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  1. Some pics of the construction. (Pics: Courtesy Fincantieri FB)
  2. Why ruin a good thing? (I'm guessing another revenue stream...) Is Laser Tag the end all, be all for cruising this ship? Not going to sail this ship, I'll just go back on the Bliss (pics below)
  3. need2cruisesoon

    The Royal Should Do Well in The West

    I think Princess has hit a home run with the Royal coming out west. Sailings are filling up fast. We are looking at a 10 day Mexico next October.
  4. need2cruisesoon

    Bliss / Live / Solo - Dec-01-08-2018...

    "You're leaving the cruise...but the cruise never leaves you"
  5. need2cruisesoon

    Bliss / Live / Solo - Dec-01-08-2018...

    The other Wash Washy Guy (Starboard)
  6. need2cruisesoon

    Bliss / Live / Solo - Dec-01-08-2018...

    Sid, we disembarked a couple weeks back on the PC cruise. I certainly enjoyed being back on board, really enjoyed your week long narrative...
  7. need2cruisesoon

    Grass Clippings (Maltings) Bliss

    Have you tried this "Grass Clippings"? What a crazy name for a drink.....
  8. need2cruisesoon

    Internet on Bliss - experiences

    Some days good others not good. At the end of the cruise we were refunded money for the unusable times.
  9. We were in the Atrium attending a future cruise seminar and the speaker admitted we were on the best NCL ship to date. I am even more excited for Leonardo in years to come.
  10. need2cruisesoon

    Bliss: Folding Plastic Chairs

    The Pics I posted of the chairs in the Garden Cafe are all the way forward above the observation lounge. look there.
  11. need2cruisesoon

    Just off Thanksgiving Cruise on The Bliss

    We did the Bliss 14 days PC. (We were disembarking when you boarded) Awesome ship. food in the most part was good. Did you enjoy the Observation lounge?
  12. need2cruisesoon

    Look Who's in the Panama Canal today...

  13. need2cruisesoon

    Look Who's in the Panama Canal today...

    that was us on the Bliss!!
  14. need2cruisesoon

    Tell Me About NCL "Casinos At Sea"?

    San Pedro (Los Angele)
  15. need2cruisesoon

    UBP and Corking Fees

    We boarded the Bliss a couple weeks back with 6 bottles however were charged only for 3.