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  1. This is the very reason giving to my TA when they cancelled our trip. Apologies for getting the destination wrong earlier -it was indeed CocoCay and not Ladabee as I mistakenly remembered.
  2. Me neither, it was from a general email sent by Cruise Critic that we became aware of the offer.
  3. I have just seen on another thread that someone in the USA was successful at moving an 11 night to a 12 night and that was done through a TA. As yet have not been able to find the social site entries you mention, i know its difficult to mention any specific sites but any pointers?
  4. Perhaps we were too late to the party? My TA is a major online TA and I spoke to their customer services and still RC would not budge? Could it be that RC have a different attitude if you have booked directly?
  5. A sound reason indeed, but why then would RC not state that? and not as they did to us through our TA that it was to capitalise on the newly revised Ladabee resort with short 7 day turnaround trips.
  6. Very True, which perhaps is another reason they may feel that they can safely reduce or even cease the availability from Southampton and yet still charge the UK higher prices?
  7. I totally agree with you, We too really like to sail from Southampton for all the reasons you outlined. What i cannot understand is why they just "Dumped" the Independence of the Seas schedule without a second thought and then during this awful period we are in now, will not even be a little flexible when we pay premium rates. I asked to do a "L&S" from this years Canaries cruise on 17 October(10 nights) to the virtually same cruise next year(11 nights) and to pay any supplements necessary. No chance total inflexibility.
  8. Very Interesting! So taking a simplistic view 9% of RCCL revenue for 2019 was produced from only 2 large but not big ships operating out of Southampton for only 6 months? The other 25 ships of all sizes including some of the largest ships in the world for 12 months and the 2 ships used in the UK for the other 6 months only produced the remaining 91% of the revenue for 2019. This just proves that the UK market is greatly overcharged compared to the rest of the world? Why then do they treat us so badly? When we are being used as a “Cash Cow” for the company.
  9. Does anyone else think that Royal Caribbean are reducing their involvement and preparing to stop sailing from the UK? It seems to me that their treatment of the UK markets in the last couple of years, points to them perhaps preferring to home their ships at the Mediterranean and Mainland European ports? They have reduced their usual 2 ships out of Southampton to 1 following the cancellation of the Independence on the pretence that the Anthem would cover the UK. Their “Lift and Shift” offer is almost unusable to the UK market and they won`t even let you pay a supplement
  10. I did read on one of the many thousands of posts lately that someone with Marine Insurance experience had said the the cruise companies had insurance cover for this type of incident? perhaps the OP could repeat this.I did try to look for it but....
  11. oops, did not realise that the term "Tribute Band" was derogatory! have not seen them so I could not describe them any other way, there is no description on the current lists but the very name "Boyzllfe" does suggest a tribute band to me! Anyway thanks you for clarifying their act.
  12. Depends if your straddling time zones etc
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