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  1. So maybe a new category NB (no barrel) for a reduced price?
  2. Seems like Princess has many of us over the proverbial "barrel".
  3. Funny with some people it's "barrel chairs" on another cruise line "foot stools" LOL
  4. You have options as other cruise lines have ample chairs in the staterooms. Not sailing with princess will send the message.
  5. The last cruise on the Bliss we always opted for a table for 2. But if push comes to shove we might just take the table of 6 and share with some other folks to get seated earlier...you?
  6. First mistake - booking the Grand Second Mistake - booking an inside on the Grand. We did the Grand several years ago, inside cabin next to some circulating fan next to our room, no sleep. My bedroom closet had more space. One and done with the Grand.
  7. Enchanted foreground: Photos: Courtesy Fincantieri FB
  8. We did the Regal in October '17 and the Bliss last year PC. We preferred the Bliss because of the entertainment, Observation deck and Go Cart venue.
  9. Full transit is great, the new locks were a bucket list for us. Expect some kind of rain at least. Enjoy your cruise.
  10. Just wondering if she cruises or does Presidents cruises. The other lady, Lisa does cruise from the X cruise line.
  11. Wow good job AZ, that makes very easy for the passengers.
  12. Len, please a "Live From Quest" thread when you do the Asia cruise in the fall??
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