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  1. We retired in 2016 and were fortunate to get in about 160 nights per year on ships before Covid hit. We had set up an income stream to support out cruising so when about 120 night were canceled this year we came up with plan B. We took the money we did not spend on cruising in 2020 and in July we purchased a motorhome. We got 4 week long trips before packing it up for the winter. We have quite a few cruises that we have shifted out to late 2021 and into 2022. In the meantime, this spring we will head out in the RV and tour the US. Going forward we will probably do a mix of crui
  2. You are correct. I forgot that is only for cruises involving US ports.
  3. Current CDC guidelines to start sailing says that the cruise line can not "offer for sale" any cruises longer that 7 nights. They may just be holding back on showing those.
  4. I would not be surprised if the 1 day information is not the same day. They could easily be a day or 2 off posting numbers. I would expect 1 week or better 1 month would give a better picture. It is the trends that will have the long term effects.
  5. John Hopkins say South Dakota is 51.08 over the last month. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/region/us/south-dakota
  6. The last time I looked South Dakota was 52% positive tests.
  7. Keep in mind that when the Princess ship arrived in the Bay Area, someone said he did not want the ship to dock because it would make his numbers look bad.
  8. I already have had 2 of my double points cruises cancelled and I expect at least 2 more because of what appears to be a restriction on B2B's.
  9. More testing certainly does show an increase in known cases. Hospitals filling up and the number of deaths per day going up shows a serious problem.
  10. I expect that they have done analysis on bookings made after they announced the double points to try to see how much effect the program had. As time goes on I am sure they will consider extending if they believe they will benefit from doing so. Restarting is still a moving target. Everything has to evolve one step at a time. It now appears that B2B will not be allowed at least until November of 2021. They will probably try to figure out how many cancelations will be created and what sort of options will be offered to try to keep bookings. It could be another round of L&S or t
  11. I did all kinds of data manipulation writing macros for Lotus 123. By the time Excel came out I did not have the need to do much of that anymore so I have never learned to use most of it. My DD is a teacher at a school not far from Redmond.
  12. I do not see that happening in BC anytime soon. Washington State numbers have gone up fast and the State has gone into lockdown for 4 weeks. I hope they can get some control on this so we can have an Alaska season.
  13. I misunderstood, I thought they booked the ship to stop there on Nov 3rd.
  14. November 3rd would be VERY late in the season for Astoria.
  15. Although the cruise was altered, it did not have an effect on the PVSA situation. Royal allowed them to book a B2B that was in violation and then did not notice it until just before their first sailing. We had a similar situation last year with people on the Adventure in New England doing B2B's.
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