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  1. floridian1

    Seaside 12.08.18 with mom live-ish

    I'm glad you didn't have to pay..how terribly confusing.
  2. floridian1

    Seaside 12.08.18 with mom live-ish

    I'm glad you're not being charged for venchi..enjoy! And thank you for the live reports.
  3. floridian1

    Seaside 12.08.18 with mom live-ish

    I want to believe them ...but I'm having a hard time when the other live report posted an image from the YC concierge of a sign that says Venchi is NOT included. That's not a good sign at all.i bet 90% of the YC cabins cruising this week were booked before the 11/12 change, yet they have that sign up.
  4. floridian1

    Going "Live" - Seaside 08-22Dec,2018

    I'm confused...coffeegoddess is doing a live report too and it looks like venchi drinks are included for her.
  5. Did the pool/water park have decent hours? I always found it so frustrating on NCL. The kiddie pool area had such Limited hours
  6. floridian1

    MSC Comedy of Errors

    Holy cow, you keep getting abused by these people! I would find another cruise line...thats terrible customer service
  7. Nice review. Do you remember what time the kids club closed? Do they offer late night at an additional charge? Is it true msc takes the kids on a lot of field trips around the ship? (Not a fan..too much can go wrong)
  8. floridian1

    YC Drink Package Changes?

    This thread is going off track...
  9. floridian1

    Dog Sledding

    And yes it is the most cancelled. To give u an idea in June ...every days flights were cancelled in the week but 2 days.
  10. floridian1

    Dog Sledding

    We did dog sledding with extra glacier landing in juneau in june. Best excursion of our lives...it was cheaper booking it direct than with NCL.
  11. floridian1

    YC Drink Package Changes?

    Thia is great news. Would love to know about smoothies, milkshakes and crepes. Thanks for being our Yacht Club guinea pig! I'm sure it's a tough job 😉
  12. Sad to hear about these poor reviews..and most of the negative reviews all have 2 things in common. Poor service and poor food. Clearly msc doesn't read their cruise critic reviews. Please be sure to find a good (executive office?)email to send all of your reviews too.
  13. floridian1

    YC Drink Package Changes?

    Same here...and the gelato, milkshakes and crepes is what makes the drink package with YC stand apart from other cruise lines. We were all looking forward to it. First time we are giving msc a chance and this is not a great start. I'll cross my fingers that YC is the exception and we will hear reports that we will still get gelato and crepes.
  14. floridian1

    MSC New Drink Package and YC

    Although not paid in full we booked our msc yc cruise in march 2018 for summer 2019. I really hope we get the drink package that was originally offered when I booked (and that included gelato, venchi drinks, smoothies, water bottles and milkshakes)