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  1. You betcha Serenity has waiters to take care of you! The middle Serenity deck has a small bar too so you'll have a back up plan. I'll be booking another Sunshine cruise for this summer soon - looking forward to gaining a few pounds thanks to Guy's burger, Ji Ji's, Cuccina and Blue Iguana.
  2. I was so fascinated with the comfort and feel of the robe on the Sunshine, I bought one. Might just wear it all weekend. 😉 Hadn't used a robe before this cruise, and was disappointed that there wasn't any robes in our room. I mentioned this to our steward and within 10 minutes, we had two for our cruise.
  3. Just off the Sunshine today and boy was it a great cruise! Here's a list of things my wife and I didn't do: We didn't break our necks to see and do everything. We didn't see any of the playlist production shows (seen them before). We didn't go to the comedy club either. We didn't eat in the steakhouse. ' We didn't go to any of the morning shows, or anything else that the entertainment staff and CD were doing. I've never needed them to have a great cruise. We didn't care what others were wearing at lunch or dinner. We didn't care tha
  4. Had a guarantee interior room on the Sunshine over New Year's Eve. Got the call last week with an offer for a balcony for just $37 per person. Done!
  5. Yep - take your email confirmation with you just in case. Mix-ups happen I'm sure, but we've never had an issue. You will also get a reminder of your confirmation/reservation in your stateroom either the day before, or the morning of your reservation. At least it was that way on my last cruise, but things change.
  6. We've never decorated the door or interior of any stateroom we've been on, and we won't. Silly to use up suitcase space for decorations that kids will destroy anyway. But if this is your thing, do and have fun doing it until you can't do it anymore!
  7. I did the same thing - Casino offer with $500 OBC, 2 category upgrade and DOU in casino. When I paid in full, and printed my cruise information, I was also able to print my luggage tags. Both had my stateroom number on it. First time I've ever let Carnival pick my room. I'm satisfied!
  8. I'm taking the gamble for our December 28th cruise (New Year's Eve on the Sunshine!!) and letting Carnival choose my room. By doing this we get $500 OBC and free drinks in the casino. Had I selected our room, we wouldn't be getting the OBC. We are only in the room to sleep and I'm happy to spend the free money!
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