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  1. LDVinNC

    Cruising without a passport? Read this first.

    An excellent idea, one I had not thought of!
  2. LDVinNC

    Cruising without a passport? Read this first.

    I agree, but for some reason my emails appear in a script font when some folks read them on their phones. I do not send them that way and cannot figure out how to stop it from happening!
  3. LDVinNC

    Trip insurance pre-existing conditions

    That is fine for a low cost policy such as yours. We have a 3 week Mississippi River cruise booked for next summer. It is pricey - well beyond what we usually spend on a vacation - and paying for all the insurance up front would put over $1000 at risk should we have to cancel before final payment. We have to cover pre-existing conditions, so we so far have covered the deposit and air fare, which we added later. No big deal to call the company and add the coverage. We will do it again at final payment time and pay the rest then.
  4. LDVinNC

    Trip insurance pre-existing conditions

    Insurance companies change their policies frequently. I would not count on being able to get a waiver of pre-existing conditions if I waited until final payment to purchase a policy. There are few companies that offer this and they might withdraw those policies at any time. If you want that waiver, insure at least your deposit amount shortly after you book, then add to the policy as you make additional payments.
  5. LDVinNC

    Cruising without a passport? Read this first.

    A sad story - but have they no friend or relative who could use a credit card to buy them tickets home? I agree - lack of passports is not the main issue here.
  6. LDVinNC

    Travel Insurance?

    In my experience, travel insurance is NOT refundable. If you are lucky, you may be able to transfer it to another trip, as Coral says, but insurance companies change their policies all the time!
  7. LDVinNC

    things stolen - what would you do?

    So what is wrong with being "budget minded"? To me it means getting good value for my money, not meaning getting things "on the cheap" as another poster said. Have been budget-minded all my life and am now enjoying a comfortable retirement, which includes cruises (sometimes in suites).
  8. LDVinNC

    Delta Queen to sail again

    Thank you for posting this. I would not have otherwise known about this We are big American Queen fans and would love to sail on the Delta Queen. I have signed up for updates.
  9. I agree with the suggestions to go with ships that have fixed dining. I used to cruise solo and I always seemed to meet nice people at my table. Sometimes we'd meet for drinks before dinner, and once or twice I took a shore excursion with them. You just have to give it a chance and not leave after two minutes.
  10. Did you enjoy the trip, Banya? I'd love to hear your impressions.
  11. LDVinNC

    Travel Guard Insurance Trap

    I agree - I sure would pay the $3000 and get some oxygen flowing to my DH!
  12. LDVinNC

    Insurance through Credit Card

    A number of credit cards have reduced their coverage amounts in the last 6 months or so - mine went from $3000 per person (if I recall correctly) to $1500 PER TRIP - so be sure to check carefully what the current coverage is for your card.
  13. Were you working with a travel agent or did you book directly with the cruise line?
  14. Interesting! We'd like to do a Great Lakes trip and have been looking at Pearl Seas Cruises for 2020. As we are fans of AQSC, we'll check what they have to offer as time goes on.
  15. LDVinNC

    Virginia to Port Everglades help needed

    True - unless you run into a traffic delay. Not unusual in Florida with the crazy drivers we have here!