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  1. Oversight? Doubtful. Hope I am wrong. Here is what they posted: For those impacted by the extended suspensions, AQSC is contacting all guests and travel agents regarding their upcoming cruises and available options. For guests that are booked during this time, the company will be providing a future cruise credit for 125 percent of the cruise fare.
  2. Sadly I'd give it 90-10 against. We switched our trip to next year.
  3. We waited over 90 days for a 40k refund from Princess. Have received it - whew. If you look at other lines' boards here, you will see MANY people still waiting. Not that I excuse them, you understand... I have found AQSC to be very cooperative in changing trips, but have not requested a refund.
  4. I think you are due 100% of your money back and a 25% cruise credit - not 125% credit - so is that June 1st FCC 25% of your fare? We got our 25% FCC several weeks before our refund came through.
  5. When you booked, you agreed to their terms and conditions, and one of them is that cancellation is subject to a $250/pp administrative fee. Most of the smaller cruise lines have such fees. We switched our Mighty Mississippi cruise booking to next year and it is about the same price we would have been paying this year. Did you have trip insurance? That might help you recoup the fee.
  6. From the frying pan into the fire... Got most of our refund from Princess (missing about $350) back on 3 cards. We had filed disputes on all 3 cards. It was a large amount and now we are having some trouble getting 2 of the cards to pay us back. One card (Bank of America) sent a check and it was received only 5 days after we asked for it. Good for them, now my new favorite card. Citi Double Cash is waiting 3 more weeks before they issue a credit back to my checking account. Capital One, although they got the credit from Princess, will not issue my refund until Princess responds to the dispute. Stupid - and it might result in a double credit for us since right now the account shows a double credit balance. Wouldn't that be nice? Anyone else have these issues?
  7. Leck57, I'll bet YOU trust scientists! So do I, as I am also alive thanks to immunotherapy developed by scientists.
  8. Smart, in my opinion. Gonna cancel our late November 14 day Caribbean, but waiting for Princess to do it so we do not lose $100 to the TA. (I know, I know, but they give great OBC).
  9. I doubt any of the AQSC boats will be sailing this summer. We'll see.
  10. A couple of weeks ago I called and they rescheduled our August 16 Mighty Mississippi on the AQ to next year without any repercussions. In fact, we got a cabin we like better and early dining. We had not yet made final payment as we had booked during the time they required it at 60 days rather than the usual 90 days. Maybe a call directly to AQSC would help? I think there is a good chance your trip will be cancelled anyway.
  11. I doubt this very much. I know there are idiots who think "it can't happen to me" but most people are smarter than that.
  12. You might want to send a certified letter with signature...
  13. We live in Florida and yesterday we received a brochure from NCL (which we have sailed once or twice and will NEVER sail again) encouraging us to drive to Miami or Port Canaveral to take a cruise. No dates mentioned.
  14. Wow...wonder why they did that. Not the usual (and ethical) way to do it. Sure hope you can get your money back. I do think filing a dispute - since you cannot get ahold of the TA - is the way to go.
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