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  1. I just discovered that the ferry doesn't run to St. George on Saturday's. That changes a few things. We'd have to take ferry to Hamilton and then bus it to Crystal Caves.

    I've got some research to do.


    I believe 1 day passes are $ 12 for adults and $ 6 for children. 1 way tokens are $ 4 for adults, so if you do 3 or more 1 way trips on ferry or buses, you should get the passes. If you are at Bermuda for 1 day, going to the Caves and Horseshoe Bay may be difficult to make it back to the ship by 4:30 (is that the time you need to be back.) Take Ferry to Hamilton; walk to bus station about three blocks from waterfront where ferry drops you off; I thinks it either bus route 10 or 11 (not entirely sure) to the Caves; when finished at Caves, take same bus route back to Hamilton bus station; switch to bus route 7 at the bus station and take bus to Horseshoe Bay; and when finished at Horseshoe Bay, catch bus 7 in the same direction (outbound from Hamilton to Dockyards).

  2. Day 1 - early ferry to St. George; sightsee town; walk or taxi to Tobacco Bay and Ft. Catherine area; back to St. George and take bus to Hamilton; depending on time and how kids are doing - walk and shop in Hamilton or take ferry back to ship; eat late dinner on ship at buffet; Beating Retreat at 9:00 p.m. in Dockyards.Day 2 - take early bus to one of the beaches, probably Horseshoe; bus back to ship to have lunch on ship; spend some time in Dockyards until ready to board for 5:00 departure.

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