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  1. Hotel Ai Reali........and use the water taxi right to the hotel.
  2. Capri.....you can have wonderful pizza there as well!!
  3. Way to high.....but getting into summer
  4. We are doing Crystal Rhine in October....late September and October are glorious....and less water issues.
  5. We used Target Travel for 3 weeks everyday in Italy and France in the fall......They had fabulous people for us everyday.
  6. We planned our 3 week trip around the Tattoo....never again Europe in the summer.....this was well worth it....We also did Princess, again only for that reason....We did tickets through them and had front corner seats...they were great. In the end , it is much easier to book through them....If the ship had been in Edinburgh, we would have bought our own tickets. ENJOY
  7. We have used the same TA for 30 plus years...30 plus cruises and other parts of every trip....they are invaluable....Sounds like you do not need to switch.
  8. I would spend the time in Switzerland...and then maybe the Trentino area of Italy, another beautiful wine country area. I ABSOLUTELY would not do Cinque Terre in the summer....I am glad you put this is the time you can travel, because I would always tell someone, if you do not have to go in the summer DON'T. I would fly to Zurich and do Bern, Lucern and Zurich. ENJOY whatever you choose!!
  9. We have done this on our own with our own boat.....Just be aware, due to ocean conditions, sometimes you are not able to enter the grotto, I wonder if this sometimes is why the reviews are terrible.
  10. Hi, we are from Carmel Indiana, next door neighbors.....We are doing Crystal Rhine this October..Basel to Amsterdam. We are doing 8 days in Switzerland before our cruise. If you have done Amsterdam, fly into Zurich then go to Basel, and then you can fly home from Amsterdam....the ship spends the last night in Amsterdam, so you will get a little more of Amsterdam, but you can spend the day outside of the city. ENJOY
  11. It's worth not having a bizillion people on board!!
  12. If you cannot watch them...cable them together, and make sure they are locked.
  13. Look into one that has 3 days in St Petersburg...Crystal, Regent, Oceania, Seabourn, Viking...these are going to be your higher end and smaller.
  14. YES........You will love Overlord...My husband designed his own tour and it was great...We are using them again next year!!
  15. Use local currency.....get some before you leave home, then use the ATM's at banks.
  16. While I love Viking....this makes me look elsewhere....DO NOT like this policy, as we tend to book things way ahead. Doing Rhine on Crystal this fall.
  17. Doing the Rhine this fall on Debussey
  18. Call Viking and ask....I do know you will spend alot of time on busses....They really cannot get very close....What I suggest is to fly in early to Paris, take the train and stay 2 nights in Bayeaux or Honfleur and spend at least 2 days doing Normandy....it cannot even be touched in a day, especially if you think you may never go back!! Then when the ship stops in the port and everyone goes to a short Normandy trip, there are other things you can do.
  19. Stay for 2 days for sure...see the tapestrys in Bayeux. We are staying in Honfleur......Beautiful little seaside town close to all these things
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