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  1. crzrr

    The Prayer

    Thought this was very well done. Enjoyed hearing from Amanda and Tony. Hopefully we will all get to see them soon. https://www.facebook.com/AzamaraVoyages/videos/616742122258973/?t=22
  2. Thank you Bonnie for the clarification. Appreciate you looking into it for us. Sue
  3. Hi Bonnie - can you elaborate on the part about paying the difference if it's a longer voyage? I have looked and can't find anything about it in the T&C's or FAQ's. We are looking at a cruise that is 2 days longer than our current one but with essentially the same itinerary. We booked our current cruise onboard and received OBC's as well as getting our Discoverer Plus discount. I would like to try and preserve those. Would gladly pay for the extra day but need some clarification on how that works. Thanks so much. Sue
  4. PSULion (I"m one too!) - if your agent is giving you the OBC, it will be refundable at the end of the cruise if you don't spend it. So, if you are concerned about getting the excursions that you want, buy the package, use the shore ex credit and, if you don't spend anything onboard, you will walk away with a credit at the end of the cruise.
  5. The flag waver was a friend of Captain Johannes. Apparently did it the last time that the Journey came through. It was very windy and chilly so must be a good friend!
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