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  1. In all our cruises, we finally had T representation at an LGBT meeting on one of our Princess cruises. I would not have known if she had not told us.
  2. We kayaked in Mendenhall Lake on one cruise. We were warned not to get closer than a half mile. We stayed even farther back. That was in 2012. There were lots of small chunks of ice in the lake then. When I went in 2019, I did not see any ice in the lake. The glacier has retreated significantly.
  3. My cabin steward on the Majestic last month let me know they had run out of the organza bags for the Elite bathroom amenities. I received Le Mon "delicate spray," the luffa mitt, conditioner, emery board, and shower cap. All I really cared about was the conditioner. (Though I would have loved to have a lip balm too.)
  4. When I was on the Majestic last month, I met friends for drinks in the Crown Grill Bar most nights. I also enjoyed the event for Platinum, Elite, and suite passengers in the Hollywood Conservatory in the late afternoons.
  5. I'm looking forward to following your live thread. I was on the 8/22 cruise and had a live thread going about it. I highly recommend the wine maker's dinner. People I met on my cruise also spoke highly of the Chef's Table.
  6. I generally book at the last minute--after the final payment date. Refaring isn't generally an option then. Back when we were working, I'd track prices of several cruises that fit DH's school breaks. (He taught at a community college.) Most of the time, I could get us a good deal after the final payment date. A few times, though, we ended up staying home because prices kept going up and up.
  7. Princess has reduced some single supplements to 125% to 150% for West Coast cruises through the end of October.
  8. You should start a roll call for your cruise to connect with others on it. There doesn't seem to be one for that date yet. Discovery Princess Roll Calls - Cruise Critic Community
  9. We have stayed on the ship in Victoria on our roundtrip cruises from Seattle. We had been there for several days on a previous trip and did not think it was worthwhile to go ashore for such a short time--plus we did not want to miss a meal. But plenty of people do excursions there or just wander off on their own to see the sights and enjoy a beer in a pub. Butchart Gardens is very popular.
  10. I had two-day turnaround time for laundry on the Majestic last month.
  11. I used my phone and laptop on the Majestic last month. I did not bother to sign off. When I connected one, it automatically disconnected the other.
  12. The outside areas of the Promenade Deck are nice if you want fresh air while you read. The starboard aft one has the smoking section, so I avoided it.
  13. My cruise on the Majestic Princess was great. I met a lot of nice folks. I had a regular trivia team with a couple and a guy traveling with his adult son. (The son joined us just once.) I went to an evening meet-up group most nights and had a good time socializing there. Breakfast and lunch in the dining room were open seating with shared tables if desired. A couple of times, I ended up eating by myself because no one else was asking to share at the same time. At night, I ate later than most people and did not share a table. But a lot of the tables for two are close enough together to converse with others if they are amenable to talking.
  14. I've occasionally seen the fire doors closed and passengers not allowed to go to their cabins yet until an announcement was made. But even then, there should not be a rush of people to the laundry rooms right afterwards. I did a load of laundry right after boarding the ship after the land portion of our Alaskan cruise tour.
  15. Princess reps generally won't discuss such matters with you if you booked through a TA.
  16. People were dancing on my cruise last month on the Majestic. They had one band, Ocean Boulevard, that played in the Vista Lounge most nights and sometimes in the piazza. The Pacific Trio also played in the piazza and other venues around the ship. A violin duo also played in the piazza as well as a pianist.
  17. Princess cabins have a desk chair. I sat in mine last month in my inside cabin on the Majestic while using my computer.
  18. When I purchased a liter of alcohol on the Majestic Princess last month, the sales rep told me I was allowed to bring back two. I don't know how they were checking to see if people had more since we did not have to fill out a Customs form. But perhaps the ship was reporting excess purchases to officials.
  19. One of the best excursions ever was snorkeling in Ketchikan. We booked it through Princess, although it wasn't offered last month when I was on the Majestic Princess. On another cruise, I rented a bicycle in Skagway and biked Dyea Road. I was solo on that cruise (as well as last month). Another great excursion was kayaking in Mendenhall Lake. We also enjoyed kayaking in Chilkoot Lake in Haines. You can catch the ferry over there from Skagway.
  20. We had a great time on our Princess cruise tour several years ago. I liked that many things were planned for us. We did have our travel agent get us upgraded to the Tundra Wilderness Tour. It was great. In our case, I found a last-minute deal. It was less expensive than booking things on our own.
  21. We received our cabin assignment after starting the land portion of our cruise tour. Fortunately it was in time to send one of our large checked bags ahead to the ship since we were staying two nights in Fairbanks. Before another Alaskan cruise, we received it on Thursday for a Saturday sailing. We had flown to Seattle on Wednesday and just asked a porter for luggage tags for our checked bags when we got to the pier.
  22. At the winemaker's dinner last month, they served a cocktail made with vanilla vodka, watermelon syrup, and champagne. I bought a bottle of the vodka and enjoyed more of them at the beach last week with friends. (I subbed cherry juice for the watermelon, and they were just as delicious.)
  23. If you have one of the balconies that would accommodate four people, having an Ultimate Balcony Dinner would be a great way to treat them. It's our favorite way to celebrate an occasion on a cruise.
  24. My last Celebrity cruise was lackluster. The food was not as good as on Princess, and I had a couple of bad experiences with service. If I were going to spend the amount of money it takes for a suite on either line, though, I would consider upgrading to one of the luxury cruise lines with smaller ships--Viking Ocean Cruises, Silversea, Regent Seven Seas, or Oceania.
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