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  1. I Sent my passport for renewal in January for our trip in July. It had only 6 months so I needed it renewed. Haven't received it so went on line. GUESS WHAT? They are not processing any passport since December except paid expatiated form January. I have a cruise scheduled on July 5. and don't know if I will have it back. Can you still travel with a birth certificate when you are going to the Caribbean?
  2. My 9yr old granddaughter was with us in H/C room. The sofa was too small and the steward brought in a roll-a-way bed for her.
  3. You are losing your ability to fight off bugs if you constantly use anti-antibiotic sprays and wipes constantly.
  4. How does a person who can walk some small distance w/o help get from the ship to the pier where the tram is. I understand that a scooter would be bogged down in the sand. I would like to not take it in the sand. Is there a place at the end of the pier you can leave it while you are on the island.
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