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  1. Is this a free place or is there a fee? I am saddened by all the food that is NOT included onboard. I am used to Disney and there is free food everywhere!
  2. We are on Eclipse. There is a charge for sushi I guess? No charge for poolside grill? What are the hours on these places(not on embarkation day, just in general)
  3. This may be a silly question but I was just reading about how suite passengers have a lunch on embarkation day and it made me wonder....the rest of us, non suite not elite just regular cruisers....there is lunch provided for us as well, right? Is it the buffet or are there other choices as well?
  4. I've seen people talking about the Celebrity App which I think lists onboard activities? Not sure what exactly it does. But I also thought I read that you don't use the App on the Eclipse. Is this correct?
  5. We also just upgraded to a verandah which is why I was wondering about the stateroom reviews. Thank you!
  6. I thought there was a link somewhere on here to a spreadsheet with cabin reviews by cabin # and ship but I cannot find it. Does such a thing exist?
  7. :( Sadly I cannot find this either. I click on manage reservation but there doesn't appear to be a bon voyage gifts choice. Thanks for trying to help though, I thought we had a winner!
  8. Thank you all for the replies but I was hoping to avoid emailing or calling the TA or celebrity. I had hoped it was as easy as a few clicks on the website. I assume from all your replies that that is not the case and I will need to contact my Travel agent. I did look for an option to add to my onboard account like to purchase on board credit and did not see that as a choice. I have to say that I find the website sorely lacking as far as the options for an existing reservation. It is very difficult to accomplish what you set out to do.
  9. We've got a cruise booked and I was hoping to go online and prepay my tips but I don't see a choice anywhere online. How can I accomplish this?
  10. Thank you for that info! I had not even heard of celebrity Central and the entertainment Court before your post.
  11. We have done a lot of cruising(on other lines) in the carribean and never been bothered by motion don't know if it is different on the California Coast No, it's a move up bid. Not sure if we want to do it or if it will be accepted even. Just looking for pros and cons. thanks so much for the help!
  12. I did mention that it was on the Eclipse. It's a Pacific Coast Cruise-9 nights $200 more for the veranda I am not really worried about the cost, I guess just wondering how an oceanview on deck 3 would compare to a veranda anywhere else. Is there an upside to deck 3? A downside to deck 3? Any reason we might not want a veranda in an unknown location?
  13. Which location or room do you think is better and why: Ocean View Stateroom on Deck 3-3116 Veranda Stateroom-unknown deck or location. Thanks for your help! Have never cruised Celebrity before so I am clueless!
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