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  1. We decided to try another line after getting fed up of NCL. We tried a few in the past but always came back. Last cruise we did was RCL and it was way more expensive than NCL and we had to add the alcohol package which was insanely high on RCL. We went in with a positive attitude and long story short we have decided we appreciate and still prefer NCL over any other line. We did lots of comparisons while on that other cruise and NCL won. RCL is very $$$$ compared to NCL.
  2. We are Platinum with NCL and love the freestyle where we eat when we want and not formal only if you’d want to be formal you can. Much more relaxed vibe and younger vibe which we love music and all. We have been on the Getaway twice love that ship! Specialty restaurants much better on NCL. We just cruised AOS and years back ROTS ,our latest cruise with RCCL we were not impressed and we were looking forward to a change and went with a very open positive mindset only to be disappointed. Ship was boring no atrium with nothing in the evenings like NCL. Ship was dirty and our cabin was the dirtiest we have ever seen on a ship! I got very ill and so did a lot of others on this cruise. Food was good the first few days but declined as the cruise progressed it was very repetitive in the buffet. Specialty restaurants were okay. NCL has way more selection food wise with restaurant choices. Much more entertainment as well and great too. The staff on RCCL is not what we are used to, not very happy and engaging like NCL. NCL staff is very happy always aiming to please. The ships on NCL are extremely clean compared to other lines we have sailed. We have decided we won’t be doing another RCCL again, we will stick with NCL and we have tried other lines as well but keep coming back to our favourite cruise line. Good luck I’m sure you will love NCL if you like the freestyle and relax vibe.
  3. Looks like a boring cruise to me i love to see some ports now and then. Too many sea days I would get bored! Not for me but to each their own.
  4. From what Ive heard from NCL directly its a computer not a person who decides and no it does not matter how often you have cruised with them before. We have cruised numerous cruises with them and never got accepted with strong bids. Its luck! Now when I want Haven I book it right away. The waiting game can play havoc on your nerves. Book the category room you are very happy with. Good luck!
  5. We just sailed RCCL and the buffet food was better than NCL more variety. We found RCCL to be boring compared to NCL, less food choices with restaurants and their steak house wasn't better than Cagney's. Too formal in the evenings and not much happening like NCL has in the atrium in the evenings. The internet sucked on RCCL. The staff on RCCL was not the happy happy bubbly staff we are used to with NCL. Our balcony room the bathroom was very dirty and the cleaning guy did the basics. Throughout the ship we found it dirty as well not as pristine as NCL. We have cruised both haven and non haven and will stick with NCL for our next cruise we are Platinum. I think its good to try other lines to compare. NCL has lots to offer for teens and children on their "Away" class ships, they will never be bored. The new NCL ships in my opinion are more fun and we prefer them.Been on the Breakaway 3x times so that tells you how much we loved it! I think RCCL is overrated and very over priced .Everyone talks about the "WOW" factor with RCCL, never felt that. Not trying them again this was our second time with them. "Wow"factor is the Haven on NCL 😉
  6. We have cruised Haven a few times and saw people bring friends in that were not staying in the Haven and they were hanging around the pool area and got escorted out. Not sure if they are allowed to come to your room might want to ask the concierge first.
  7. Not down for me I was just on it.
  8. For me I would cancel the cruise if I was not in final, I love those ports and have another cruise booked with those ports and if it happened to me I would cancel look for another cruise or cruise line whoever had the ports I wanted. Simple.
  9. We have done both regular rooms and haven and I have also bid on rooms and I can tell you honestly when we bid on a Haven room and didn't get it once we were very disappointed because we know the difference 😉 now the last 3 cruises we just cough up the money and book the haven right away and have zero regrets. If you can afford it go for it! I can remember years ago before this bidding it was so much easier and cheaper to get upgraded to the haven from a mini suite!
  10. This doesn't tell me the names of the shops.
  11. Hi what stores are on this ship? Is there a KS or MK onboard? Thanks
  12. How does Canadian Netflix work on Anthem OTS, does it automatically change to the US Netflix while at sea? Whenever we do land vacations in the US it changes to US.
  13. Hi new to Celebrity. We just booked our first Celebrity cruise and we booked room A1 9207 balcony room on the Reflection. Is this a bigger balcony than normal because of the angle? Also its seems to be on a hump. Pros cons?Anyone stay in one of these rooms? Info would be much appreciated, thanks.
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