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  1. Yvonne

    Room Service Question

    Im glad you enjoy the dining room for breakfast, but I agree with the OP. Absolutely love starting my morning with coffee, juice, a pastry/croissant and fruit on our balcony. For me, it’s the best! I may even pay the extra fee and enjoy a hot breakfast on our balcony a couple of mornings.
  2. Yvonne

    Booking Shows on Oasis

    Great, I’m relieved hearing these replies. I will keep checking, thanks. I did check the roll call and no one was talking about booking anything yet.
  3. i think I may have “missed the boat” where booking shows for the February 24th sailing of the Oasis is concerned. I had been checking occasionally the past few months and nothing had been available to choose or pre-purchase. Then we went on a long camping vacation and pretty much forgot about checking, until a few days ago. Everything was available, dining, drink packages, excursions, but booking the show reservations was not. It said I had to do that on board. So, did I miss out on reserving the shows or have they just not opened it up yet for reservations, so should I keep checking back? Also, for anyone who didn’t book shows before your cruise, did you have any trouble booking them on board?
  4. Yvonne

    Cruising Our Way - Dream Review July 22-29

    Enjoying your review, we’ve been on the Dream too. Our second time sailing from New Orleans. The first time sailing from there we stayed 3 nights at the same hotel, La Richileu, as you did. We stayed in the Paul McCartney suite. Loved it! Looking forward to the rest of your review.
  5. Yvonne

    Please Keep Your Dishes Inside

    OP, you’ve been here since 2005 which is long enough to have seen this type of thread many times. Why start another one? I can see a new person here starting one, but not someone who has been here 13 years. And there are always going to be those people who leave their trays in the hallway, and those who don’t. Always the same arguments for and against. For us, we have always been told to put them in the hallway, so we do just that.
  6. Yvonne

    Carnival Dream Review May 20-27

    Thanks for taking the time to do your review, I enjoyed reading it and seeing your pictures. I mainly wanted to comment on the fact that you said you've taken, I think it was 10, cruises with your Mom and I think that is absolutely wonderful!! My Mom and I did one cruise together, just the two of us, on Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas, and my husband and I took my Mom and Dad on a Disney Wonder cruise before Dad passed away (Alzheimer's), plus I took several other trips with my parents, and then with just Mom after he passed, and I don't regret any of them. I treasure that time that we got to spend together. Sadly, she passed away last summer so no more mother/daughter trips, but I cherish all the memories from our trips together. I just think it's great you do this with your Mom, and I'm sure she loves it too!! :) We loved Roatan, the flying chairs were so fun!! :)
  7. Yvonne

    New tips for this experienced cruiser.

    I haven’t seen trays at the buffet on any of our Carnival cruises in years. I can understand people traveling solo would like to use one, or larger families too so keeping one from room service is a great idea.
  8. Exactly! I always silently snicker to myself when the person ahead of me grabs a cart at the store and automatically wipes it down with a disinfectant cloth. Then the moment they touch the first item in the store they get germs on their hands. Every item in the store has been touched by several people, lastly touched by the stocker who has germs on their hands. I do not obsess over germs, I don’t even wipe the remote for the TV on a cruise or in a hotel, and rarely get sick. I wash my hands often and don’t touch my face. I don’t use hand railings generally, and do use my knuckle to push the elevator buttons. That is about as germaphobic that I get.
  9. Yvonne

    Towel Animals in Rooms

    He tried to talk you out of servicing your room? Wow. We have always left our auto-tips in place, and most times give extra cash at the end of the cruise but that kind of attitude might see me actually reducing the tip for my very first time. We have always had a towel animal every night on each cruise. I am 60 years old but I have always loved them and would miss them so much. I like to keep them from each night on the cruise and line them all up on the back of the couch, then take a picture of them on disembarking morning. Maybe I will ask him/her to please make them for us each night, or leave a note on a pillow asking (if we don’t meet our room steward right away) along with an extra cash pre-tip and hopefully we will get them. May not be a big deal to some, but I would rather have towel animals than pillow chocolates.
  10. Yvonne

    How many cruises with Carnival....

    6 Carnival 3 Disney 3 Royal Caribbean We generally book about a year in advance, but our next one is on Royal’s Oasis of the Seas next February and that one was booked several months ago. We hope to try other lines like Celebrity, Princess, Holland America and Norwegian in the future.
  11. Still not seeing any photos.
  12. We will be on this sailing too! We love leaving from Port Canaveral, and I have been wanting to go on this ship for quite awhile now so I am super excited already! :D
  13. We were across from a service area once, never again! Room stewards in and out of there until about 2:00 a.m. and starting up again at 5:00 a.m. Noisy, banging, rattling, even singing. Not caring at all that people were trying to sleep. Never again.
  14. Why would you think it is a joke? Sounds like a perfectly legitimate question to me. I worked many years in a restaurant and saw several people who had had weight loss surgery and had a special card from their doctor. We had a buffet and the owner would only charge them the kids price for it. Most weight loss customers ate very little so I can understand them not wanting to pay the adult or full price.
  15. Yvonne

    FTTF Price gone up.

    We thought it was too expensive at $49.95 so didn’t buy it, just didn’t think it was worth it. Certainly wouldn’t buy it at a higher price.