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  1. Agreed - thanks very much to anyone who has done this work up till now and anyone who does so in the future. I have found this resource to be so helpful. Much appreciated.
  2. Jane: You captured my concern exactly. Sorry you experienced what you did. The wording on the website says “laundry service” without any qualification. This sounds like unlimited but it seems that different members of the Celebrity team interpret or apply it differently, which is unfortunate. We have a land trip before our 12 nights on the Silhouette and having “unlimited” dry cleaning and pressing affects how I will pack (unlimited wash not so much, because we do have Elite laundry perks, whatever they may be in practice nowadays, and I hand wash the items I do not want to shrink or which are delicate). Thanks for your advice, which will help others as well as me. Fingers crossed we will have a nice butler who adheres to a liberal interpretation of the laundry policy.
  3. We just upgraded to a Royal Suite for our upcoming May 7 cruise. (Yay, first time. Working our way up the suite chain cruise-by-cruise.) Assuming we get unlimited laundry, does this include unlimited dry cleaning as well? Anyone know?
  4. Jagofee: We had a Celebrity Suite on an M Class, so cannot speak to the CS on an S Class; maybe I would like that, but to be honest, the pictures I have seen do not make it look significantly more appealing than the S Class Sky Suite and possibly even less so unless it was one of the ones with the large angled balconies, which look nice. I was not bothered that the M Class CS bedroom did not have a view - I actually liked that the bedroom was like a dark cave, because I am a bad sleeper and appreciated how quiet and dark it was. Plus at the end of the 14-night trip, I got sick with some respiratory thing and my husband kindly slept out on the couch that last night; it was good for us both to have that option. Liked the double closets. HATED the bathroom. It is in the bedroom about three feet from the end of the bed, so you will wake up your partner if you use it, whereas in the aft S1, there is a sufficient physical separation that allows the other person to not get woken up. The M Class bathroom is very small and the tub/shower combo is dangerous IMHO. We were ok with it (did not like but handled), but I think that anyone short or with balance or mobility issues would have found it daunting getting in and out. I am really puzzled by that poor design choice. Also did not love the added-on balcony - the width is fine but pretty narrow and no wind protection. The living area was good - I LOVED having a real table with real chairs, because we like to do Room Service breakfasts - I do not think S Class CSs have that. The benefits are not really much more than with a Sky Suite, other than you get a call from a Concierge ahead of time asking if there is anything that he or she can do, and I was able to request that a bottle of wine be in the room for embarkation rather than the usually crappy sparkling wine (maybe it is fine, I just don't like it). The Royal Suite seems like a big upgrade from both, but sadly, I have not been fortunate enough yet to experience one of those. The main reasons we loved our Deck 12 aft corner S1 on the Reflection (and I assume the same on other S Class ships) were: room was very large and spacious feeling, with lots of light coming in; great bathroom for what is the lowest level suite, plenty big and nice; fantastic views, both from the balcony and the side porthole window; aft location was quiet; and we loved the Deck 12 overhang, which was not as big an overhang as on the side S2s but just enough to be protective (I am pale so did not feel like I was frying when out there, even though there was plenty of sun). We have an aft (non-corner) S2 on our upcoming cruise, so I will get to try that soon.
  5. I had a similar experience to yvonenneh with respect to our upcoming May cruise. On Monday night, which was a few weeks past final payment (US), a Sky Suite showed up on the X site (hadn't been any for about a week or so), at a price that was decent but not great (probably about $1500-$2000+ less per person than it had been at various times prior to final payment). I called to do a paid upgrade (I have never had any problem with doing that, Celebrity always has been wiling to let me upgrade for more $$) and asked if there were any non-US final payment dates that had not yet passed and if this was truly the only Sky Suite available - told No as to first question and Yes as to latter. So I upgraded. Later that night, two more Sky Suites magically appeared on the X site. Hmm, I thought, but at least they were at the priced I paid. When I checked again the next morning, within 12 or so hours of my Monday night booking, the price had dropped by $1200 per person - AARRGH. And today, there still is one left at that reduced price. Had I waited till the morning or later in the week, I could have saved $2400. Painful, but nothing can be done (I called and tried, knowing it was an exercise in futility). Live and learn (tho not quite sure what I actually learned).
