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  1. bessinfl


    I think you can take a public bus to Bathsheba. Does anyone know if that’s the case?
  2. I’m so sorry. I was about to write you and comment on your beautiful cat. (We have two similar black-and-white tuxedo cats.) It’s really hard to lose your animal friends.
  3. Yes, we always get select dining and almost always wind up at the same table with the same waitstaff every night. You can actually make a reservation for select dining before your cruise begins (or while you’re on it). We ask for the same time every night. If we decide to eat elsewhere, we just cancel it.
  4. Yes, Miched is right. We have select dining for our upcoming Equinox cruise, and I just made 6:45 p.m. reservations for every night of the cruise by going to Cruise Planner and then to specialty dining. If we decide not to go on any given night, we just tell the maitre d’ earlier in the afternoon.
  5. One. Ore question: if we don’t use the OBC that we get from our travel agent, is it refunded to us at the end of the cruise?
  6. Thanks, Jim_Iain. So if we want to reserve a specialty restaurant before the cruise, we have to go ahead and pay for it? By the way, I’ve enjoyed your life cruise accounts.
  7. Forgive me for asking what may be an obvious question. We only sail every couple of years and so don’t know everything. We have some OBC from our online travel agent. It hasn't shown up yet attached to our reservation, but our cruise isn’t for three more months. Is there any way we can use it before we sail to purchase excursions or to reserve in the specialty restaurants? Thanks for all your good advice over the years.
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