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  1. We are booked on the 1/4 sailing of the Silhouette, I would love it if the ship was only at half capacity 🙂
  2. Had not heard anything about this. I made final payment for our January 4 cruise on the Silhouette just yesterday. Wish I would have known.
  3. Really enjoyed your review. We will be on our first Celebrity cruise in January, on the Silhouette with a sunset veranda. I’m so excited!
  4. We have a Celebrity Silhouette cruise coming up in January. We started cruising in 2001 to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary and have cruised with Disney, Carnival and Royal Caribbean. This will be our first time on a Celebrity ship and I’m already so excited. Reading reviews is something I really enjoy doing, and I’m just hoping that now we are finally able to cruise again people will start sharing their experiences. Also, if anyone can share a link from their past Celebrity cruise reviews I would love to read them.
  5. We have never stayed in a suite on cruise ships. I love suites in hotels but just can’t justify the cost of one on a ship. We do stay in balcony rooms though, I love having a balcony and do spend quite a bit of time on it daily.
  6. On our last cruise, Oasis of the Seas 2 years ago, we were given the choice of morning service of the room, evening service or both. We were happy to choose just evening. I have always hated the morning service. So we will gladly pick just evening service on our Silhouette cruise. We don’t mind making our own bed in the morning and with just the two of us we have no problem in reusing bath towels.
  7. We had an aft balcony room several years ago and loved it. We have one booked for our January Silhouette cruise and I’m so looking forward to it. I love being able to see both sides and where we’ve been, the room is quieter as there isn’t the foot traffic like other staterooms. I’m hoping the balcony has a lounger, if not I hope I can tip my room steward to bring one. Love having room service breakfast on the balcony, and being mesmerized by the ship’s wake❤️
  8. I agree. But just for fun I checked the hotel I mistakenly booked for 40,000 points per night and they are up to 167,000 points now. So, I’m very glad I booked it in January! Paying with money it’s almost $400 per night.
  9. Somehow I made the mistake of booking the Doubletree Biscayne Bay in Miami for our Celebrity Silhouette cruise in January which leaves from Ft. Lauderdale. We have a bay view room with balcony for 40,000 points each night (2). I looked into the Hilton Marina but a similar room there is a whopping 202,000 points per night. We’re keeping our original booking, which was done this past January when the pandemic was still raging.
  10. I would have preferred to have it remain where it was.
  11. Yeah, not going to do that when the first night for that type of room is 202,000 points. Second night even more. We’ll keep our Miami room.
  12. The hotel in Miami is the Doubletree Grand on Biscayne Bay and we have a room with a balcony facing the water, it has 5 or 6 restaurants right on site. My jaw just about dropped to the floor when I searched for a similar Hilton in Ft. Lauderdale and saw the points difference. Maybe it’s because I booked the Miami hotel in January when the pandemic was bad, now things are opening back up so the hotels are charging more.
  13. I made a mistake and booked a Hilton Hotel in Miami for 2 nights before our cruise leaves out of Ft. Lauderdale on January 4th. I thought it left out of Miami. Oops. Decided to see about changing hotels. We are booked on points, 42,000 points per night. To change to a similar style room in Ft. Lauderdale is 167,000 points per night. Yikes! Thinking we should just keep our reservation in Miami then drive to the port. How long of a drive would that be and what would you do if you had made the dumb mistake I did in booking a room at the wrong port?
  14. Another vote for Allianz. Had a claim once, submitted it, had a check for the full amount less than 2 weeks later.
  15. Our last cruise was 2 years ago on Royal’s Oasis of the Seas. I have wanted to try Celebrity, and we have an aft balcony room on the Silhouette booked for January. I’m having my first COVID vaccine on Thursday and second one next month. I do pray cruising will be somewhat back to normal, and ours isn’t cancelled. My husband doesn’t really want the vaccine but said he would if it’s required for the cruise🙂
  16. The cruise is 14 months away. I am hoping the vaccine is out soon and things get back to normal over the spring/summer. If not we can cancel, or postpone.
  17. Oh Noreen, it was your terrific reviews I read, and your wonderful photos that convinced me to talk to my husband about booking the silhouette!😁
  18. So excited, and happy to have a cruise to look forward to again! We have cruised several times each with Disney, Carnival and Royal Caribbean. Our last cruise was almost 2 years ago, February 2019 on Oasis of the Seas. We have been wanting to try Celebrity and after reading a few reviews, looking at photos and videos we booked it this morning, an aft-facing stateroom on deck 8. This will be our second aft balcony room and I’m really excited about it. So, what I’m looking for is detailed reviews, with loads of photos. Would love to read all of the reviews I can, if you would care to share. Also, please tell me what you loved and didn’t like about your cruise on this ship. Our booking includes drinks, alcoholic and non-alcohol but didn’t really see any detailed info so if anyone can tell me more that would be great. It includes WiFi and tips as well. The cruise is a 10-night Caribbean, so maybe not many children on board? We will both be 64 at the time of the cruise. I’m praying all the COVID related issues will be behind us by then🙂 Also, I think our Royal cruise points will be applied to this cruise, am I right? How does that work?
  19. Thanks for your review. Not fair the Solarium Cafe was unavailable to you, and reserved only for a group. You paid your cruise fair the same as they did. We were on Oasis a year ago and really enjoyed the cafe for lunch, less crowded than the windjammer. Oh, can’t see any of your pdf files, says “unavailable”.
  20. I looked into booking one of their 5-night cruises and a balcony stateroom was $2700. That’s $1350 each adult, and with no extra charge for tips, non-alcoholic drinks and WiFi I think the price is very reasonable. And the BIGGEST perk? NO KIDS! I am extremely interested but...I will wait to see actual photos and read reviews to see what it’s really like. And to see if people in their early 60’s with not-so-perfect-bodies are really welcome🙂 And hopefully they will soon offer longer cruises, we prefer at least 7 nights.
  21. It isn’t Fifi’s fault, throw her owner overboard 😁
  22. OP, I’m very sorry this happened to you and I feel the same as you in that all cruise lines should NOT charter a cruise that already has people booked on it. Not at all fair to people that have already made their plans, especially with multiple families being involved.
  23. We did this once several years ago. Did a 4-night Carnival Fantasy then a 7-night Disney Magic. Both left from Port Canaveral. We did have a day between them so did laundry that day. Would happily do that again.
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