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  1. Possibly..they let our friends child move down to the mini club and the child was a year over the age limit. The staff just said sure, no hesitations. Your looking to have your child move up, so different from our scenario however our experience shows Msc is clearly not as strict as other cruiselines regarding the kids club ages.
  2. Hi Brian I'm glad your dining experience was better than ours, your right...Complete opposite! It was unfortunate for us that they didn't provide the same service at dinner. Do you remember what the name is of the maitre d?
  3. We stayed on deck 18 yc with our kids (18021) and there was no noise from above. We enjoyed this location alot. 1 floor up was yc pool. On the same floor outside of the YC doors u could access the kids waterpark and kids club.
  4. Lol this made me laugh. I wish we had his name. I hope to not have him on future msc cruises.
  5. You may have seen my post about the poor experience we had with food..even in the yacht club. We did LOVE the pizza though on the seaside and the very fresh baked goods. Did you try another pizza?..they had like 6 different ones on our cruise...
  6. Well this is making me nervous..we are travelling with our kids to rome and Barcelona next march
  7. Sure taste is subjective but quality food and quality service is not. I wish our experience would have been different. We were really looking forward to the YC dining room and expected better. Like I mentioned we received great service and food at the speciality restaurant and the restaurant manager there was friendly and visited everyone from what i saw so MSC has what it takes to excel. Adding to my dissapointment was how our big group was treated. We usually cruise as a group of 8 or 9 and it has NOT been an issue on any other cruise line. I really think this is because YC is understaffed, which is unfortunate for both the cruiser and the staff. Everyone in the YC including our servers were very nice (except maitre d - does someone have his name?) I really think this is a leadership issue 100%. The purpose of the post was just to make people aware that it is possible that they may not get "spectacular" experience in the YC restaurant and I hope MSC improves, Im rooting for them! I don't doubt those of you that had a great experience....I hope it becomes consistently good for EVERY passenger in the YC. The dining room needs to be consistently good like the rest of the YC experience which we can all agree is fantastic! MSC needs to strive for consistency and better leadership in all areas. We had a fantastic cruise otherwise. We really liked the ship and the rest of the YC experience was great. We will sail YC again soon.
  8. Despite this poor review on the dining room we would sail msc yc again...our expectations of the food in the YC would just have to be significantly lower going into it than what it was going into this cruise. The rest of the experience was very good.
  9. I don't have the maitre d name. After that first night he never came near our table again. If someone was on the June 8 sailing please chime in. He was in maybe late 50s, bald or very little hair.
  10. Early this month we sailed in the Yacht Club on the Seaside. I read the cruisecritic boards for about a year before our cruise and I found most other peoples experiences true for our cruise, except for one big thing: The Food in the Yacht club was not good - and the service in the restaurant was terribly slow. Also, the matire d was absolutely horrible. Hands down the worst cruise food we have had in a dinning room on a cruise ship before (have sailed NCL, RCCL, Disney, Carnival, Princess)! We live in a major city and travel frequently, we are foodies who love good food whether that is at a mom and pop shop or an expensive restaurant. Yacht Club food was not good. We loved the rest of the YC experience though, even more so than the Haven. However, Haven's restaurant is much better than Yacht Club. I was expecting so much better, we were really let down: Food was tasteless! Food did not always match description in the menu. Some dishes were prepared wrong. Service was painfully slow - even after bringing it to the servers attention many times. We had to practically beg for refills of our drinks - reminding our serving team over and over. The servers were nice however you can tell they are understaffed and overworked. The maitre d only checked in and visited with select tables - not everyone! Speaking of the maitre d - the one currently on the Seaside has a very unfortunate attitude. We were a table of 9. On the first afternoon when we boarded we were asked our preferred dining time for our group of 9 and we agreed on 730pm. We showed up at 7 and checked in to let them know that we would be in the lounge and to let us know when the table was ready. 7:30 came and went, 7:45 came and went, at 8 I went up to see how much longer. I was told maybe in another 10 minutes. Now it's 8:30pm. I go back upstairs and was told sorry, our group would have to eat at separate tables, that they could not accommodate our large group. WHAT!? After an hour of waiting past the time we were told? At this point we are starving and we have a show we need to catch in an hour so we sit down at two separate tables and were pretty shocked. After a few minutes I notice a row of four 2 tops no one is sitting at. I point this out to the maitre d and ask if he could move those together to accommodate our group, and that we are likely now going to be late for the show. His response to me with a very annoyed attitude was "No that won't work, we would have to move those tables together, that would not work. We will try to accommodate your group tomorrow. It is not my fault that another large party that got here at 5:45 is taking so long" at this point I am flabbergasted at his response. I am unsure if he is just having a bad night or if he just should not be employed in the hospitality industry, but I was upset.Not the way I envisioned my first dinner in the YC. That is not the way to be treating guests. I sit down and tell my husband I'm going to concierge to ask for the Yahct Club Manager. As soon as I finished my sentence the Maitre D shows back up and says. "we will move those tables together if that's what you want" I said absolutely that's what I want - thank you! As we stand up to move the couple dining at the table next to us tell me "good for you!". After dinner he asked us how our dinner was, and we said good thank you as we raced to meet a butler to take us to the show. That was it - he never approached our table the rest of the cruise. Unacceptable!! We opted to eat at the Teppenyaki and Butchers Cut that week - received excellent service at both and the food was in a whole different level than the Yacht Club Food. The buffet on the pool deck was nice, but also nothing special. We checked out the main buffet towards the end of the cruise and we thought the food tasted pretty good there! Infact we all felt the pastries in the regular buffet was alot fresher than what they were serving in the Yacht Club! To end on a positive note: The server we had for lunch the first day(I wish I kept his name!) asked us how dinner was going, and said he wished he was our server. We said we were pretty unimpressed to say the least. He asked if we liked Indian food? We said yes. He told us to come to the restaurant the last night of the cruise and that he was going to have the chef prepare something special for us. The last night, true to his word, they brought out several indian dishes as appetizers. This was the best tasting food we had in the YC dining room the entire week!
  11. It appears grandiosa yc has about the same amount of yc suites as seaside yc and with ALOT less rooms for 4 I am assuming the grandiosa YC is going to feel even more empty than our June seaside yc cruise!
  12. I guess I'm lucky I grabbed a grandiosa YC room for my family of 4 since there was so few. We were recently on seaside yc and loved it. Got grandiosa for under 4k march spring break week. Have never done a med cruise before. Looking forward to it.
  13. Thanks I didn't realize they were so similar. I think its weird that grandiosa yacht club barely has any cabins that fit 4 people (according to the symbols)
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