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  1. FYI - at least on symphony - the apple pie no longer has raisins it!!! I think you are both speaking about the apple purses. I had this years ago on Grandeur and had a terrible allergic reaction to the almond paste filling. They don't advertise the nuts in the description of the dessert, but there was definitely almond paste in in (if we are speaking about the same dessert. One of my favourite desserts was the key lime tart - it came with a meringue top that I scraped off, but the tart was delish. A few days later they had a lemon meringue tart at Park Café which w
  2. Am I the only one who read the thread title and thought the OP was completely paralyzed and wanted to book an excursion with a high level of activity?
  3. @mattR I get my insurance through RBC. I've had to make claims in the past and RBC had been amazing to deal with. I've never had issue getting reimbursed. I just buy the annual travel plan now and renew it every march break. I would call them and see how they would insure your mother's situation. If it is insurance coverage they offer, then I would recommend them. Worth noting, I don't bank with RBC for any other purpose, but I am very satisfied with their insurance product.
  4. @kittentanz If this correctly addresses your situation and you chose to pursue this further with RC - I think using terms such as "Refund FCC" and "Bonus FCC" as @mayleeman explains will help convey your issue to RC. The explanation you used throughout this tread is somewhat confusing, and I can't see Royal siding with you if they don't understand what you are upset about.
  5. When we got off symphony (same day as the OP) - it was mass chaos outside of the terminal and very poorly mangaged by port staff. We could not even wade through crowds to find the uber pickup area. We found the taxi line and went for it. The line was huge - and we stood for an hour in the line, while others bypassed the line altogether and taking cabs from the end of the line. it was tempting to do the same ,but we were not in a rush, stood the line, and waited one full hour in that line. Moral of the story, is beat the rush and get off the ship early. We started trying to g
  6. I think the fairness of this all depends on the circumstances under which the FCC was accepted. I recently accepted FCC for problems with use of the drink package for my minors without onboard spending privileges. I was given FCC for each passenger on the sailing. I thought the FCC was more than fair, was never requested, and exceeded my troubles. Under this scenario - I would have no issue with the way OP's situation was handled. If I had accepted FCC for something such as a cancelled excursion - in that case, I would have not been happy with the FCC unless it was i
  7. I'm confused. Did Royal just make your cruise credit disappear, or was the cruise credit reinstated? I assume you are talking about a future cruise certificate but maybe we are not talking of the same thing. If I paid for a cruise with a FCC and cash, and the cruise was cancelled, I would want my money back plus my FCC back. I would not expect my FCC to be replaced with cash.
  8. The 4 device plan refers to the number of devices that can be connected to the account at the same time, it doesn't matter how many people are using those devices. Our family of 4 has shared the 3 device plan in the past when DH insisted he had no use for the internet. Guess who always complained that he could never get on??
  9. Non-smoking casinos work on celebrity. We love HAL, but won't sail with them because my eyes get so irritated by all the smoke in their casinos.
  10. Meant to say "even if you have to smoke it for medicinal purposes, the designate smoking areas should apply"
  11. What exactly is prohibited on ships? Smoking or cigarette smoking? If smoking is prohibited, that should include all smoking, whether it is for medicinal or recreational purposes. Even if you have to smoke it for recreational purposes, the designated smoking areas should apply.
  12. We had to sell a house we loved because neighbours were backyard chain smokers. We could never open our windows in the summer. I'd be upset too. And I'm also surprised that the pot-smoker has not warranted much outrage on this thread. I would have reported both. And if security gave me the response of "I can't do anything" I would have asked for the supervisor and kept his cell phone number handy so he could be quickly called when the violators were on their balcony.
  13. I'm too cheap to pay the corkage fee 🙂 Besides the walk back to the cabin helps burn off the calories. When Royal dropped the corkage fee a while back we tried storing a bottle in the dining room. - we felt rushed to consume the bottle as the waitstaff were always trying to fill our glasses. We stored an open bottle in the dining room, but then had to open another bottle if we wanted another glass of wine later in the evening. We prefer having access to our open bottle. Enjoy your cruise 🙂
  14. Pack your own corkscrew. Open your own bottle. Get glasses from closest bar and take back to your cabin. Pour your own wine in the cabin. Take wine with you wherever you wish to drink it, even in dining room or theatre. Store your own wine in your cabin.
  15. At Port of Miami, this option was not available to Canadians. There was a separate queue for Canadians and US Citizens with birth certificates only. Fortunately, it was a VERY short line.
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