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  1. I did double-check the flag at the bottom of the page and it was set to "other countries". So I changed it to the US flag and I was able to log in. I had no idea that the country option was there at the bottom or why it had me in "other countries". I was able to get to speak to someone at the travel agency after being on hold for over two hours - not really a hardship since I was working at my desk and just had the phone on speaker as background noise. They were able to cancel my cruise. Obviously a huge disappointment but we'll make it on Azamara some day! Thanks for the assistan
  2. We have a cruise booked in August and today I tried logging into the Azamara website so I could review it. The login function is disabled on the website so I am unable to access my account. Can someone tell me if what's going on - I know everything is in chaos but why would I not be able to see my booked cruise? This is actually part of a bigger issue for me. I booked this cruise through a large online travel agent and my final payment is due this week - but we need to cancel the cruise (ironically not because of the virus or related to health in any way). My agent at the travel a
  3. We did a 2-night last year and are doing another one this year. There are no Captain's Club activities at all on the cruise. Because these are "fill-in" cruises between charters or between a charter and a sailing, there are fewer activities. Still a great cruise. Some people claim they are "party" cruises - we didn't experience that at all. The port day in Nassau leaves the ship pretty much empty.
  4. There's another thread talking asking about a sail away party for "regular people". I think there is a misconception that the helipad sail away is some kind of fancy party. We were concierge for our trip on Summit to Bermuda last summer and did get invited to the helipad when we left Bermuda. It was a great experience, but other than actually being on the helipad they only offered water bottles or champagne. There was no food or music. It was a fun experience but I wouldn't call it a "party". The scenery was great and we did talk to the same senior officers we had seen at all the other Captain
  5. We did an Royal 3-day last year also and it was MUCH more of a party atmosphere. We aren't drinkers so usually don't hang out in any of the bars, so I may have missed a huge party somewhere. But I can tell you the crowd was small at the full moon party and there didn't seem to be much going on around the ship the second night.
  6. I think one of the very few negatives of the Summit is the Tuscan Grille. The location is strange and it's not a very attractive room. Truly nothing special about the atmosphere.
  7. We were on a 2-night on Infinity last year and are doing another one in February. It's a weekend away for us - not a sub for a longer cruise. First, there are no Captain's Club activities during the cruise. We were in a concierge cabin last year and there was the embarkation lunch and we did get our "gifts". There was a much lighter schedule of daily activities - basically you only have one day and that is in port. I do know they had trivia at least twice, but not a lot else going on. If I remember correctly there was a sort of production show one night (I think it was just the cast singing)
  8. On the Summit last summer, we were at a two-top in Select dining every night and there was a family group of six at the next table with two small kids. The kids were delightful and never an issue, but they do have larger tables mixed in with the two-tops. Not an issue to get moved, if you want to but never say never with kids next to you at dinner!
  9. The Bermuda cruises are full of families with lots of kids. It’s very popular for family vacations and large family groups. Not as many as on RCCL, but still more than you would expect. Not a problem for me at all but if you are expecting to have a child free cruise you will be disappointed.
  10. We were on the Summit last July and ate in Tuscan for our 30th anniversary. My husband's steak was so tough he had to send it back (and we never send back food). I was a little disappointed in the food altogether - ok but not fantastic, but they made the night very special. We were in select dining for that cruise. The two-tops are incredibly close together. I have posted before about the very uncomfortable exchange we had with the couple sitting inches away from us. Anyway, there are two-tops by the windows with those tall-back chairs which are more private and there are a few la
  11. We were in Select dining on the Summit last summer and had the best waiter we have ever had on any of our cruises, Cedric. At the time his assistant waiter was Santosh. Cedric was not only extremely friendly but respectful, he was everything you want in a dining room waiter - remembered our preferences, his recommendations were excellent, and he really watched out for us. We never had an issue asking to be placed in his section even though it was crowded. They put you near "your" waiter's section and he just adds you to his rotation. The head waiter told us that the best waiters go to Select d
  12. As I posted previously, I went on a two-day cruise on the same ship, Infinity, last year so I have direct, recent experience with a two-day cruise on Celebrity out of Miami. Of course we all would prefer to go on longer cruises, but for us "locals" a two-day is a relatively inexpensive weekend getaway. We do not drink alcohol so I am very aware of the number of people who over-indulge on the cruises I'm on. We did not find any issue at all with this on the two-day last year. Yes, there were more families (but not an unusual number of kids). In fact, because most people are eager to get as much
  13. Last year on our Summit cruise Select Dining was on deck 4. Can't guarantee it will be the same for your cruise. We made reservations in advance using the cruise planner and never had to wait. We were also able to be in the same area and get our fantastic server every night.
  14. We did a two-night on Infinity last year and really enjoyed it. To us it was the same level of service as a longer cruise, food was the same. The crowd skews a little younger, seemed to be more locals, and there were more family groups. I would NOT describe it as a "party cruise". However, there were no Captain's Club events at all on the cruise - we received a notice when we checked in. If I remember correctly there was a show each night but I don't think they had the big production shows. We are only Select level so I can't tell you if you get your Elite perks. Our only disappo
  15. I just received this in my email. We have a cruise booked for February with no perks, but I guess I will be prepaying the gratuities now. Not a huge difference in price, but interesting that they are giving you an option to pay at the lower rate.
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