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  1. My guess would be they are controlling inventory and getting ready to sail in about 2 months. Previously they have been accepting our money to stay afloat and then dragging their feet with our money as long as they can. It makes a lot of sense to deliberately hold up our funds as long as possible and I don't mind as long as it helps them survive through this. Also for all of the 100 day CDC ppl... Their recommendations mean nothing overall and doesn't mean they will be enforced.
  2. Me and my wife both prefer Carnival. We've done 10+ on Carnival, 5+ on Royal, and one cruise on the Norwegian Epic. Norwegian definitely comes in a distant 3rd but all are fine. We feel Carnival has way better complimentary food options such as Guys Burgers, the Sandwich shop, Blue Iguana, Pizza, etc... Royal and Carnival are very similar in quality of the main dining room but I give Carnival the edge in buffet also. Chops is better on Royal than Carnivals steak house though. The main show entertainment is better on Royal but the daytime "filler" entertainment and the comedy shows are better on Carnival. Carnivals casino is more fun but they suck at comps. The reason we have been exclusive to Royal is they take care of their gamblers with comped cruises weekly if wanted but we miss Carnival. The Royal vibe will never be as good. That being said you will enjoy Royal and no it will not "spoil" you so much to stay away from Carnival.
  3. I was just on the Adventure and the first day while eating lunch a guy was pushing/selling a 2 night speciality restaurant deal for $65. I thought it was a good deal for 2 nights at Chops for $65 total. I usually ignore those deals but I am curious if that might be offered on the Harmony.
  4. No. They'll just recite what the email said. I would like info from a guests perspective.
  5. I understand that but I was wondering if anyone has done it in the past. I'm sure it's more than just that but not too much info listed.
  6. Has anyone ever done a Payouts On Tap sailing? I am thinking about switching an offer to this one but i would like to know more about it. That being said i would also like info on the Bets & Bases offer as well. Thanks
  7. Just went on to buy some gift cards for Royal and it has been replaced with gift certificates. I'm not sure but i think these can only be applied to paying on your booking but not actually to add to your seapass card when you board the ship. Anybody know for sure?
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