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  1. buta are you on the getaway? We leave next saturday. Are you on Roll call? First drinsk on me
  2. The earlier the better for check in Stay up till midnight so you get a good check in.. We just did our for for the getaway leaving on the 13th from Rome. First one out for the getaway and we have a 9a.m. check in time
  3. Timbo, We are on the 13th cruise as well. See you at the bar first drink on me Are you on Roll call?
  4. Nothing great at the shops in Norfolk. Stay on the ship enjoy the spa the the free drink. And yes I leave close to Norfolk so I know about the shopping and dining. Unless you want to see the Wisconson which takes an hour so so.
  5. Virginia beach is ok but not worth it Go to the shops close by and the Wisconson and then enjoy the ship Best advice
  6. 5It will be great. I have been doing some checking and what I have come with is about 60% full. We are going in a day early staying in port near terminal at a BandB. Coming back to Rome and spend a couple of days there before returning back to Virginia.
  7. We are on the Sept 13 cruise as well. Look forward to the trip. We booked almost 500 days ago. Now only 30 to go. Are going in the a day or 2 before?
  8. I am not sure but when I went back and check what I paid for our shore excursions e did get the credit for being platinum but I did not notice the $50 credit for each shore excursion. Do we get it as room credit? Should I call NCL?
  9. You can get with NCL and tell them you want to go up to 2 days before and 2 days after. We always go a day in advance to give us a little less stress. You get the credit for tranfer to ship but hotel and getting to ship is on you
  10. We live close by Norfolk (20 min). You will not make it to Williamsburg so dont even consider this. The cruise ship will dock close to the Wisconson and a great food and shopping all within walking distance. The McCarthy museum is a good thing to see but other than that not much to do for 4 hours that you have time for.
  11. Good question as we are on the same cruise. you have the first drinks
  12. Any idea where the getaway is at right now. We are 5 weeks out I am hoping the crew is getting there shots as we speak. Hope everyone stays safe.
  13. With all NCL having roughly 60% or so on thee first couple of cruise I was wondering if they will still have bidding for upgrades. If so when do they start 60 days out I thought.
  14. We will be on the first cruise with the getaway, Sept 13 out Rome. Any idea how many guest will be allowed on the ship?
  15. Encore for me. Tortola is the best, going to Jost Van Dyke. The best beach in the world. Do the bar walk, great time on the beach
  16. It all worked out. Yes having a fixed cost seem to make a charge from the start. I never had used the chat on email but the service worked out great.
  17. I would go with Tapanyaki, Q, cagney and LOs Lobos
  18. We went ahead and used the call the agent on the web site and she was able to get the reservation for us. Real easy.
  19. We have 4 with the cruise and we have purchased 2 additional dinners. It was kinda weird as the first night we tried to book was Moderno and they tried to charge us. I went ahead and booked other dinners and all went well.
  20. We are booking our dinners for our Med. cruise in September, no issues on all our dinners except for Moderno. We have 6 total night pre paid but they keep wanting to charge us for that dinner. Any ideas?
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