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  1. I would absolutely go for a Q6 cabin far forward on Deck 9. We had a Q6 on our last EB crossing (9011) and loved it. Best aspect was that to get to meals in the QG, it was a nice scenic journey: turn right out of the cabin, go forward into the CC, down the scenic elevator to Deck 7, then out along the promenade deck, ducking back into the superstructure of the ship right at the door leading into the QG/GL. The weather mostly cooperated (despite being a December crossing), and since I think the promenade on Deck 7 is one of the best features of QM2, it was a wonderful way to us
  2. @frankp01 you are a man after my own heart! Love winter TAs, and your spreadsheet is perfection. Interestingly from the parallel thread @bluemarble reported availability showing for the TA's through 3rd party sites. Could be sub-blocks, who knows, but its certainly adds to the mystery as to what's going on.
  3. Yes, it's curious that some QM2 voyages are still showing available. Thats good news and does point to the TA's being full of either through pax to/from the Caribbean or we point-to-pointers. Was wondering, is your view of the availability from the website, or did you talk to Cunard? Sometimes, they just shut down sales pending imminent cancellations, much as the airlines do if they are going to cancel a flight. Hard to believe that the TAs are sold out, but that said, there is *a lot* of pent up demand out there, even for the N Atlantic in winter (our favorite time actually),
  4. Thanks @bluemarble - it's so hard to read the tea leaves from all this! I will feel more comfortable the crossings in Nov/Dec are going ahead when I see them available for sale.
  5. There is a related thread going on this board (link below) that talks about the weirdness around QM2 TA zero availability for the Nov/Dec crossings as well as the misalignment between QM2's published schedule the Southampton ABP website showing expected ship movements. We are booked on the 15 Dec TA but I am getting increasingly pessimistic about it going forward. I am expecting "the email" from Simon (with all the update and cancellation emails he has sent me, I feel we are on first name basis) any time now.
  6. I don't envy the Cunard/Carnival UK HQ staff at all. This has to be a nightmare for them. So many unknowns. Following @pkpon's OP above, I checked out the Southampton ABP site, and it still shows QM2 arrivals and departures misaligned with the published Cunard schedules, as he mentioned. E.g. in SOU on Dec 15, but returning the Dec 29th (highly unlikely if it were continuing on the the Caribbean from NYC on the 22nd). Could be placeholder slots only, but still... Worth a look for all you ship geeks out there: https://www.southamptonvts.co.uk/Live_Informa
  7. I was poking around the Cunard website this morning and noticed the zero availability on QM2 itins for November and December with the exception of the Christmas markets. My thinking is that the likelihood of cancellation for that period is growing, so Cunard doesn't want to take any new bookings. We are booked on the 15 Dec WB crossing -- and so looking forward to it -- but the recent turns of the pandemic has really thrown a(nother) spanned/wrench in the works!
  8. We made a reservation for a specific time and it looks like it only allows for a two hour visit. So I would say yes, they do time limited visits. It looks like they allot 10 bookable entry tickets for every hour. For $35 pp entrance fee looks like a reasonable insurance policy against a mobbed and uncomfortable waiting area.
  9. Thanks for this update. Just went in and booked two pre-paid entries into the Graycliff lounge at 12p on our day of departure. Return flights are at 3p and 4p. Reading all these horror stories has helped us prepare better — like having to check bags on our respective departing carriers (AA and UA). We also have GE so hopefully the process will be relatively painless.
  10. Sounds like a nightmare. But could you please prove a few more details?Was the issue with the transfer to the airport (if so, was it private, taxi or ?) or at the airport itself? If so what was the time of your flight and issues at the airport. How about Getting through security and passport control? thanks so much!
  11. No sooner had I posted than it occurred to me Cunard may have imposed capacity restrictions as well as trying to open up as much inventory to the pax wanting to book longer segments. I do find it odd that the e/b 12/3 crossing was showing sold out even before the World Cruise cancellation. Inventory is very dynamic as you probably know so there is still hope for your friend, especially once final payment day hits. All of a sudden Cunard revenue management department may have a very different view of how they want to allocate inventory.
  12. Was just looking on the Cunard website, and seems Cunard have shut down sales on the 7 day TAs for Nov and Dec 2021 on either side of their two NY-Caribbean cruises. We are booked on the December 15 w/b TA which continues on to the Caribbean for Christmas/NY's. Wonder if they will take the same view for the Jan-Feb-Mar-Apr cruises to the Caribbean, meaning no strictly local traffic (i.e. no TA segments only).
  13. The NA in Jan/Feb should be good fun! If we weren't booked in Dec '21, I would seriously consider switching.
  14. I am sure they will (eventually?) have an Android App -- seems a requirement if the app becomes an part of their onboard service delivery / experience. @bonnieg: Did the Android app you downloaded just push you to the Crystal website, or did it seem like a proper app? Time will tell soon enough, as I am in a mixed iOS/Android marriage.
  15. Thanks gentlemen. So used to cruising in a mid-ocean connectivity dead zone (which from a vacation perspective, does have its benefits) its hard to get my head wrapped around being constantly 'connected'. Being able to communicate around the ship electronically even using the usual web based comms apps (WhatsApp, iMessage etc) will be super helpful for coordinating amongst my friends. The key will be to look "offline" to the rest of the world. 😉
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