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  1. There used to be compartments on the NY-CHI run, the Lakeshore Limited or the Broadway Limited. Not sure about nowadays. It seems the perfect way to begin a crossing on QM2. Doing it the other way (QM2 to Amtrak) would be a very rude shock to the system. When we finally get around to doing LA to Berlin via train and ship (Paramount to Uffe in what we imagined might have been the footsteps of Marlene Dietrich) we will definitely be going East.
  2. It is probably around 24 hrs from CHI-NYC, and I would not propose arriving the day of departure, but rather the day before just to account for any delays.
  3. 1. Yes, it's a bit more of a hassle, but I would strongly counsel taking the train from to/from Southampton. It's just more old school. Like crossing the Atlantic by sea. Both are much more fun. 2. As a native NYer, I prefer Eastbound. It's just the way I am wired. I want to get on a ship and sail under the Verrezano bridge to Europe (!!). I love disembarkingin Southampton with no jet lag and have all of the UK/Europe waiting for me. Westbound (while the longer days are very welcome indeed) is just anti-climatic. Yes, the arrival into NY harbor is spectacular, but as an Ameri
  4. We were cancelled off the QM2 May 14 TA sailing ex NY. I figured it was a bit of a stretch, but this so frustrating. I cannot even imagine how Cunard staff and crew must be feeling. Sad to see we won’t be getting the additional 25% on top of the fare since we paid for the trip using a FCC from a cancelled voyage this summer. We will just have to consider the forgone monies a contribution to the Cunard Survival Fund.
  5. So the recent NY Times profile of Candice Bergen and her being filmed on QM2 has ignited a debate among my friends about the appropriateness of calling the QM2 a boat vs a ship. The author Maureen Dowd refers twice to the QM2 being a boat, but she also rightly calls the trip a crossing vs a cruise. Clearly the QM2 is a ship in every proper sense of the word, but describing her as a boat seems equally appropriate especially when she is in Transatlantic service. "Boat" when applied to large transatlantic liners as a vaguely archaic, retro feel to it. The terms "fresh off the boa
  6. She also refers to the QM2 as an elegant ship. My only fear of this movie is that it won't expand the demographic for Cunard. Otherwise, it should be good exposure for Cunard and QM2.
  7. We sailed over last December, arriving into the UK mid-month and then spent a few days in London shopping and seeing friends before flying home. Like @alc13 and @tv24 I love being in Europe in the off season. Fewer tourists and of course the whole culture is designed around that climate, so in that way you are sort of protected against inclement weather. One thing I am always cognizent of is a post-QM2 TA hangover. After 7 blissful days aboard ship being well fed and looked after, re-entry into the real world can be jarring on either side of the Atlantic. As a result, I try m
  8. Just watched the trailer -- can't wait to see the film, if only to spend time seeing the real star: QM2!
  9. That's probably what they are doing, just like airlines. From their POV it makes economic sense to set their inventory levels this way, favoring the higher yield 7 night crossing vs a 14 night RT. However, as time goes on, and they see how bookings materialize (or don't) compared with the projections of their pricing and yield management system(s), they may open up those specific cabins for a RT. It's a ways out, so there is plenty time for things to change. The airlines do exactly the same thing across their networks to maximize revenue. Frustrating, but understandable.
  10. Thanks so much for your latest installment Steve. You capture the excitement and beauty of being on the Atlantic in winter very well. To my way of thinking that is really peak season, and if Cunard ever did a February crossing, I'd be on it. I also appreciated the validation of using the scenic elevator just for fun. On our last crossing, our cabin, like yours, was very far forward, so I would take what I called "the scenic route" to and from meals: duck into the Commodore Club (a favorite room on the ship) then take the scenic elevator to deck 7 (Boat Deck as I call it), then
  11. So excited to see this movie, mainly for QM2! Any mention of the release date?
  12. What Mudhen said. Also, some idea of your age bracket would be helpful, since there is so many assumptions about Cunard being only attractive for "old(er) retired people". I think Cunard appeals to many age groups and demographics and I am always happy to find other fellow ship enthusiasts of any age/demographic who love the QM2 for what it is: a real liner.
  13. Thanks so much for this very well written and evocative account of your crossing on QM2. Your excitement, joy and resonance are all palpable, and especially appreciated at this time when we are all deprived of experiencing the real thing. As someone said above, may you sail on her again soon!
  14. I hate to agree with you, but especially these days, I don't see big infrastructure projects by the PANYNJ on the horizon, especially to support cruise ships and liners "of size". Such a pity though, as departing from the West Side on a liner for Europe is really the ultimate. Brooklyn just doesn't cut it, and always leaves me feeling a bit deprived, especially since I know what I am missing.
  15. Depart from the West Side piers, yes please! Please also add in a regular continental port in addition to Hamburg, such as Cherbourg, Le Havre or even Cobh.
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