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  1. The SBP sure looks better then the standard beverage package on Celebrity. You would never get Bombay Sapphire or Hendrick's there.
  2. I won't be sharing my travel ducks bu plan to take some others on our November west coast Koningsdam.
  3. I see that the beverage pkg in the "Have it All" is for drinks up to $11. On a cruise I like to have an evening martini or cosmo. Does $11 cover those? The martini needs to be with Bombay Sapphire.
  4. We've seen that here as well. We are more than six weeks past our second dose. The workers at our vaccination sites, many volunteers, were so glad to be doing their jobs. It was a heartwarming experience--smiles all around. I'm feeling a bit of reentry stress but looking forward to better days ahead.
  5. Thankful that the three educators in our family got their first doses on Friday. Unfortunately Texas has jumped the gun with opening to 100% on March 10 and lifting the mask mandate. Will be interesting to see where that takes us...
  6. This has been one hell of a week in Texas. Today, Friday, I can hear the ice and snow melting in the sun and most folks have their power back. We have water now but are on a boil water notice. Store shelves are bare even if you venture out which my DH did. Fortunately we are well stocked. We only lost power for 20 hrs but our daughters homes were without much longer--one of them for three days. Lots and lots of damage to homes and buildings. This storm expected to surpass Hurricane Harvey in damages. We usually spend Feb. and March in Mexico but glad we were here to tend to things. A favorite meme going around: 2020--the year from hell; 2021--the year hell froze over!
  7. Happy 2021! We were lucky to get word early that the vaccine was available for 1B (+65) and got our first doses of Moderna on Monday after waiting an hour. As the week progressed the distribution system got bogged down with long waits in cold damp weather. Hoping they will get something better in place. This was through our county health department.
  8. We had a great Thanksgiving with just the two of us for dinner. Earlier in the day we did Zoom bingo with our daughters' families that live in our area. We were reluctant about joining them and grateful that they called it. Today is my birthday and we all met up in a parking lot between our homes. Exchanged birthday presents with our daughter whose birthday is 12/3. Here are the grandkids with their presents.
  9. We live in Texas which is a hot spot, especially in the southwest which is far from us. People around the DFW area where we live seem to be very compliant with the mask mandate. I am surprised and thankful. Our daughter is an elementary school principal and has had some minor issues at her school. My granddaughter's junior high has reverted to all virtual learning. We usually spend Feb. and March in San Miguel de Allende Mexico but won't be going this year. Our next cruise is on the books for October 2021. Certainly hope we'll be in a better place by then--not so much for the cruise but for the good of the world!
  10. My main question is "Are each of the four restaurants the same size?"
  11. We will be using the four main restaurants on our Apex cruise in October 2021. I have been trying to find the capacity of each (normal capacity, not trying to figure out any COVID spacing). Are they all the same size? From reading my roll call it seems that people are already making reservations in these (not speciality) restaurants a year in advance! Our last four cruises have been on small ships with true open dining and our previous Celebrity cruises were in Blu so I'm trying to figure out this different system for our "open" dining on Apex. Thanks in advance for replies.
  12. Three of our last four cruises were on Seabourn, the other being Azamara. Our current booking for October 2021 is on Celebrity. While I love the smaller ships I will feel safer with a more spacious environment. No doubt precautions will be taken on all ships to provide a better space ratio than in the past. When we sailed on Azamara in January 2019 there had been a Norovirus-type outbreak on the previous sailing. We were very impressed with the extra precautions that were taken to for our safety and heard of no problems. I realize these are different types of diseases. That said we won't be sailing at all unless things change drastically and there is an effective vaccine.
  13. Found these on our September cruise and felt them an upgrade from two years prior.
  14. We also had a last minute upgrade after getting our assignment a week or two prior on the Sojourn. Used Luggage Free last fall with delivery to QM2 and it was in our suite before we were!
  15. We are so glad we had our Azamara cruise there in January with seven nights in Cuba. Our next cruise is on Seabourn which is owned by Carnival and when you sign into their site the first thing that pops up is that they have stopped all cruises to Cuba immediately. If you were booked because of Cuba I'm afraid you are out of luck. So sorry. It's a beautiful country with lovely people and lots of problems.
  16. When we were in Cuba my husband bought five cigars at the government shop at the fortress in Havana. He tried to smoke two of them on the ship and both were plugged. One more was okay. Tonight at home he tried another that was difficult to draw. He bought some in Cienfuegos that were good. Beware! He has bought ones he likes just as well here at home or in San Miguel, Mexico. His favorites ever where ones he bought in La Palma in the Canaries but hard to find ships that stop there any more.
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