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  1. We always book the cabin we want. We cancelled the December Zuiderdam cruise with cabin 5191 for several reasons. We had a good price along with $900 in OBC plus 2 free speciality dinners and $100 drink cards. I happened to be on the HAL site yesterday and checked the price of the cruise that we had cancelled. The NS guarantee was $1662 less than the price we had, but none of the extras. Even so, that's still ~$600 less than what we were going to pay if we had kept it. When I selected 5191 the price jumped $1300. Big jump for that SB cabin.
  2. Are the only three categories for a NS guarantee SA, SB, SC?
  3. Me too. Pitiful for a company this size, most likely using the IT services of Carnival to have as many problems as they do.
  4. We decided to cancel. My wife loves cruising; I like cruising. She finds enjoyment in many venues on the ships and simply relaxing on the huge 5191 NS verandah; my pleasures are more limited. We both like the PG for breakfast and the Neptune lounge. The possibility of eliminating the PG breakfast is a negative. It's not paramount, nor is it a certainty, but it is unknown and therefore in the negative column. I love to play BJ and it's a highlight of cruising for me, but on recent Holland cruises the casino has been a disappointment for me. I like a full lively table but Holland has become more subdued. Many times the tables just have one or two players. We have been all over the Caribbean many, many times so nothing new or interesting to visit for us. The pros and cons were close, but in the end the cons won.
  5. This sounds encouraging. Final payment is due tomorrow for our December cruise on the Zuiderdam in NS 5191. Some recent issues have caused us to strongly consider not doing this cruise but we're on the fence and must decide tomorrow. If I thought the PG for breakfast would not be offered on this cruise, that would be enough for me to cancel, but my wife is more open-minded than I am about this. She'd give the CO a try.
  6. Thats not what the link here says. https://www.hollandamerica.com/blog/topics/arts-entertainment/exclusive-club-orange-program-will-be-available-on-all-ships-by-october-2019/
  7. There doesn't appear to be a definitive answer to my question: will the PG still serve breakfast to NS guests on non Pinnacle ships when CO is rolled out to all ships? Club Orange is definitely being rolled out on all ships by October according to Holland, but only the Pinnacle ships have seperate space for it. I can understand CO appealing to some passengers but certainly not to NS guests. Does Holland really think we'll be happy eating in the MDR for breakfast rather than the PG? Eating in the MDR has always been and option for breakfast, for all passengers. So they designate a separate area, use PG menus, and maybe even use the servers from the PG. Not the same at all.
  8. I hope your cruise is wonderful. We're booked on the 'Z' for a December cruise in a NS and I wonder if you might let us know if breakfast is still being served for NS guests in the PG. It has been reported that only Pinnacle class ships have replaced the breakfast in the PG with Club Orange.
  9. Unless HAL has blocked allowing the selecting of specific cabins, then you can choose the deck and cabin you want provided it's available of course. There is a surcharge for this privilege. A few days ago I priced a 26 day cruise on Zuiderdam in a PS and initially was shown the guaranteed price. After I selected a cabin of my choice in the same category the price was $2,000 higher. I guess HAL likes to keep the flexibility of assigning cabins right before the cruise.
  10. We'll be on the Zuiderdam in December in a NS, and hoping for breakfast in PG. Hope the reports are correct.
  11. Where would I find this explanation on Hal's website?
  12. I'd book it for sure. We've done earlier than that and never had a problem.
  13. They already have on Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam, but at least they have dedicated, converted spaces. Some like it, some don't. The remaining fleet was scheduled to begin conversion in July-December, 2019 I understand. However, just allocating some dedicated space in the MDR and calling it Club Orange might be worthwhile for some who are willing to pay extra for this MDR space and a few other perks, but the PG breakfast is a BIG reason we book NS. We'll be sailing in a NS on the Zuiderdam in December right after dry dock. If they've actually converted some space like the 'K' and 'NA' , we'll keep an open mind, but if it's just the MDR and no PG breakfast we'll be very disappointed. We too are looking at a 26 day TA on the Zuiderdam for April 2020. We may have to reconsider.
  14. When we were on the Oosterdam recently the Neptune Lounge did not have Chardonnay so the Concierge ordered one from the bar. We had drink cards and it was taken care by the bar attendant who brought the wine. I believe the concierge said those with drink cards could use them in the Neptune Lounge that way.
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