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  1. Same issue. I had it on my phone but no longer there so I tried to download. Now it gives me the unable to download message. My husband and I have identical phones. It is on his phone and works fine. How bizarre.
  2. I missed this info. When did this happen? NCL's letter says they expect all onboard activities to continue. That sure makes it sound like the big shows are still happening.
  3. I use Tom's Port Guides alot. You can see when it was last updated and some have been a few years so bus numbers or costs of things may have changed but I love some of the maps he shows and descriptive pictures on getting around. Just go to this site and scroll down til you find the ones you are interested in. https://www.tomsportguides.com/port-guides.html
  4. Has there been any talk about people in these last 3 Encore cruises that tested positive before boarding and being denied? It's not even the Covid being the issue for this topic- it's the luggage. Everyone talks about dropping off luggage with porter BEFORE going for the test. If you tested positive, your luggage is gone for a week. Are people allowed to bring their luggage in to the testing area? October 9 can't come fast enough.
  5. Since this issue with Ward Cove probably will not get better before the end of the 2021 Alaska cruises in mid/late October, I sure wish they could just try to use the downtown docks for these next 10 weeks or so. They simply are not ready. I am amazed that the 2022 new schedule for Bliss has Ketchikan from 630am to 115pm- an even shorter day. TV News report on the new port at Ward Cove- https://www.alaskasnewssource.com/2021/07/09/ward-cove-developers-race-get-facility-new-cruise-ship-dock-ready-north-ketchikan/ Another current story on the dock. https://www.ktoo.org/2021/08/17/first-cruise-ships-tie-up-at-new-dock-outside-of-ketchikan/
  6. Whether we are eating in a main dining room, Cagneys, Le Bistro, etc (any sit-down restaurant on board), when we place our order my husband tells the server that he'll be wanting the sugar free dessert. If there is not one on the menu they still come up with one. You won't get selections but they have never failed to bring him one. Sometimes they just go to another kitchen to get it. By telling them at the beginning of the meal they have time to do whatever they need to.
  7. There is a 2 1/2 minute video all about the new dock at Ward Cove near Ketchikan and it's future plans. It's worth watching the video for all those interested. https://www.alaskasnewssource.com/2021/07/09/ward-cove-developers-race-get-facility-new-cruise-ship-dock-ready-north-ketchikan/
  8. Great Question! Since it was recommended to drop off luggage at the ship prior to going to the testing, how would you get your luggage back? I assume it's already gone aboard with all the others by that time. Since there are occasional false positives and if you have to quarantine and you don't have your luggage, that's alot of negatives at one time. Bird- do you happen to know this or if maybe the Hotel Manager knows?
  9. We've been on 15 cruises (NCL and Carnival) and only 1 trip that I can remember they took our passports and gave them back the night before getting off. That was a cruise from Singapore with stops in Thailand and Malaysia. I agree with MyHeartCruising above on how it happens.
  10. I keep hearing that people love the aft cabins to watch the wake but I'm the opposite. I find watching the same scene constantly kind of boring. I definitely prefer a standard balcony where I can see land better (at times) or a whale breaching or one time a huge school of dolphins that looked like they were racing the ship. Also depending on the port you get to watch the port operations when docked and they can be interesting. No right or wrong on this issue.
  11. I am Latitudes Platinum level. With that you get 2 free Specialty dinners. One dinner is "Dinner for 2 at Cagneys or LeBistro" and the other dinner is "Moderno or La Cucina". I am also booked on an offer that gives me 2 more free Specialty dinners. So, I have 4 dinners total. For the 1st dinner I will take Cagneys. For the 2nd dinner it is more confusing. The Encore does not have a Moderno or La Cucina so what restaurants do we get to choose from for that 2nd Platinum dinner? Then there are the 3rd and 4th which just say Specialty and I don't find anymore info. What are the options of which restaurant those can be in? I see in total they have Ocean Blue, Onda, Cagneys, Food Republic, Teppanyaki, Los Lobos, Le Bistro, and Texas Smokehouse. I doubt they are all options for the free included dinner. Please don't respond and say "I guess" or "I think" as I can do that. I asked from my rep at Casinos at Sea when booking and he did not know. He told be to email the Latitudes office and gave me the email. After several days- no response. I want to book my dinners now to get most available times but can't find what the options are, Thanks!
  12. I got the same email last week (we're on the Gem 9/13/19). It is legit. They are referenced on the NCL site also in the passport/visa section.
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