for the help!
  3. I did mention that it was on the Eclipse. It's a Pacific Coast Cruise-9 nights $200 more for the veranda I am not really worried about the cost, I guess just wondering how an oceanview on deck 3 would compare to a veranda anywhere else. Is there an upside to deck 3? A downside to deck 3? Any reason we might not want a veranda in an unknown location?
  4. Which location or room do you think is better and why: Ocean View Stateroom on Deck 3-3116 Veranda Stateroom-unknown deck or location. Thanks for your help! Have never cruised Celebrity before so I am clueless!
  5. Thank you for this, I have read it before but some things are still not clear to me as I have never had a drink package before....I do not know what is meant by "premium coffee", is that the fancy coffee drinks my husband gets at starbucks? Lattes and frapacinos and such? I do not drink them but he enjoys them so I wondered if that is what was meant by premium coffee. Also, I see the brands of liquor listed but I specifically was interested in whether frozen drinks, mixed drinks, the typical "drink of the day" type drinks I have purchased on other cruise ships, wondered if they were included. Also didn't know if the soda was canned or fountain and whether or not you could get it from room service. Other lines we have been on have had different rules. None of this is super important and could be figured out within the first day or two onboard but I just thought I would ask. Thanks so much! Also, are some of those food venues for snacks? Or a quick bite to eat poolside? I have checked the website but could not find info on what that type of thing. What about a late night snack? Is there somewhere to get some thing at say 10pm? I know there is roomservice. Is the aqua spa cafe not just for aqua class people? What type of fare is served there and at Cafe al bacio? Again, thank you!
  6. 1. on embarkation day, is lunch provided on board? 2. if we have main dining, I believe we are eating around 6pm....evening show is at 9...what do you do between dinner and show? Are there evening parties/comedians/adult entertainment in the bars after the evening show? 3. How many pools are there? Are there hot tubs? 4.Where can we eat for free? We have an ocean view cabin, not planning any specialty dining this first trip. I know there is a main dining room and a buffet....what else is available? 5. We have main dining, will we be seated with other folks ? And will it be the same folks every night? What about servers? Same servers every night? 6. What else do I need to know for my first Celebrity cruise, we have cruised many many times on Disney and have done a few RCCL and one Carnival. 7. We have the classic drink package....can we get specialty coffees? I mean like lattes and such. What about smoothies? What about frozen drinks? We are not huge drinkers but would like to know what's included so we can take advantage. I've seen a lot of thread about this but they all seem to relate to upgrading to premium or paying extra...I'm just wondering what's covered on the package we have. I assume all sodas are covered? Even from room service? What about regular bottled water? Thanks so much for all you can tell me, I appreciate it! I did search but so many many threads are revolving around either Edge or concierge/suite or other specialty passengers so I haven't been too successful.
  7. we are not flying anywhere on the the day we disembark.
  8. We were not planning to, we were wondering what time we would get off just doing things normally. I don't know what that means-if it's an airport, it's not our destination, we are not flying out the day we disembark.
  9. We are not flying out that day. Just wondering what time to arrange for car service pickup
  10. Trying to pre-book my car service for pickup after a cruise and have never cruised Celebrity before or cruised into Los Angeles before. Can anybody give me an idea what time we will likely be disembarking? It lists our arrival as 6am but I am sure it takes a while to disembark. Thanks for the help!
  11. Thanks for the great info! Can you tell me how disembarking works on Celebrity? We have never cruised them before and just assumed that once they give the all clear you are permitted to exit the ship...is this not the case?
  12. Thanks for your reply, I'm not looking for the latest possible time...just like a reasonable time...I guess I was somewhat unclear when I said I didn't want to rush. I know there are "express" or "speedy" type disembarkatioins for people with early flights and stuff like that which we would not need. I know on all previous cruises I've been on(Disney, RCCL, Carnival) we have disembarked around 8am without any rushing, I was wondering if it was about the same on Celebrity. Could we reasonably expect to be off the ship by 8am?
  13. I am wondering what time to have a car service pick me up after disembarking as we are heading to Disneyland for a few days post cruise. We do not want to do any express or rush disembarking, just the regular disembark time. What time will that put us off the ship? Any ideas what time to have a car service pick us up?
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