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  1. Does anyone know about how much it is to purchase the pictures at the Dolphin Swim at Blue Lagoon? Also if you have 2 people doing it would it be twice as much?
  2. You are correct! We are Baltimore Ravens Fans! It is a Sunday night game starting at 8:30 so we might get lucky. Thank you everyone for all your answers, much appreciated! (y):ship:
  3. Does anyone know if Freedom shows televised Football games and if so what bar would it be? Thanks for any info.
  4. Did they allow drinking in the hot tubs? TIA:D
  5. May I ask who you booked through? We are thinking about this resort in October. TIA
  6. Hello, do all RCCL cruise ships now dock at Crown Bay instead of Charlotte Amalie? TIA
  7. Does anyone have any experience with the Kid's Zip Line in Chankanaab? Thanks!
  8. Doglady


    Good idea, thank you!
  9. Doglady


    Has anyone been recently? I can't seem to find any recent reviews. Thank you .
  10. Thank you! Honestly, we are looking forward to the small inside cabin because my husband gets the best sleep ever in an inside cabin!
  11. We are sailing in steerage this cruise in an inside on Deck 2, lol. We couldn't beat the $160 per person for 4 nights. I'll bring my grocery card just in case. Thank you for the quick replys.
  12. Can anyone tell me if the Majesty has the old style safe where you have to use a card or do they have the number pad? Thanks!
  13. Hello, we didn't do your exact itinerary but your kids will be in the Voyagers group. I have the names of the different play sessions each day. they were Simply the Best, Survivor, Pirate Night, This or That, Around the World, Beat the Buzzer Boys vs Girls, Feet the Beat, Secret Agents, Fast Food Frenzy, Stars at Sea. They will have a great time. You may never see them. lol
  14. Columbus Cove is great. Lots of shade and calm water.
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