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  1. Blizzard54

    Current Cruise Director (CD) List

    Marc explained that he volunteered to be extended when they were having trouble scheduling someone to relieve him. It should be a one-off and not repeated. Mark is requesting to be reassigned to the Mariner so he can be closer to his little ones.
  2. Blizzard54

    Diamond Plus boarding gifts

    The towel is better than the slippers.
  3. I am not particularly happy with that change.
  4. Blizzard54

    Diamond Plus boarding gifts

    It does vary, over the last 2 years we have received 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10. Sometimes it has varied on the same ship B2B.
  5. Blizzard54

    Diamond Plus boarding gifts

    I see that now. I just changed to the fruit and wine for our next trip and we will see how that goes. I expect we may change it by the 3rd or 4th week. Looking forward to seeing you and LaLa in about 5 weeks. Depending on how thing work out we may have an abundance of WZ by the time you board.
  6. Blizzard54

    Diamond Plus boarding gifts

    I just took a look at the link posted earlier in this thread, it is incomplete. At the 525 level there are a number of different wines that can be suppled with the fruit plate. I believe there is also a cheese assortment.
  7. Although I am not familiar with what is going on with the storms I assume it would be an issue to take the original route. It is not uncommon for changes to avoid hurricanes and I assume it is a similar issue.
  8. Blizzard54

    Well, this is unfortunate

    I got that message when I tried to look at shorex for a cruise I am booked to take.
  9. Blizzard54

    Current Cruise Director (CD) List

    From the current information on here Steve Davis may be on early in February and leave. I have no idea who will take over when he goes on vacation.
  10. Blizzard54

    Chanukah on board

    Dreidel is Yiddish not Hebrew.
  11. Blizzard54

    Ultimate Theatre Experience

    There is a charge for it. It is a tour of back stage and some time with some of the performers. I also includes front row seats for a production show.
  12. I uploaded them for our Radiance B2B last May and had to take new ones in the terminal. The option was not there for our cruises on the Liberty and Rhapsody. I now see it is there for our upcoming trip on the Vision. I will probably upload them but I do not have high hope of it making any difference.
  13. Blizzard54

    Chanukah on board

    Those descriptions pretty much cover what we have experienced. We will be on the Rhapsody during the holiday this year.
  14. Blizzard54

    Current Concierges continued discussion

    Thanks for the update. We will be boarding the Rhapsody in a couple weeks and will bring it back to Florida.