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  1. We did this once several years ago. Did a 4-night Carnival Fantasy then a 7-night Disney Magic. Both left from Port Canaveral. We did have a day between them so did laundry that day. Would happily do that again.
  2. Yes, Guys is awesome. Burger cooked in front of you and you put your own toppings on, and the fries are just as great. We ate at Johnny Rockets on the Mariner years ago, when there was no charge except for milkshakes and we did enjoy it. This past February on the Oasis we sat down there and had planned on eating. I thought the cover charge was $7.95 but asked to make sure and we were told $11.74 each, milkshakes were extra. We left without eating. Too expensive when there are other include in your cruise fare places to eat.
  3. She never came back to finish her review. Makes me wonder what happened.
  4. 1. Spend some time in Central Park, both during the day and when dark 2. Ride the carousel 3. The ice skating and water shows 4. Enjoy the Solarium 5. Lunch at Central Park Cafe
  5. We saw the “relief box” on our recent Oasis Cruise. Never saw a dog though. I have no problem with true service dogs, but I hate seeing idiots cheat and bring their pets on board (or the store, movies, anywhere really except places like the local park or outside walking with their owner).
  6. Yes, we didn’t sign them as there was no clear place on the paper to do so. The lady checking us in had us sign it on the bottom.
  7. We printed ours off last month for our Oasis cruise, no signatures. But, they made us sign them at check in.
  8. I am Type 2 diabetic. One cruise I woke up during the night with low blood sugar. The only thing in the room to eat quickly were the pillow chocolates. After that incident I always bring some kind of granola bars, etc. to have in the room in case it happens again.
  9. And I can’t imagine why anyone can’t imagine that some people don’t always want to get off the ship. Everyone is different, and cruise for different reasons. This last cruise for us the ship was the destination. The stop in Nassau we stayed on board, have been there several times. St. Thomas we stayed on board, same reason. St. Martin we decided to get off, for about an hour, to do a little shopping but no excursions. We loved less people on board, enjoyed a quieter Central Park, Boardwalk, Solarium and dining venues. Was great! And I was able to walk around the whole ship taking photos with no, or fewer, people in them. Now if we cruise to a port we’ve never been to we take a private tour or excursion. But going to ports multiple times we prefer to stay on the ship.
  10. We were right across he hall from a white space once. Never again, way too noisy until about 2 a.m. then started right back up again at 5 a.m. Crew closet or something, they were in and out of it, banging the door, talking loudly and singing in the hall, banging carts, etc.
  11. We were on the 2/24 sailing and loved our cruise. Lots of favorite things but the most fave would be Central Park. Beautiful, usually quiet and peaceful unless you were at the Trellis bar. So many plants and trees, a few flowers too. Birds singing and chirping during the day, crickets at night. I’m sure the sounds were recordings but still added to the ambiance of the park. Violin and piano musicians in the evening. Loved spending time there. And the adults only solarium, we spent a lot of time there too. Wonderful. The ice skating show, the aqua theater show, both were amazing. Room service breakfast on our balcony, my favorite wat to start any cruise day. Never felt crowded, so many places on this huge ship to be. Loved it all!
  12. Did not have a shower clothes line on Oasis 2 weeks ago.
  13. Just off the 2/24 sailing of the Oasis, our last sea day we decided to go to Johnny Rockets in the afternoon. The server said it was $11.74 per person, and didn’t even include shakes. We left without ordering. I can can understand a nominal charge but that was too much, we weren’t willing to pay it.
  14. I am enjoying reading this, we are at Homewood Suites and have a great view of the ships in port. Can’t wait to look out our window Sunday morning as then it will be our turn to board Oasis! Yay! 🍷🍺
  15. Thanks everyone. I read the FAQ last night as we were in our hotel room here in Cocoa Beach and our cruise is on Sunday, so it just really scared me since I never even thought about bringing our birth certificates since we have passports and our drivers licenses. You guys put my mind at ease, thanks so much. So looking forward to the Oasis on Sunday. We can see the ships from our hotel room
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