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  1. Franski, I have more ocean cruises under my belt then river cruises, so I hope that the ocean cruise lines don’t start picking up on the extra day’s Tipping.But I do see your point on the behind the scenes people getting the ship ready for us.
  2. I am confused. Looking at my upcoming April Viking Lofn river cruise, and my account offers prepaid tipping for $126 dollars per person. Viking site says 12 euros a day for ship staff, 2 E per day for Program Director, total 14 E, which comes to approx $16.00 16 X 7 nights is $112.00 I called Viking and they said they are doing that as 8 days of cruising, 16 X 8 equals $128, so a $2 savings. But why do they consider 1 meal, and maybe 4hours onboard the last day a full day. We already are paying a full day tip for embarkation day, which starts at noon. So for 21 hours, first day on and last day off, they charge 2 days of tips? What do others think and what have you done about it. Ocean cruises , you end up tipping for number of days, which equals number of nights. And I am not a tip stiffer, I will tip onboard, but just wondered about this. And I do always tip my steward and main waiter additional cash.
  3. Our recent trip on a Friday, the four hour trip took almost 6 hours. we had to stop twice and wait for the train to go by the other direction and once we had to stop and sit because they had a check engine light and they had to figure out what was wrong with train. and another half hour to leave train, called one car at a time Sent from my iPad using Forums
  4. When I go up for early morning coffee and danish I take My two Starbucks cups and the cardboard cup carrier from Starbucks. Enough room to put several Danish on it. People see it and ask me where the Starbucks is, and I say back on land, but they do say that's a good idea.. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  5. On a Hawaiian cruise from one of the ports we got invited through our cruise critic connections party, because we had so many people there Sent from my iPad using Forums
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