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  1. I was just on the Adventure and the first day while eating lunch a guy was pushing/selling a 2 night speciality restaurant deal for $65. I thought it was a good deal for 2 nights at Chops for $65 total. I usually ignore those deals but I am curious if that might be offered on the Harmony.
  2. No. They'll just recite what the email said. I would like info from a guests perspective.
  3. I understand that but I was wondering if anyone has done it in the past. I'm sure it's more than just that but not too much info listed.
  4. Has anyone ever done a Payouts On Tap sailing? I am thinking about switching an offer to this one but i would like to know more about it. That being said i would also like info on the Bets & Bases offer as well. Thanks
  5. In response to Lauderale it is just ok. If you want great beer in all styles go to J. Wakefield Brewing in the Wynwood area of Miami. There's a couple more breweries there, a great craft beer forward restaurant called Kush, and a good beer bar called Boxelder.
  6. I called last night and was told that I couldn't use the certificate for on board credit or even to pay for things like a drink package either. I know that was wrong but the lady insisted it for for cruise payments only. Sometimes it amazes me how lost these employee's are.
  7. Just went on to buy some gift cards for Royal and it has been replaced with gift certificates. I'm not sure but i think these can only be applied to paying on your booking but not actually to add to your seapass card when you board the ship. Anybody know for sure?
  8. Does anyone have a somewhat current list of what's available and prices for what's in the liquer shop. I'll be on the Horizon but any ship will give me an idea of what is available. Sent from my SM-G935V using Forums mobile app
  9. Cheers, DOU, and pit boss comped drinks are all supposed to count towards your 15 drink limit. Sometimes a couple slip by but not very often. I have been cut off multiple times playing the Pokerpro table since they comp more drinks there because you aren't getting any points at all playing there so the drinks are your reward. Sent from my SM-G935V using Forums mobile app
  10. Nothing funnier than watching these people walk up and buy in for $20 at a time but do it 10 times. You are losing right out of the gate and those people should be bullied if you are playing the game right. Everybody just can't limp in everytime with crap cards. You have to pay to see a flop against me. The above information is right but I thought the rake was capped at $10? Either way they are making a lot of $ when they can keep a full table running. As for the rigged I lean towards the game is set up for action. Even with 60-70 hands per hour there shouldn't be so many monster hands. It always seems it's a big hand vs another big hand to build the pot. I've played on these tables for years and have seen some crazy stuff like 3 different straight flushes in one orbit. No way that's random. Sent from my SM-G935V using Forums mobile app
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