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  1. I have never been on this ship and so am not sure how the windows work, but is it possible that the window was closed but not latched and that the baby's banging on it pushed it open unexpectedly?
  2. Thank you so much for posting this! I never check those offers, but I did after reading your post, and was able to rebook our January 2021 cruise at a $2000 savings! 😄
  3. I have gotten both of these perks on NCL as well.
  4. Even so -- it is very offensive to refer to people's homes as a "third world hell hole," particularly when you have never even been there. There are plenty of unfavorable videos available of this country as well. And probably our crime rate exceeds those other countries', as well.
  5. This! The gambler's story sounds fabricated, or at least greatly exaggerated. With the way that NCL behaves these days, I seriously doubt that one person's (even a high roller) threat of abandoning the line would have any effect at all.
  6. I used to work for an IT company that developed software for a major hotel chain. The purpose of the software was to figure out at any given moment what the room rate ought to be. It used a pretty complicated (and not always logical) series of algorithms that took into account factors such as: how many rooms are left in the category and what is the likelihood based on historical data that more people will want the rooms than there are rooms available; what time of year it is / proximity to a major holiday; amenities offered at the property and whether they were all accessible at that moment (i.e., is it too cold for the pool, is there construction going on in the gym, etc); etc. And it was not at all rare for the system to spit out a nonsensical set of prices, which someone had to review and which the majority of the time was due to a faulty setting somewhere in all those factors. Said all that to say, perhaps it's just a software anomaly. 🙂
  7. Here is another option for you to consider: if you don't want the stress of trying to meet an early flight on debarkation day, and you are able to stay an extra day, plan to spend one night in Barcelona and catch that same early flight the next day. That is what my family did. We found that the expense of the extra day -- hotel, food, transportation -- was less than the difference between the early morning flight price and the later-in-the-day flight price. So, we were able to "save" money that way, reduce stress, and enjoy an extra day in Barcelona.
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