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  1. Yes, it is per person. For example, we just bought 2 of the 3 night dining packages for our upcoming Harmony cruise. The dining package price is PER PERSON. It isn't going to be $99 for both people for 3 nights, it's per person.
  2. I've seen posts and photos that the chocolate dessert buffet still happens in the WJ (most recently reported on Harmony and Symphony reviews I've seen here on CC) We actually really like the creme brulee and hubby gets it almost every night. What??? I"ve got to keep my eyes open for these next month when we are on Harmony! Ahhh yes, that Banana Split. I've ordered that a time or two myself! YES, I remember that soup. We haven't seen it surface in quite some time either. For me, I normally always start with the caesar salad. I know, simple and boring but I just love that salad. I like the Prime Rib, Tiger Shrimp, Lobster, and Beef Tenderloin. Desserts, my favorite would have to be the blueberry and peach cobbler.
  3. Just a little over 4 weeks away and can't wait for it! It will be our second time on the beautiful Harmony.
  4. We used to always do guarantee cabins, but we have come to know that we prefer to choose our location so we no longer do them. Especially now with the Royal Up upsells, you rarely get a "better" cabin with a guarantee.
  5. I for one will never understand the purpose of alcohol free beer. Just seems like a waste to me, but...
  6. Thank you. Internet won't be a problem because I have the internet package.
  7. I have seen it enforced quite a few times on Royal actually. They walk around with little post it notes and mark chairs. If the sticker is still there when they come back, I've seen them remove the items and take them to the towel stations. We haven't been on as many Royal as you have, but as mentioned above, we have seen it several times...on several different Royal ships (Freedom, Oasis, Harmony, Independence, etc).
  8. I personally have no problem moving items that I have noticed have been sitting for 30 minutes or more. It's evident that the cruise line employees are so afraid to offend someone or to have someone get in their face and be rude because they have removed their items. It's the problem with society these days. My hubby and I always go together and get our spots. One of us might leave to go get drinks, use the restroom or even run back to the room for something. When we are both away, it is to use a hot tub and we aren't in there for more than 15 minutes and within eye view of our spots. I truly wish the crew would stand by their policy and police these things a little better!
  9. I'm going to jump in here and add my 2 cents along with everyone else. I did not have WLS, however I lost over 90 pounds thanks to my lifestyle change (I don't call it a diet). I have restrictions on what I should eat and how much protein, fat, calories, carbs, etc that I can/should have in a day. Although I empathize with the OP and the fact that they cannot have as much food is offered in these special dining venues, you aren't being forced to eat at them and have plenty other options around the ship to choose from. I realize that you are going with friends and would like to dine with them, but understand that you have the choice to pay the cover charge and join them, or not. I've cruise a few times since the change in my eating habits and never had a problem with specialty restaurants and their charge. I know ahead of time what the per person cost is and know that is the guidelines set forth by the cruiseline. Do I eat as much as my husband eats, no. But I am well aware that it costs the same for me as it does him. Specialty restaurants on a cruise are different than going to a fine dining restaurant on land. You aren't paying for the entree, but for the exclusivity that goes along with dining in these restaurants. I recommend purchasing either the B1G1 (if it is offered for your sailing), or the 3 night dining package ahead of time where you can get the discount. By all means, ask the staff at the restaurant but don't be offended when they aren't able to accommodate.
  10. I paid the same price last month (mid Sept) for our Harmony cruise for the Deluxe Drink package and the voom for a 7 night cruise.
  11. Never been truer words spoken my friend!
  12. @Biker19 is so right. This definitely can change from one to the other. Question for those currently onboard. Can you please find out if you can use the Starbucks app to pay and/or receive your star rewards? Thank you~
  13. Interesting. I just might have to make a call to Royal or ask our CD on Facebook if this is doable.
  14. It is definitely best to prebook your shows in your cruise planner prior to sailing. I book them first and then reserve my dining around my show times.
  15. And I found this. Granted it was posted back in January, but directly from the Royal Caribbean twitter feed:
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