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  1. I haven't even sailed with MSC yet and I've read about this three year policy. You agree to it in your contract, right? (Seaside in two days! Yippee!)
  2. I am also interested in this as I am cruising Seaside 2/15/20.
  3. Polly~ My kids are both graduates of Creekview! 2010 and 2012. Enjoy your cruise!
  4. Polly~ I see that you are in Canton? I live in Ball Ground and work at Avery Elementary! Small world! We'll be on Seaside in February.
  5. Agree with you on Jamaica...not one of our favorites either! We'll be at Ocho Rios on our next cruise in February and will probably get out and wander in the port then get back onboard and enjoy the pool while other passengers are out on their excursions. I'll be interested to see if your reason for not liking Jamaica is the same as ours!
  6. Gong to Ocean Cay next month! I'll try to remember to come back here and post after our cruise.
  7. We are on Seaside. Thanks for your responses!
  8. I thought of one more question. We will be "Gold" on this cruise which includes one hour thermal area session. What would that include? Thanks!
  9. Thank you for your response! I'll go reserve now! :)
  10. We're going on our first MSC cruise next month. We usually go with Royal, but have done Carnival, Princess, and NCL as well. I have some questions... Does MSC allow wine or sodas to be brought on the ship? Do they still offer the mealtime only drink package? Or did they discontinue that one? Any only for beer and wine? We’re flying Southwest to FLL then taking some sort of transportation to Miami. I’m looking at SAS shuttles. Anyone have any tips or reviews for us? Thanks for your information and responses.
  11. We're onboard in February and are looking forward to a sunset stroll on the beach if we stay later! I'll get our packing done early.
  12. I have to agree that some of the complaints that were made by the OP are actually things I am looking forward to on my upcoming February Seaside cruise. I'm looking forward to some new and different experiences.
  13. On Mariner last week, they offered a few hot items, pastries, and fruit in the Diamond lounge for breakfast. One day they had eggs benedict, one day ham and cheese omelets and sausage, etc. Not a large selection, but nice to sit up there in an uncrowded area and enjoy!
  14. How do you move up in status with MSC? Or how do you accumulate points? We are Diamond with RCI and got matched to gold with MSC and are going on Seaside in Feb 2020. Thanks!
  15. Lots of people cruise for special occasions. I'm sure they will do something special if you are willing to pay for it!
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