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  1. I don't think they are requiring COVID vaccination until the summer, are they? That'd be enough to make me delay my trip, but again, personal opinion.
  2. I still doubt there will be any sailings in the next couple of months, but I hope I am wrong!
  3. Vaccine distribution is still iffy here. I've had one shot, my husband both, but an 84 year old friend has been unable to get her first shot so far. They talk about numbers going down, and that of course is good, but we have sadly just passed the 500k mark in deaths in this country. I think things will be getting back to (a new) normal close to the end of the year. We doubt our July trip will go - and even if it does we will not be on it due to health concerns, not just COVID. I guess this doesn't really help you. Personally I think AQSC will probably start up again in Septemb
  4. We didn't call AQSC to link the reservations. We just told them at the front desk when we checked in and we were always able to keep the same room. But it is not a bad idea.
  5. We have booked an extra night or two before almost all of our AQSC cruises. The first few times I asked the AQSC agent about the cost of an extra night (not the package) and it was always well above what I could get by directly booking with the hotel. The pre- and post-cruise packages always seemed very much overpriced.
  6. I guess they feel they cannot do it sooner than July 1st because of vaccine availability (or, should I say, lack thereof). Frankly, I wonder if they will even be sailing before then.
  7. Actually there is a new CDC order that is specific to cruise ships. I am happy about the vaccine requirement. Hate the idea of having to mask and socially distance, which may - for the time being - keep us from sailing AQSC. Not that I don't think those are necessary measures, but I don't want to go on vacation, spending a bunch of money, and be uncomfortable trying to avoid people. The AQSC boats are pretty small.
  8. I am dubious about April. Even worried about our July trip at this point. I think you can book pretty much last minute. However, if they are limiting capacity, you might be out of luck.
  9. If there is some trip we are interested in, I have to get out the magnifying glass to try to find that sailing in the "mouse print".
  10. Maybe, but if it is a privately owned business, they can set their own rules I should think. My concern is only with AQSC as we will never take an ocean cruise again, due to our ages and health conditions. We want to stay within the US.
  11. No, because not everyone will take advantage of that promotion. Read carefully. Often those promotional discounts apply to only the highest fare categories, and the discounts are lower for the less expensive fares. We have never taken advantage of those promotions because you have to pay in full when you book. These days more than ever, we think that risky.
  12. One can be a carrier after vaccination, but if everyone on the boat has been vaccinated, they cannot (or at least 94-94%) be infected.
  13. Agreed, Dave. Seems to me if vaccinations are required, that eliminates the rationale for testing.
  14. Me too. Besides, they did not want to talk to me. Did not return my calls. As I said, my emails - and I kept them in an email chain so that I have all our communication in one message that I will keep for a long time - worked. I follow an ombudsman website that recommends ALWAYS communicating in writing.
  15. I sent them a concise email giving the dates of the Purchase Adjustment, the credit from Princess (at which point we DID owe money), then the date of the Transaction Rebill. I think giving them the dates made it easier for them to track what happened on their end. I suspect we are not the only two to have gotten these disturbing invoices. I hope you can work it out quickly.
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