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  1. So enjoyed the non smoking walking through and in the Casino area on our 21 day Panama trip on the Nieuw Amsterdam. Had been away from HAL cruising for about 4 years and was so pleased to see no smoking in the Casino area...now I'm reading that the Nieuw Statendam is considering smoking in Casino, yikes!! We are heading there for a couple of weeks in the late winter, sure hoping it is non smoking! During our Panama cruise there was one balcony close to us that still smoked, fortunately it was only occasionally.
  2. ladyfrost

    Dancing on Nieuw Amsterdam

    We've just came off the N. Amsterdam and were surprised at the lack of music to dance to. There is still a dance floor in the Ocean Bar with one Pianist [alternating days] that played more listening type music. BB Kings...has a dance floor, nice jazz but very loud and not really good dance music. Billboard...2 pianos and good sing a long songs but nowhere to dance. No music in the Lido area for day time dancing or in the Seaview pool area during sail away. DJ music played later...sometimes 11:30pm and occasionally as early as 10:30pm. As for dining, see the Maitre D asap and possibly make arrangement for reservations during open seating for your time if set dining is not available. The food was surprisingly excellent in Main Dining Room with only a couple of meals that were not top winners. Pinnacle Lunch menu is wonderful and food always good. Out of the speciality restaurants during our 3 weeks, the Canaletto won hands down. Hope this helps.
  3. ladyfrost

    Pinnacle Grill experience declining?

    We have to agree with you on the changes over the years causing us to give cruising a four year break with our travel plans. Now days, every once in awhile you get a great server that lines up with a fabulous meal; it takes us back in time, thank heavens for those gems! We've changed our expectations and try to make our time fun, spend more time relaxing and will probably never do more than a 3 week long cruises as in the past.
  4. ladyfrost

    Temporarily leaving the ship for week Tour

    Hello Roger, So glad to hear from you and that you have done an off ship China tour as well. The advice we recieve is always much appreciated. Nice to hear the 'heads up' on Ship emergency contact for travel agent...one more thing to ensure we find out about. Oh dear, to carry on suitcases fitting through scanner on way back on...we hadn't thought of that one. Another good reason to love those foldable carry bags :D Many thanks! Cheers, Sue
  5. ladyfrost

    Temporarily leaving the ship for week Tour

    Hi AJCruiser, Many thanks once again for your time and information; it surely helps for making sure we have all of our details in place. I will paste the link in our roll call as per your directions as it may be of some assistance to any others planning their own trip from the vessel. Cheers, Sue
  6. ladyfrost

    Temporarily leaving the ship for week Tour

    Hi AJCruiser, Thank you for your helpfulness! Glad to hear we can sort this out onboard via front desk. Is there any special information that you require to give the front desk when you did your 'away from ship for few days' shore tours? We did not want to book our land China tour until we knew it would NOT be a problem leaving the ship and re-joining. So looking forward to the seeing the Li River area and it was not an option via HAL on this leg. One more question you may be able to help us with...how do I add this link to the Volendam Roll Call? Once again...many thanks for quick response to our question. Cheers, Sue
  7. Hello, On one leg of our trip to China, we would like to leave the ship for a few days on a private land tour out of Hong Kong and pick the ship back up in Beijing. We plan on leaving our heavy luggage in our room and travelling very light. The answer we have received from HAL's customer service, is for us to go through our ship trip booking agent [who is not the China travel agent] give the plan to the ship booking agent submit it to HAL for approval. Looking forward to hearing from anyone that has done something similar and what procedures you had to do prior to. Many thanks, Sue
  8. ladyfrost

    Boarding Pass Problems

    All their documentation [other than the one boarding pass] is printed off and will be going with them. Credit Card was used and accepted, passports have a couple of years left on them...etc. etc...every i has been dotted and t crossed. This couple have been travelling the world for many years and are very knowledgable. Cruising has not been their preferred method of travel other than a few river cruises, including India and an Oceania cruise. I'm sure from all your advice they will make out okay at the Port of Vancouver without a boarding pass, which will help with the anxiety. It still is a poor show for Princess with their customer service. We are truly hoping that their onboard experience is wonderful and they would like to cruise again. Thank you again for your input. Cheers, Sue
  9. ladyfrost

    Boarding Pass Problems

    Some dear friends of our are taking their first Princess Cruise next week out of Vancouver and still cannot print one of their boarding passes. They have called Princess a number of times with who tells them to just keeping trying as there have been some problems with the system. This has now been going on for over 3 weeks. All of their entered information is correct, reads right and has been confirmed by the Princess telephone rep. Also the e mails they have sent Princess has not been replied to...hmm?? Their travel agent has tried for them and called Princess and we have tried on our computer as well. At this point they are not impressed with Princess and are worried about showing up without a boarding pass. Any ideas out there would be a help. Thank you
  10. ladyfrost

    Spring Break Cruise on the Pearl

    Hello, We are planning a trip next spring 2013 with children, grand kids and great grand children. Thank you for the all the comments we are reading on this thread as we are contemplating taking them all on NCL due to itinerary for our time frame. We have sailed with a few different cruise lines but HAL is usually our line of choice as it has the destinations we generally look for plus excellent dining room food and the perks with being a 'four star' member is wonderful. From all I've read so far...NCL it sounds pretty casual and good for children albiet a bit worried about only having 2 pools for appr. 2400 people...but pools aside there does seem to be many other things for children, parents and grandparents to do together whilst onboard. Love CC and a variety of views of each cruise line.
  11. ladyfrost

    Eurodam pingpong & pickleball?

    Well, I think we'll pack our paddles and bats and hope the layout is the same as the Nieuw Amsterdam at least for the ping pong. Thanks to all for your responses; much appreciated! Cheers, Sue
  12. Hello Fellow Cruise Critics, Hoping someone can give us a bit of info on the sports courts on the Eurodam. Firstly, does the Eurodam have two pingpong tables in Lido area now that there are Cabanas and secondly, does anyone know if the 'sports' court can be used for pickleball? We have booked a couple of cruises this spring/summer and will be aboard for a total of 42 days; it would be wonderful if we could do some practising to keep the weight down!! Cheers, Sue