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  1. Yes passports are required. I was advised when I booked that we still must take passports despite being in the UK only and they must have a minimum of 6 months remaining.
  2. That's great - thank you ever so much. They have until Sunday evening to confirm when our refund has been made and then we shall issue this letter. We wouldn't mind timescales if they had outlined these at the outset but the constant excuses are wearing thin.
  3. Hi Thanks for your experience. Any chance we could see a copy of the letter or wording used? We've got seperate issues with both Celebrity and Emirates. Both keep saying our refund is being processed on "x" date and then when that date comes and passes, they come up with another excuse. Ours was cancelled in the first round and they both confirmed 14 days. We gave them a month and now 6 weeks on, excuse after excuse. I've been furloughed which is ok but at less than 50% salary, I need those monies returned asap in case I don't go back to my job. Thanks
  4. Hi Bonnie Yes we did and Sandra was lovely. Oddly enough we then received our notification overnight but they did tell us it was sent on the 18th but we never received it. We booked direct with Azamara whilst onboard. Our biggest irk at the moment is that they're not prorating the costs despite going from a 16 night to a 15 night cruise. They're saying as the price has since increased - we only get our original rate. But our argument is that our original rate was for a 16 night cruise and not it's 15 - regardless of whether the price has since increased.
  5. Thanks Bonnie That was very useful so thank you for posting. Our contact at Azamara did try to find out the info yesterday for us but he couldn't let us know as the UK office hadn't sent out any notifications as yet. Only the North America office had notified customers - not particular impressed by that as we're all on the same sailing regardless of where in the world we live. I'll reach out to the Ambassador with our details. Thank you
  6. Thanks Micheline We booked direct and no-one has come back to us yet to advise what is happening with our cruise. When I first contacted them to say it had disappeared for booking they told us it was an IT glitch and will be back soon. Clearly not! So your post was the first we heard of potential changes. Like you, not particularly happy about it as we cancelled another cruise to do this one for it's itinerary. As soon as we find out, if we're not happy with the changes (if there are any) we'll be looking at alternatives. Like you
  7. Thanks Lenoirm Did you receive this by email from Azamara? We're on the sailing before yours and Azamara keep telling us it's just an IT issue. I've asked again today as we chose this cruise specificially for the itinerary so if changed, it would be useful to know.
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