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  1. Because of Covid regulations I have heard that the ship might be prohibiting passengers with a CPAP from boarding. The rule of not asking for permission but asking for forgiveness might apply here.
  2. Traveling in a Q7 category cabin. Is there a power outlet by the bed for 'medical' device? Or in reasonable proximity that a extension cord would work?
  3. If you are a Veteran I am going to assume you use USAA as your insurance company. Their travel insurance coverages and rates cannot be beat.
  4. Food snobs define themselves by being endlessly dissatisfied and take great relish in demeaning the food their served. CIA graduate, class of '81.
  5. If you have a email from Crystal confirming your refund, then do what I did. I was owed a 5 figure refund as well. I sent my documentation to the dispute Dept of my credit card company. They suspended the balance on my card. From what I was told, if Crystal does not settle the refund within 30 days my card will be credited the balance and the liability for the refund gets transferred to to the clearing house. I am still within the 30 days waiting for this resolution. But, I do know that no vendor wants disputes on their history and squeaky wheels get greased.
  6. None too impressed with the whiskey selection. Literally the lowest quality available on the ship. Jim Beam? Seriously? What does it take to upgrade to Makers Mark?
  7. Thanks Keith! Took your advice, booked PH 10086 today. It is slightly more aft than we prefer, but it was the last PH on deck 10. We will have our scopolamine patches on before leaving for the port in Mumbai.
  8. April 3rd, 2020 (OCY200403-18) Empires of Past to Present. Mumbai to Rome. Denverbri69 (Brian & CJ). Booked today. First cruising on Crystal.
  9. First timer on this cruise line. Looking at the April 3, 2020 Mumbai to Rome. Any thoughts?
  10. I will have a 'receipt' for my return flight but not the actual ticket until I check in at the airport. What can I use as proof for a return flight back to the US?
  11. You might find yourself on Orchard Rd shopping. You might find yourself at ION Plaza, there is a MTR station there. In the lower lever is a food area... a modern day version of a Hawker Mkt called Food Opera.... Your tongue can literally travel the world there.
  12. I bought these SIMs cards . You must have an unlocked phone, which you can find out how to do here. I put the card into my phone in the lounge before boarding my flight to Japan. When I landed at NRT and turned on my phone it set itself up automatically. You can only buy data plans, not voice or txt plans as a foreigner.
  13. I will not have a 'return ticket' until i get to the final destination. Of the 3 documents, all I will have is my US passport, ship's itinerary and a print out of my flight reservations. Will that be enough?
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