  6. OP, you will love your upgrade to an after corner S1. We had a Deck 12 corner S1 on Reflection an 11-night Med (Turkey, Italy and Greece) cruise and it was fantastic. Large and comfortable room (probably my all-time favorite, even more so than a more recent Celebrity Suite). Sitting on the curved balcony as we made our way through the Dardanelles is a very fond memory, as are the wonderful expansive views we got of Istanbul heading in and out. The views from the corner really are expansive and great. Loved the side porthole window; it made there room so light and airy seeming. Great bathroom and great service. Minimal to no noise from above. People often express concern about that with respect to the after Deck 12 rooms, but we did not experience it and it was a fairly warm weather cruise, so people were using the outside Bar area above. No hallway noise being at the back of the ship, and the wake view is glorious. We did not experience any vibrations or other back of ship issues that might cause discomfort. Hope you have a wonderful cruise.
  7. We were on Infinity for the two week round Cape Horn in March 2017, and found her to be a lovely ship. I did not find the decor tired. If I understand you correctly to be considering a suite, we had a Celebrity Suite and thought the suite amenities were great. Luminae was lovely and Michael’s Club was a really large and nice space, with a great concierge who treated us so well, above and beyond.
  8. We did this trip in 2012. I definitely was not fit and had rotten knees, but I was able to do all the excursions (though avoided the ones described as truly strenuous). I found some to be easy and painless, some a bit tiring but doable. I do not consider myself to have good balance and did not find walking on lava to be a problem at all with good walking shoes. Not too much climbing up and down; the terrain is flat-ish and any inclines are pretty gradual. I was concerned getting in and out of the zodiacs would be hard and it was not, a piece of cake, including the water landings (they show you how to swing your legs and it was not hard at all). The trip is very satisfying in terms of the wildlife you see. It is amazing to see all of the amazing creatures up close and in such abundance. The marine iguanas are incredible. I did find the week on the ship to be very tiring. Up early every day for an excursion, race back for a quick lunch, then race out the door for the afternoon excursion, then race back for a frantic shower and clean up to try to make the excursion talk and dinner. Given the need to be up and out the door early each morning, dinners dragged on way too long, in my opinion, but there is no other evening eating option (room service menu was terrible, unless it has changed).
  9. As others have said, the CS dining table is great, whether if having others over or for your own in-room eating (no more crouching over the coffee table to eat). The living room area is really nice, again whether for having others over or just hanging out on your own. Love the large wall of windows but did not really like the balcony - skinny and exposed to the elements. We found that we used it far less on our 14-day South America trip on the Infinity in 2017 than anticipated and much less than the balconies we have had with Sky Suites and verandah rooms. The CS bedroom is great, as others note. Quiet and dark (wonderful for light sleepers like me) and the two closets are really useful. I found the bathroom quite disappointing. Very small and the tub/shower could be lethal for someone with balance or mobility issues (quite a step-over getting in and out). Plus ours (Deck 9) had a constant unpleasant smell from the drain in the floor — sometimes food smells (who wants to smell onions in your bathroom suite) but most of the time a nasty and vile disinfectant type stench. It helps to keep a towel wadded up over the drain, but kind of ridiculous to have to do that. In contrast, S-Class Sky Suite bathrooms are dramatically better. While we felt a fair amount of guilt and experienced dagger eyes from other passengers, having the Michael's Club concierge escort us past long disembarkation lines to get off the ship in port and come find us and pluck us out of long embarkation lines (a real surprise) to get back on was a great perk and a huge time and annoyance saver. Guilt notwithstanding, it was nice. And it also was nice getting a pre-cruise call offering assistance and the invitation to tour the bridge. All this said, you will be happy if you decide to stay in a Sky Suite. You get Michaels Club and Luminae access (as well as Blu) and your four perks regardless of what suite type you are in, which for us are the clinchers.
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