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  1. Following along. We will be boarding the Symphony 10/30 for a B2B. Sounds like they are doing some things differently than we recently experienced on the Ovation and Serenade.
  2. With double points and some JS's we will be getting 4 blocks in 6 months.
  3. The biggest problem I have with inside cabins is that I am not spending as much and my bank account grows. I then have to book more cruises to keep my account at a reasonable level.
  4. It does come to the west coast, just not California. 🙂
  5. I did some of those as well. Current California rules allow 5 port stops per year without shore power.
  6. Yes for items that are pre plated on small plates.
  7. I just wore Crocs and socks the whole cruise.
  8. I spoke to a number of staff onboard last week. Nothing is for sure yet but Alaska will wrap up. I really doubt they will stay around the west coast. The seas get rough on the Washington coast soon. Because of shore power requirements California is not an option. I assume they will head south and hang out until they can sail with passengers.
  9. My comment was based on what I was told onboard. It may also have to do with staffing. When the WJ is open it does require more staffing to operate with the protocols.
  10. They also showed the Thursday night game in the Music Hall on a big screen.
  11. Last month they canceled our 4/22 TP. They did offer L&S. So far it seems to be on a cruise by cruise basis if they cancel it.
  12. They have not yet installed the 2nd show. They are working on it. The female comedian is no longer onboard. There is another male. We were able to get everything on the app before we boarded the ship that morning so we could sort it all out prior to boarding.
  13. We just got off the Ovation to Alaska. There were a few dress up but not very many.
  14. Sept 3 Ovation 1768 pax, no WJ dinner. In looking at the app for the Serenade it show closed for dinner.
  15. They can not do a coastal with passengers because of the PVSA. They never have been able to sail from Seattle to LA as a coastal they would have to start in Canada. The temporary waiver is only for Alaska cruises from Washington State.
  16. In Seattle on the 3rd we had a 12:00 check in. When we arrived 11:20 there were 2 short lines. Since we are Pinnacle we were able to enter at 11:30. It took about 10 minutes to complete the process. I heard from others that by 1:00 there were 3 separate lines without signage and it got confusing. Some were out there for an hour + There was not a separate line for Suites and Pins but I believe wearing our pins may have helped.
  17. We just got off the Ovation with 1768 pax. ( about 36%) The current cruise is at about 2000. Since there was a last minute drop in prices for ours I assume their target is higher. In speaking to some of the higher level staff, I was told that one of the constraints is the capacity of the restaurants with social distancing. Depending on making adjustments that can continue to be the issue for some time. They also may need to keep some cabins available for possible quarantine for some time. I agree that the demand is probably not there yet. Watching last minute price drops will probably be the way to keep track as time goes on. It may also vary by market areas. Some ports may have different limits.
  18. Thank you for your review. We just got off the Ovation and our experience was similar. In 10 days we will be boarding the Serenade.
  19. They are starting out at about 40-50% capacity and will increase it as time goes by. On of the operating factors is the capacity of some of the venues with social distancing. The Windjammer is open to everyone with every other table not being used. We just got off the Ovation today. Only 1768 passengers. It is not know if this is the current limit It is also not known when they will raise the limits.
  20. I assume they do not have a full crew onboard. That will require quarantining when they arrive. They may also need to do a test cruise. They also probably need a USCG inspection. Waiting until November is beyond the CSO unless it is extended. There could be a number of other factors.
  21. You can also look at the Solarium Bistro as a dinner option. It has been a partial buffet with the entrée served. It was no open for the test cruise but I heard it is open now.
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