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  1. Yes, that is the normal way of their non-refundable deposits. Also, not sure if you cancelled or just rebooked, but most of the cruises this year were able to be moved to a later cruise with no penalty.
  2. Can people stop running wild with their RUMORS? They may not sail, but you do not KNOW that and are just presenting your OPINIONS as fact.
  3. Big difference between November and January. The $50 is not a normal deposit, so that is probably what the rep meant. I do know that for cruises THIS YEAR, that they were allowing them to be moved to another date in the future.
  4. Next spring does not currently fall under any revised cancellation policies so you may lose the deposit.
  5. Don't expect any discounts for Mardi gras. It had great bookings and then they cancelled the first 8 cruises( that was my first cancellation), now it is rebooked for Nov 2021. However as more cruises were cancelled, the majority of those people rebooked Mardi gras for later dates.
  6. I know when the cancellations first started, Carnival had a spot in the letter saying that if you cancelled within a certain window, you would qualify for the same perks as if they cancelled.
  7. My PVP said they are allowing people to move cruises this year to next years without penalty, not sure about cruises in January, but it can't hurt to call and ask. If you already know which cruise you would move to, call and see. I doubt you will be able to get a refund, unless you booked a refundable rate.
  8. Some prices are higher, some are lower. I know all the cancellations have forced people to rebook for next year, which lessens supply and drives prices up.
  9. What didn't you like about aft balconies? I love the aft extended balconies. In fact we have one on deck 11 for this cruise. We always got them until they changed them to havana rooms and the prices went up a lot.
  10. I did the Extremely Extreme Zipline with Vallarta Adventures and it was a blast. Make sure to take lots of bug spray since the no-seeums are bad.
  11. Radiance has been 2 ships prior? It was built as Victory and is now being converted to Radiance.
  12. New ships never have FTTF for the first 6 months to a year. They have to get the flow figured out and how it works with the port terminal.
  13. You play the bonus spins? All the other slot pulls I have done, everyone gets their 4 pulls and then whatever is left, they cash out and split among everyone.
  14. I would like to say I will do it, but I always forget about it until afterwards.
  15. My birthday is this week, I would love to get an OBC offer like that for my birthday.
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