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  1. Anyone on current sailing returning 12/15? Everything seem back to normal?
  2. The Haven with their 2 bedroom offerings is an attractive option for families looking to cruise. I think it’s unrealistic to expect no children will be in the haven or to restrict children access to the pool. I can also certainly understand how unruly children can affect other passengers experience. In those situations, the parents need to monitor and better control their unruly children. Every passenger deserves to enjoy their vacation they paid for.
  3. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but thinking about using Payless Airport Shuttle. Can you comment on your experiences with them if you used them for your transportation? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the all the replies. It is a domestic flight. Based on my experience, I would 100x rather fly through SNA than LAX. Generally speaking for walk offs, what time do they usually start letting passengers off? I know its variable and depends on the ship clearing customs/port authorities, but just trying to time things out. Thanks again for all the replies.
  5. Please delete. Double post in error
  6. Booked for a cruise on the Joy in December. Trying to figure our flights. Would an 1130am flight leaving out of John Wayne airport (SNA) be unrealistic? The itinerary says the ship is due to arrive at port at 7am and disembarkation usually starts 2 hours after. Seems a little too close for comfort. Based on your experiences, what's the earliest you can get off the ship? Thanks for any input.
  7. Anyone have any recommendations on a shuttle service that provides car seats in the Los Angeles area? We will need transportation to San Pedro port. Will be traveling with 2 children who still require safety seats. Anyone have any experience with a company they would recommend? Thanks!
  8. If you stay on 17 near the Haven Bar, do you hear lots of noise or is it pretty quite?
  9. How far in advance from the sailing does NCL start offering cruisers the option to place bids? How far out from the sailing date are the bids usually accepted? Thanks for any input!
  10. I did a price adjustment a week ago as the prices fell quite a bit. This is also through the same big box warehouse retailer OP mentioned. I got the same photo package as well.
  11. Agreed, the expiring deal countdown made me book earlier than I would as I typically like to do extensive research. I'm >120 days out and noticed the category I booked is about $400 cheaper. Can I call my TA and rebook at the reduced rate since I'm so far out?
  12. Sorry to hijack the thread, but if you're greater than 120 days out and notice a price drop, can you request a price adjustment? Booked through a big national warehouse travel agent. Thanks
  13. We cruised in an Owners Suite (Sky Class) on Oasis in March of this year. Have been on 3 RCL cruises in total, with the most recent one being a suite. I didn't feel coastal kitchen or the lounge was overcrowded. I may be wrong, but I thought they separated the lounges now, so Pinnacles and Diamonds don't share the same lounge as Suite, but again I can be totally mistaken. Service was top notch. Concierge was very accommodating. I particularly liked the luggage valet, where they would transport your luggage to the airport for you on disembarkation. Not sure if this is something NCL offers. I have my first NCL cruise booked on the Joy in December in an H4. I wish I had more to offer you in terms of a comparison, but haven't been able to experience the Haven yet. Price wise, I thought the H4 was a bargain at approximately 8500 for 4 ppl, but the RCI Owners Suite was 12000 for 4. In fairness, we sailed on RCI around spring break and are not booked into an as busy time on the NCL Joy. The H4 over Christmas and New Years priced at 20,000 and 22,000, respectively.
  14. First time cruising with the an unlimited drink package perk. Are there any bars/restaurants where the package is not honored? Just want to know ahead of time before I order tons of drinks and get stuck with a bill. Thanks!
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