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  1. I disagree on the adult pool, we found it relaxing and enjoyable.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=2yxdz8qjmxI MONFALCONE Historic event yesterday in the Panzano shipyard with the celebration of the Princess Day. For the first time in the world, for the same owner, the construction of three different ships was celebrated: the fourth, the fifth and the sixth of the Royal class (after Royal, Regal and Majestic). All will be made in Monfalcone for the Princess Cruises, thus reinforcing the already strong bond between the two companies. The three units have a length of 330 meters, a width of 38 and a gross tonnage of 145 thousand tons. They can accommodate 5,800 people between passengers and crew. For Fincantieri, the director, engineer Roberto Olivari, and the manager of the Merchant Ships Division, Luigi Matarazzo took part. For the owner Jan Swartz, the president of Princess Cruises Line and Carnival Australia, the most important premium cruise company in the world and brand of Carnival Corporation, and the vice president of the Princess fleet, Keith Taylor. In the past there was only one other episode like that, but with two events. On December 12, 1992, Maasdam was launched, followed by the delivery of the twin Statendam for the Holland America Line. The Princess day included cutting the first sheet of the 6290 (at the time the ship does not have a name), then the Coin Ceremony with the setting in the basin of the first block of the Enchanted Princess, finally the launch of the Sky Princess. «The units - explained Olivari - are characterized by their refined and elegant interior design. They represent a new technological reference point worldwide. Today, however, we also celebrate the work done by thousands of men in their roles by working with sacrifice and competence ". Matarazzo instead recalled that according to the Memorandum of Agreement "the relationship between Monfalcone and Princess Cruises will continue with two next-generation cruise ships of 175,000 gross tonnage, the largest ever made in Italy. The first to be fed primarily with natural gas ". The first ceremony was held in a tent full of guests with images arrived live from the construction site of Castellammare di Stabia with the director of Gilberto Tobaldi and the commander Elio Autiero. There will be built a portion of 7,500 tons that by sea will reach (in May 2020) the Monfalcone plant. Then followed the setting of the Enchanted Princess with a block of over 300 tons preceded by the traditional Coin ceremony, the welding of the lucky coin, before being lowered into the basin. The Enchanted will be launched in August and delivered in June 2019. In the third event the "symbolic" launch of the Sky Princess because it is already in the water. Godmother missKerry Ann Wright, second officer in the fleet of Pricess Cruises. After the blessing of Don Renzo Boscarol and the famous phrase "Godmother, in the name of God, cut" pronounced by the director Olivari, with a precise shot of accepting the godmother on the cable, the bottle is broken on the side of the ship accompanied by applause and the sound of sirens. The Sky Princess under the command of the Ligurian Michele Tuvo, will leave for the first Mediterranean cruise on October 20th, then the transfer to the Caribbean. But another event is already announced in Monfalcone: 28 February for the delivery of Costa Venezia. Following a party on March 1 at the Maritime of Trieste. - Source: Il Piccolo Trieste Photos: Quotidiano Travel
  3. Another cruise line is giving their ships a Revolution in design and update, why not Princess?
  4. need2cruisesoon

    Bliss Balcony Cabins

    13 deck
  5. need2cruisesoon

    Viking Jupiter Delivered

    Ancona, IT. Photo: Corriere Adriatico
  6. need2cruisesoon

    Viking Jupiter Delivered

    Congrats Viking.
  7. Loved that slide....
  8. need2cruisesoon

    New Costa Hull art

  9. need2cruisesoon

    Are You Amped About Sky Princess 2019?

    Really Amped now...Sky Suites https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZnaeTNDKFg
  10. need2cruisesoon

    X cruiser sails Azamara to Cuba Jan 15 to 24 2019

    Cocktail in hand Mr N. and looking forward to your review.
  11. need2cruisesoon

    Not Happy with Liquor Up Charges

    Was on the Bliss in November as well never had an issue with Ketel One, its a good Vodka,.
  12. need2cruisesoon

    Different ship taking Grand Princess place?

    yes, The Carnival Miracle :) https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2615369-miracle-to-sail-out-of-san-francisco-in-2020/?tab=comments#comment-56372627
  13. need2cruisesoon

    BLISS - Looking for recent Sailers!

    There are Kiosks by the elevators to book as well. Comedy club has stand by line when sold out. Most people were able to get in.
  14. need2cruisesoon

    Sky Princess @ Fincantieri Shipyard (Monfalcone, Italy)

    She's looking very nice.....