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  1. United we sail., divided we sink?? After all, we do travel for a week or so to beach resorts. I still think they should get together and do something like that. All those local workers should be tested and quarantined as crew before working at the resorts. They could stay there for a a few months at a time and then sail back to the mainland for a R and R. Just my thoughts. Re. The CDC extending it. Yes- I believe so. Enough is Enough's panel took their sweet time (?4 months) to come out with the proposal. There is a stinky feeling within me they purposely timed
  2. I do realize that they are technically part of a foreign country but as a Port in the definition of the word, it probably is not. No customs, no immigrations ( not that we really pass thru it like in an airport). It's private in the very dictionary definition of the word. It may be zipcode Bahamas but I ( the cruise line) decide who enters, who stays, not the government. It that is so, then maybe the lines could set aside their competition and do a 7 day 5 private island cruise? I, for one would love to hit all the private island in one 7 day cruise! 😂
  3. Yes but we can't self administer this- from a cruise standpoint. Too many people who don't know how to do it properly and some who will/might/maybe do it improperly on purpose. I am looking at this test from a cruising standpoint,.
  4. Would a private island qualify as a foreign stop to satisfy the law that foreign flagged ships stop in a foreign port.? Re the " update their medical crisis facilities, including adding at least one ventilator. " Now you have to update the medical staff to know how to use and set a ventilator AND put breathing tubes down a guest's throat. I think there is a limit to what this medical upgrade should be. After all, it is a cruise ship and those who are already at death's door should make a reasonable decision to either not sail or accept the consequences given one's health.
  5. Just my two cents worth. We cannot expect the cruise line to create an ICU for this one disease. We could as well extend the line of reasoning to - for example- what will they do for some who suddenly developed severe asthma? Can they put a breathing tube down a throat? Do they have a ventilator? We can then extend it to more diseases. Doing so, the only safe ships to " cruise " in would be the USS Hope and Mercy. What should be asked is, ( we all know those clinics are just that-clinics- and are run separately. You have to pay for consultation), is what do they have onboa
  6. I too agree that NYC covid test turnover is pretty quick. Didn't know that NYS was lagging somewhat. If the need for a 5 day covid test is required just to enter the cruise terminal, I am sure laboratories in port cities will spring up with quick covid tests. Question is how much are they and are you willing to pay for it. Note that I read somewhere that MSC europe has covid machines that can run 300 test in 1 hour. 10 machines means 3000 tests. it can be done. Ask MSC where they got those machines. I am trying but could not find the link. As of now, let us a
  7. I too had read that MSC had lowered the price of their excursions. But I could not locate that article again. Was gonna post it on TA cruise forum. For cruise lines to enhance success ( more booking) they have to lower drastically the cost of the tours. Since they farm it out to local operators (they better vet them properly), they have to ask the tour operator to charge less too. It's either have cheaper paying guest than no guest at all ( which is what is happening now). I am waiting for MSC USA to post their protocol. Read that Princess is posting their protocol n
  8. hello everyone, I read CC but seldom post. I'm more at the sister forum at Tripadvisor. I wonder why there is NO clear recommendation on reducing capacity to enable or enhance social distancing. Is it because the paymasters had, in July I believe, mentioned that they always sail with full ships? Also the wording on page 5 about " whether proposed recommendations could be operationally feasible. " mean they are loosening some recommendations at the behest of their paymasters... pcr swab test of our patients for surgery- results come back in a few hours. So possi
  9. NCL finally throws in (most of) the towel. https://www.ncl.com/suspended-sailings?cid=SM_NCL_PRO_BRA_FBK_LRN_WLP_WHYNCL_SAILUPDATE061620_NA_NA Notice there isn't gonna be any bermuda cruise. In fact there won't be any cruise in August and September save for the so called Seattle based Alaska Cruise.
  10. Just now I went to the NCL website and you can no longer book Alaska/Canada cruises for this year. All the month options for 2020 are grayed out. But they still have not officially cancelled the cruises. .Sneaky.
  11. I was just on the NCL site. You are unable to select Alaska/Canada cruises for this year anymore. The month options are all grayed out.
  12. Cole, can you help me understand. Is this a law that limits the POA only to Hawaiian Ports? I was thinking in terms of the cabotage law ( we have no control over Canadian ports but we have control over ours). Just asking. This is new to me. Thanks!
  13. Mugtech, they can do that. Pride Of America is US flagged and they can sail from US port to US port without having to stop at a foreign port. And recent reports stated that there might be no cruising to/around/from Hawaii until next year.
  14. Hi. Cancelling the cruise to Alaska this year (August-October) is only part of the problem. I was just back from the NCL website and they ARE still accepting bookings for Alaska for this August. Wonder where they will stop for their foreign port in order to satisfy the Cabotage law. Quite sneaky in my opinion since obviously they can't sail anymore to Alaska as the available foreign ports-Canada- are closed. The best they can do is bring the Pride of America and sail from Seattle to Alaska bypassing Canada.
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