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  1. FYI to the posters that think they know every thing about Service Dogs! service dogs come in all sizes & breeds so stop judging.
  2. Its high in fiber will help a dog that has runny stool.
  3. The past 3 years we have used the free luggage service & took a taxi because there’re faster (hal transport must wait until bus is full) for weekends flights out of SEA for a 11:35 am flights with no problem always at the gate by 10:00. One problem we did have is when using the luggage service they print your boarding pass for you when we got to the TSA they wouldnt scan so i had to go back to the kiosk and reprint them. Now i just reprint them before getting in line.
  4. Have you ever sailed out of Seward very small. you do not give it to the porters you pull it on. guess you travel alone so dont have someone to watch your stuff?? I know what HAL policy is but i also know what they have done in the past when i arrive at Seward & Seattle ports.
  5. Yes you can. you drop it off at the curb then carry in on. FYI some times they (Porters) will put a luggage tag on it and deliver it Seward is a small port. not the wine but soda & water
  6. Are you flighting into Anchorage & driving to Seward? Things are cheaper in Anchorage and you will have more selections than in Seward. Because youll have the car i would buy everthing before the cruise and drop off with luggage. Seward doesnt get as many private cars as other ports lots of buses so fairly easy to get in & out. Maybe buy a folding 2 wheel grocery cart (must fit in screening machine) to haul the water & soda it can be a long walk from drop off to your cabin. I only carry water (hate HALs water) & buy the soda on board its just easier for me.
  7. I Would change to the starboard side. those photos are from the 7th floor and you can look over the equipment your room is on the 4th floor. Yes you have a great aft view but when watching for wildlife it could really be in the way.
  8. 2017 & 2018 We booked Under the explore 4 we recived free drink package for the 1st & 2nd & did not purchase for the 3rd all over 21 it just says no sharing. Just booked under Book Early & Save pa:ckage for 2020 they didnt request that we purchase for the 3 rd person in the cabin so i dont belive its a new rule. I do know Carnival Cruise lines requires.
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