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  1. We have sailed out of this port twice. We stay in Galveston to extend our vacation. Last time stayed at the Best Western (north) the day before the cruise. Nice breakfast included. The beach is across the street. It was a warm Oct day and we had a very nice time on the beach before we boarded the ship. Our airport was Hobby. Used Uber to get around, our schedule and did rely on transport services. Have fun!
  2. Thank you for your review. We will be there next week and are looking forward to it. This will be our 3rd time there.
  3. My wife and I like Paradise Beach. We pay $3.00 each and agree to spend at least $10.00 each for food and or drinks. Easy to do. There is also an all inclusive option. There is a beach and a very nice fresh water pool. The pool is not cold. Plenty of chairs even on busy port days. The chairs are in shade or sun. Friendly staff too. There are water toys/inflatables for children and adults. I suggest looking at their web site. We hop in a cab to get there. I forget the cab price but it was very reasonable and of course we always tip. Hope this helps and happy cruising.
  4. My wife and I had NO trouble getting to Galveston from Hobby. We stayed near the beach the night before the cruise so we could spend time on the beach before we cruised. With full tip it was 47.89. 10/8/19 However, when we got off the ship it was more difficult to get back to Hobby. An Uber driver took our request but never showed up. We later found out the drivers want the longer drive to Bush airport to get a larger fare. We eventually cancelled the first driver and got a second, she was great. However we were soaked from rain, no shelter for the Uber/Lyft pick up for the Royal Caribbe
  5. We plan to use Uber or Lyft when we get off of the Fantasy on Feb 13. Is there a certain area for the Uber or Lyft drivers to use? Recently did this at the Galveston Port and it was somewhat difficult to find their pick up area. We will need transportation to the airport, MOB. Thank you in advance.
  6. I would guess they would be very accommodating due to your circumstance. Have a great cruise.
  7. My understanding is it has to fit through the scanner. Probably ok if it does. Best wishes.
  8. We always put our tags on before we cruise, not before our flights. We stay the night before we cruise in a motel, I put them on the night before we leave for the port. I take a roll of clear package tape and tape the heck out of them so they don’t rip off. Never had an issue. Also put our names/info inside of our suitcases and carry on bags.
  9. I found “REEF REPAIR” SUNCREAM SPF 30+ on eBay before our last cruise. Three smaller tubes so it would not be a hassle for our carry on luggage for our flight. It is more of a paste, not really a cream. It smells different too but it worked VERY well. We did a reef snorkel in Cozumel. It was really disheartening to notice no one took the reef safe requirement serious. Our tour operators said if you already applied regular sunscreen to wipe it off with a towel. Pretty ineffective in my opinion. Have a great time!
  10. Sailing on the Fantasy in Feb. Does anyone know where you can order a veggie burger 🍔? Thanks in advance for any info.
  11. We are cruising out of Mobile in Feb. Our flight doesn’t get in until 10:30 the night before the cruise so we figure it’s best to stay by the airport. Looking for something clean, reasonable price with breakfast. Any ideas? Any hotels that offer hotel shuttles? This is our 14th cruise but 1st out of Mobile. We are Looking forward to a different port. Thanks in advance for help and ideas.
  12. We are staying at the Best Western at 102 Seawall Blvd on a Monday night for a Tuesday cruise on Royal’s Enchantment. I see there is a Walgreens at 308 Seawall Blvd so we can purchase a couple of last minute items. (We are not checking bags for our flight). In our State Walgreens can sell wine and beer. Are they able to do that in TX? If not, is there a liquor store close to our motel so I can get a bottle of wine for our cruise? We’ve cruised several times and know Royal allows up to two bottles. Any information is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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