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  1. Just found your review and I’m loving it this far. Me and my ladies will be on the Victory in June and can’t wait!!! As far as the mister drill goes, me and a group of friends went on the Vista last September and our muster drill station was inside one of the restaurants. So I believe they do have them inside, it just depends on your station I guess as to if it’s indoors our out Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. tayzia00

    New Night Room Service Fee

    I’m not sure if anyone asked or answered this but is it true that carnival will be charging 15% for room service on embarkation like they do gratuities? My friend said she saw it posted somewhere so thought i would ask bc I haven’t seen that Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. tayzia00

    Vista 6 day fun times

    I've sent you an email. Thanks!!!
  4. Were there any themed parties on the cruise? Did you happen to take pics of the menus or the funtimes? we are doing this itinerary for our cruise in September for a friends wedding
  5. Were there any special parties? I heard there was a white party some time on the cruise. Do you have copies of the funtimes and menus? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. tayzia00

    Carnival Vista Vacation Video is now up!!!

    Loved the video!!!! You all are doing our itinerary we are doing in September!!! This made me even more excited than I was when we booked 2 years last year!!!!
  7. tayzia00

    LIVE Trip Report VISTA Dec 17-24, 2016

    Thank you for doing the review on the Vista!!! Other reviews I have seen have been more about the ports than the actual ship. We sail in September on a 6 day cruise so I am very interested on the new ship features and how it looks!!! Continue to have fun and enjoy her as I am living through you until I get to set sail on her :D:D:D
  8. tayzia00

    LIVE Trip Report VISTA Dec 17-24, 2016

    Where did you receive the passes for the thermal suites? My DH has a back injury and we are booked on the lido deck with friends. I am getting us couples massages but would love for him to be able to use the thermal suites. We sail in September. Thank you!!
  9. We usually purchase 1-2 bottles before the cruise to be delivered to our cabin. I was not aware of ordering a bottle to be delivered by room service. Would we still be able to do this if we have preordered bottles in our cabin?
  10. Thank you so much for posting your review with the pictures!!! We sail the Magic in 3 days!!! Your review and pictures are helping me with the wait!!! Glad you and your family had fun. The hard part is having to leave the ship after being on it for a week. Not looking forward to when ours is over either:D
  11. 8 days!!!! Single digits finally!!!! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. Loving your review!!!! Can't wait to read more!!! We set sail on the Magic in 10 days!!! We will be doing the same itinerary. We have only been to Grand Turk on previous cruises so we weren't sure what to do on the other islands. I love Senor Frogs and glad to hear there is one on St Thomas. My DH will be happy to hear this:D
  13. tayzia00

    Question on July Movies

    Thanks!!! I could not find any information for the life of me lol:D