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  1. We got the flowers, champagne and a visit to the bridge. It was fascinating. No breakfast at Sabatini's but no matter as we are not big breakfast eaters. There were several more folks, some with 500, 750 and 1000 days.
  2. Thanks Skynight. I cannot find this statement anywhere on my paperwork, but I believe that it clarifies my question.
  3. We do not have ezair departure on this cruise as we are already on another cruise for which we used ezair for departure.
  4. I have had an ongoing conversation with various princess reps regarding the rules for flexible fares with ezair. On the travel page in the cruise personalizer it clearly states among other things that there are: "No Change Fees: up to 45 days prior to your flight" However when you click on this link: https://book.princess.com/cruisepersonalizer/ezAirDetails.page it states that there are no change fees up to 45 days prior to departure. This is contradictory to me. I have a flight post cruise on February 19 which is clearly more than 45 days from now. However they are in
  5. We (husband and I) each have the same number of days, so does that mean we get 2 celebrations???
  6. Thanks all for your responses. I guess we'll find out when onboard!
  7. We are leaving on a cruise in a few days and just printed our travel summary. I see under Special Services a "500 cruise day celebration (value $114)". Does anyone know what this is?
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