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  1. Why a dedicated place? Hasn't there always been a salon at the spa where you could get nails and hair done? Didn't they do wash and dry? I'd never imagine getting my hair down on a cruise (heck, I'm even scared of getting a massage on a cruise). Those are things I save for land.
  2. So I heard back from the agent … no voucher - they said it " The specialty dining will be on your onboard account for your 08/03/2019 Symphony of the Seas sailing. That will be in their manifest and the dining managers will have it on their lists. If you would like, you can bring the invoice below that confirms the specialty dining. Otherwise, you will be all set. " On my perks it says " 2) Dinner for Two in Specialty Restaurant ( $ 100 Value ) " So I guess if dinner for two at chops is $105, I owe them $5. Excited - we've never done specialty dining on Royal before.
  3. Reading on another thread that kids under 18 require an adult to gain entry to the waterpark. Have already bought 2 passes (while on sale) for my kids. Neither DH or myself want to use the waterpark (and I did not read the fine print). Were you forced to buy an adult pass at the park. If yes, what was the price and were you able to use OBC (charge it to your seapass?). My kids are 12 and 13 but both look much older, if that matters. Thanks.
  4. You might be right Bob. I can buy one adult water park pass today for 89.99. If they force me to buy one on CocoCay - would I be able to use OBC? And if so, anyone know what the adult price would be? If I can use OBC, I might be better off waiting and seeing if I "have" to buy an adult pass. Hoping someone with teen experience checks in.
  5. What is the adult rate if I am forced to buy a pass onsite?
  6. I'm confused too. I spoke to Royal and was told kids on their own for the waterpark were fine - so I only bought 2 when on sale. I think I paid 69 for the full day pass. My kids are 12 and 13. But they look 15and 17. DH and son are one reservation and I'm with daughter on the on the other reservation. The "system" would not let me buy tix to the comedy show in the main theatre because it recognized them as under age yet it sells me passes for this. has anyone been successful with teens going in without adult supervision?
  7. So my TA gave us a specialty dinner - but I don't have a certificate to read the details. The perk is listed on our booking confirmation and was told it would be available once we are on board. Should I be asking for a certificate or printing something before leaving? Our agent is a cruise outlet in NH if that helps anyone answer my question on how they redeemed the free specialty dinner.
  8. I prefer the comfort of knowing I have a table reserved. and sometimes, even with a reservation you have a small wait. I don't see how reservations go against the concept of MTD. If "early" is too early and late is "too late" then being able to reserve a table at 7PM is dining on my time 🙂
  9. I could be wrong - but I thought celebrity does not assign numbers/accounts to children? My hubby and I have numbers through celebrity but not our kids. My kids do have crown and anchor numbers though. That being said - kid's match their parents status on both lines.
  10. did someone say funnel cakes? included or $$$
  11. We've relaxed a fair bit over the years. My hubby and son will wear dress pants, dress shirt and maybe a tie or not for formal nights - and casual shirt/short sleeve for other nights. My son will wear dress shorts. My hubby will wear dress shorts on night 1 and casual pants on the other nights. My daughter and I will wear cocktail dresses or pant suits most nights and just glam it up a bit more on formal night. I always pack white capris with a few top options. Like someone else mentioned, will use those tops again for a daytime outfit with shorts.
  12. Try Michael's! Just bought some for our cruise. And for anyone with kids who still rainbow loom - ask your kids to make them! You can buy rings at Michaels.
  13. We are doing the same thing … our kids are younger. If you are bringing wine on board - just remember you get to bring two bottles per cabin since per the reservation, you have an adult in each cabin 🙂 Our travel agent had told us since the cabins were side by side, she could book the cabins with DH and I in one cabin and the kids in the second. I kept it one adult per cabin so we can each bring two bottles .
  14. Someone posted recently that a filter was added. Try the filter option and select Kid's Sail Free.
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