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  1. Love your review! We're sailing Azamara Journey from Miami to Cuba etc up to New York next month. We've only done 1 Azamara cruise before and it was a 5 night Monaco Grand Prix cruise so wasn't really reflective of typical Azamara we were told. Looking forward to 16 nights onboard next month and we've booked a CW owners suite (as we tend to sail suites on Celebrity). We had originally booked for a couple of weeks on Edge but decided to do this one instead as it was cheaper for this cruise in a good suite with flights from UK and hotels either side in Miami & NY, than 1 week on Edge! Hope they do a brunch onboard like you had. Looks lovely.
  2. missminnie

    Millennium Revolution -

    Hopefully I've attached this right. These are not my photo's but was posted on another site by someone currently onboard.
  3. missminnie

    Live from the Seaside 17th February

    Hi Sidari We've booked the Pirate Schooner to Turtle Cove through MSC when we dock with MSC next month. We've been to St Thomas a few times and last time on our honeymoon we did a Pirate thing quite similar and enjoyed it but it was with Royal Caribbean. Given you seem to have some good knowledge of St Thomas and MSC, is this tour good or should we think about doing something else? Many thanks Laura
  4. missminnie

    Owners Suite - Deck 6, 7 or 8

    Thanks all. Very helpful and we're ready to book tomorrow when the travel agent calls back. Just hope the suite is still available as overnight 3 have already been booked!
  5. missminnie

    Owners Suite - Deck 6, 7 or 8

    Thank you Bonnie. We did have a search through it last night and found some useful info. Just wondered if one deck is better over the other. I did read somewhere that as you go up decks the balconies get smaller but wasn't sure if that was true.
  6. Hi All We're looking at our first Azamara cruise after sailing Celebrity Suite class for years. We would like to book one of the Owners Suite at the aft but not sure which deck is best. We've tried searching online for photos' and reviews but not really finding too much. Of all your experiences, are there any advantages and disadvantages of each deck? We currently have a deck 6 suite held. But the agent recommended deck 8 but that seems to be under the sunset bar. We're looking at Azamara Journey if that makes any difference.
  7. Hi Jenna He he - We are so looking forward to it. Leave the UK tomorrow for our flight to Abu Dhabi. I've loved your review and thank you so much for posting it. We've not sailed on Connie before so your information about the service you've received and some useful tips have been really helpful. I've read through the dailies you posted and some really good things which I hope will happen on our cruise too. Have a fab last few days and safe travels. We'll take good care of the "apartment" for your next visit I'm sure. And thank you for taking care of it for us! :D Laura
  8. Wow - love your photo's and thanks for sharing with us. So excited to see your balcony as we board when you get off and are also booked into 6147 - our first time in a Penthouse and really excited to have all that space outside to ourselves. Just 2 more days and we leave for Abu Dhabi and the Grand Prix - then we'll take your place in the Penthouse. :D
  9. missminnie

    Photo Package

    We pre-booked this for our last cruise (Sept 2016). Only 1 person needed to purchase the package and once onboard we could chose any 100 photo's - so any size and any of them taken. We had a mixture of the larger size and normal size and one from embarkation. It is the printed photo's only I believe and we thought it was good value. We collected them as we went along and had them put behind the counter and chose on our last day so we didn't lose track of the ones we had taken. Hope that helps.
  10. Hi All We're sailing on Constellation for the first time in November and were lucky enough when we booked that 6145 was available so we grabbed it. I've read great reviews about this room compared to other S1's so we decided to go for it. We just got off Equinox and had the fortunate luck of grabbing a Royal Suite just days before sailing - absolutely fantastic and it's really spoiled us. When we got back, we checked and there are 2 Royal Suites that have become available - 6137 & 6138. Having never sailed on Connie or stayed in 6145, can anyone give us any advice (ignorning the cost as that's a separate issue as we expect to pay more)? Anyone sailed in both and could recommend one over the other? I think the bathroom in 6145 is much more spacious than the RS bathroom. But we loved the RS on Equinox. Any advice, hints, tips much appreciated.
  11. missminnie

    Would a Celebrity fan be happy with MSC?

    We love Celebrity but fancied a change and managed to get a cheap week last December with flights & transfers etc so thought let's try it. We loved it! We sailed the Med in Dec and whilst it was cold it was lovely & sunny. We sailed on Preziosa and even tried an inside cabin (we always have balcony or above). We loved the ship, plenty of things to do, lots of bars and choice. Yes the food isn't anywhere near Celebrity standards and the service isn't up to par with Celebrity but it was a lovely change. We loved the amount of bars/venues onboard. You could walk from one end of the ship to the other and pass through about 7 bars. There was a great atmosphere and everyone was friendly. Getting on and off at each port was a disaster though. There would be huge queues both getting off and trying to get back on. Not very well organised at all. But for the price I would highly suggest trying them. We've already booked another 2 - one for this Sept staying in th Yacht Club and one for March 2018 sailing on their new Seaside ship. The Sept cruise was less than £1k for a week in their top suite and the one for March 2018 was £600 each for 2 weeks (booked it whilst it was on a special offer at launch). Go with an open mind. They are different but we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.
  12. missminnie

    London to Southhampton

    Hi there We live in the UK and yes London is a long way from Southampton. No the train doesn't stop at the dock/pier unfortunately. It's not too far but a taxi would be required. Usually no assistance with luggage at our train stations but you may get some helpful passengers assist you. Depending on where you're flying into - Heathrow or Gatwick will depend on best way to get to London or Southampton. Both have a train service directly into London but I don't think they have one to Southampton (apologies I don't get the train very often). So you may need to go into London and then get another train down to Southampton. We've never done a transfer so can't help on that point as we always drive. I always find it fascinating when they advertise it as London as Southampton is miles away. Southampton is approx 90 mins drive from Heathrow whilst Gatwick is even worse as there is no easy direct route to Southampton but again just over 90 mins I would say. Hope that helps
  13. missminnie

    Sky Suite 1 Equinox

    Thanks Both We don't mind not having much shade/cover on the balcony. We love the sun so that would be great for us. We'll stick with one on deck 7 or 8 and now just got to decide which side of the ship - port or starboard? Suppose it doesn't matter so much as whichever side we chose we'll get sun once the ship heads back if it's shady on the way out. Many Thanks
  14. missminnie

    Sky Suite 1 Equinox

    Hi All We're sailing on Equinox in April and noticed there are quite a few cabins left in all categories but last week a lot of suites were suddenly available on the website. We're currently in A1 but thinking of upgrading to Sky Suite 1. Considered the RS but that went within a few days and was then weighing up the CS vs SS1 and decided not worth the extra for CS as no additional perks and we fancy the view from the aft SS1. We've stayed in a SS2 previously which ended up being right underneath the outside of OceanView and we found it really noisy with people moving chairs all the time. Looking at the photo's etc we're trying to decide which SS1 would be a good choice. Both SS1's are available on deck 6, 7 & 8 and one left on deck 9. From the photo's it looks like the one on deck 9 may have the port hole window obstructed slightly by the outside equipment. Can anyone give any advice or recommendations of which deck may be the better choice for these SS1? Thanks Laura
  15. Love your review so far and love your pictures. Keeping my eye out incase I spot us in any of them :D We've just booked another MSC cruise and decided to try Yacht Club. Can you remember if you took a picture of the drinks/wine choices available in the Yacht Club restaurant? I see you had both the house white and red each evening (good plan!) but just wondered if there was a choice. Were all drinks available there or were some available for a fee? Many thanks Laura