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  1. This same thing happened to friends we know here in Tennessee. They both went to get tested and waited an hour and half to get the test and decided to leave and try another testing facility. They drove by the other testing facility and the line was too long so they were going to go back in two days when it was open again. Got a call the following day from the first place saying their tests were positive...they never took that test! Again, we personally know these people. I agree with the first part of your statement...this virus will be with us for a while and a vaccine isn't always the answer, especially one that is being rushed in the manner this is happening. Herd immunity and building up your immune system is a positive answer for sure. Masks, that's something I don't agree on...and we can agree to disagree on that. BUT, anywhere I've been in the past several months, it's the older folks that are not wearing masks unless forced to do so, but yet the millennials that are wearing the masks like they are a new accessory. Even my 90 year old in-laws do not wear masks, and one of which has a pacemaker (his 3rd).
  2. The cruise director Matt Mitcham is not there...and a few others I follow on social media are not there. When you say most, how many are you talking about?
  3. On the shareholders call on Friday, they mentioned the break even point was at less than 1/2 capacity, or there abouts. I'd have to go back and read the transcript.
  4. Yep..we will be on the 3rd sailing of her it looks like. That's pretty exciting. The newest I've been on was the Harmony of the Seas (Royal) when we were the 6th cruise from the US out of Ft. Lauderdale back in 2016. I certainly hope our cruise happens, that's for sure.
  5. Agree. Anytime I have booked myself online, even with a courtesy hold...I get an immediate confirmation email sent to me.
  6. Sorry for your switch. We are one's that actually book our cruises based on the ship itself, more than the actual ports. BUT, with that being said, we loved the Regal.
  7. Maybe I'm optimistic or maybe I just refuse to be all "doom and gloom", but I feel that cruising will get back to what we know. There are certain things they can enforce and change with protocols, like no self serve buffet or ice cream, etc...but people are natural born social beings. We need the interaction with fellow humans. God intended us to be that way, he didn't leave Adam alone did he? I mean, people are going to naturally socialize and talk with other people...if they choose to. You may not have large tables in the dining room...but there will be a table close by that you can still chat with a fellow cruiser. We actually prefer to have a table for two because 1)you never know what kind of table mates you might end up with that could either dominate the entire table conversation, come in drunk, or be just flat out awkward; 2) we personally like to talk about what we plan on doing the rest of the evening, or what we enjoyed about our day just to each other. One thing that I am actually looking forward to, at least at the beginning of cruising, is a less crowded ship since they will not be able to sail at full capacity for a while.
  8. And that picture could have been taken at ANY TIME. I was right down the street at Crossroads listening to some friends of ours play that same day, ironically enough. There was not hardly any people out that day because of the threats of riots/looting for that weekend. There was constant police presence all over the streets. I'll admit, I didn't go INTO Kid Rocks that day, but I walked by it several times and it never looked like this from the outside. Edit to add: Losers has actually been closed for a while (it's on 3rd Ave S). It's a very small bar and to be at max capacity isn't really worth them opening because the number allowed would be so low. It's really no great loss for that bar because it isn't worth much. LOL Wildhorse is more of a venue, than a bar. It often isn't open unless they have something going on in there.
  9. Aww, thanks for the nice comment. We also have the Mardi Gras booked for next year, early (February)...hoping there isn't more of a delay on the delivery, but so far it seems ok. I check often with our TA and Carnival boards. We love Harmony and have actually been eyeing a sailing on her the week after Thanksgiving this year (our favorite week to cruise). Of course, we've also looked at another NCL cruise out of Nola that week too... I'm definitely ready to get on board a ship soon but at this point, who knows when that will actually occur. I think you will love the Getaway. We went in with an open mind, because of all the somewhat negative reviews we saw...but it was easily in our top 5 cruises. The food blew RCCL out of the water for sure. I would probably do the priority access again, especially with any port that has a tender.
  10. Totally agree with everything. As for us, we are at 75% capacity...and that's definitely heading in the right direction. We were happy to see live music come back.
  11. As mentioned above, Kid Rocks was NOT past their allowed capacity (That's why there is a lawsuit actually). Many who got citations were bogus citations, as I also mentioned above. I can walk down Broadway right now and find bars open and have bouncers at the door counting those coming and going (so that they aren't past capacity). They also have bar stools spread out. Are news articles always completely accurate? Are online reports always telling the FULL story? I don't understand why you have such a problem understanding what I'm saying. I could get political and tell you that the Mayor here has it in for some owners of establishments here...that has been proven. But I won't get into that jazz because it's not important for anyone who doesn't live, work, or have business in this county. 🙂
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