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  1. We took our bottle and arranged a meeting spot with 2 other couples up by the buffet and made ourselves mimosas - some with oj and some with pineapple juice. We had the cheap drink package and used the juices from the buffet. It served it 's purpose and was a great Sunday pregame meetup. Next week will be on a B2B and just might do the same thing both weeks.
  2. I would guess they would be doing ALOT! We just returned - the staff was wonderful but the ship was the worst one out of 31 cruises we have been on. I heard people complaining that there was no AC in their cabins. The forward 7th floor had a water main break and was totally flooded out. The water dripped down to the theater and the last 2 shows were delayed until it was cleaned up. Elevator buttons didn't work half the time. The pool decking was in the worst shape we have ever seen. A lot of the public restrooms were out of order at some point in the cruise. The mini golf had 5 clubs and 3 white balls that were available to play with. But hey - the cruise was cheap and like I said the staff was wonderful.
  3. Try early morning - but right now with the Cuba thing, it could be extra hard getting through.
  4. Just drinks and most days it's not open during the day.
  5. On our last behind the scenes tour (free perk). We were told (on the Star) employees are only allowed 1 drink a day and are subject to random alcohol testing.
  6. They only offer tours on partial transits. We did a partial on the Jade last year and took a tour and saw the new locks. We just returned from the Star on a full transit and you cannot really see the new locks.
  7. Quit adding more ships to the fleet until there is enough crew to staff all of them. It seems to be becoming a bigger problem all over all the lines. All the ships are short staffed so service has fallen off and they can't find enough great entertainers to make cruising enjoyable like it used to be. But they continue to add more ships every year....
  8. Just did the 14 day Panama cruise 11/30 - 12/14. Pool is smallish but adequate. Hardly any kids will be on your cruise - unless it is during a break. The longer the cruise the older the people. Plenty of hot tubs - Once you get south it will be too hot to be in them! Our temps were in the 80's and 90's with high humidity. If you are lucky the service will have improved by February. The ship overall was nice. Not many activities. I think they were short staffed in the activity department. 7:30 shows filled up fast. Lots of room at the 9:30 shows.
  9. We were on the same cruise. No problem with the credit card. We had a great room steward. Other than that we thought this cruise was sub par to other cruises we have taken. (This was our 26th cruise) We were not impressed with the food. We ate at Cagney's 3 times. The first time everything was great, 2nd time the service was slooooow, 3rd time the food wasn't good. At O'Sheehans one night, people were walking out because they hadn't gotten a waiter after 10 - 15 minutes after being seated. Service was usually very slow there. We were not impressed with the music around the ship and thought that there wasn't much for activities. Other NCL cruises have had much more. On Sea days the only bars that were open during the day were the ones on deck 12 or O'Sheehans on deck 8. Missed having an Atrium Bar (Coffee and Tea only). 5 O'clock Somewhere meant it didn't open till 5 O'clock but was a gathering place for most to play games. (nothing else to do)
  10. Curious to know if you buy liquor on the ship on the first cruise - do they still let you pick it up the night before so you have it on your second cruise?
  11. We've been trying to upgrade our Drinks on Us package but get put on hold for over an hour - this has happened 3 times! Tried to have them call us and the email says their email box is full. What is going on?
  12. After being in Colon last year on a NCL partial panama transit - I would not cancel my cruise for not going there - it did not look safe - we were told there is a lot of crime - on our excursion back to the ship we went through the city, it is very poor. We were given the choice of being dropped off at a shopping place (it was secure in a fenced in area) or taken back to the area where the ship would arrive. Most stayed on the bus to return to the terminal.
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