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  1. Well, I think it’s probably up to choice but our family will most likely wear them everywhere except the deck areas outside.
  2. 😂😂 We actually are leaving tomorrow for our Allure Cruise Sunday. We live in Central PA. The way airlines are I wouldn’t dare right now.
  3. Oh my! I would be so upset. We leave on Allure Sunday and booked our Covid test for Thursday. Ugh.
  4. Ok so I keep hearing some people say that the antigen at CVS is free, yet I am hearing others say that most insurance doesn’t pay for travel Covid testing. Does anyone know about this? There are 4 of us and I have another place I can book for only 49/pp and it is an antigen test but the drive in site is called “15 to know”. Not sure if RC will take this as an appropriate place for testing. I really don’t want to have to pay 139/pp to get tested…
  5. See this is where I have an issue. For people that don’t get tested regularly, (I do because I’m a healthcare worker) someone fully vaccinated could have been exposed a few weeks ago, never had symptoms, they go get their test to be able to cruise and boom! They are positive. But they may have had it weeks ago and sometimes you will still test positive for a few weeks after.
  6. Oh I agree! I saw that sail away party.. all I could think about was the news or bloggers announcing Covid cases in a few days. Yes I know it’s almost all vaccinated but you will always have breakthrough cases. I also noticed that none of the lounge chairs on the decks were spaced out. 😬
  7. Has anyone heard how the odyssey sailing is going? I have heard so much about Carnival Mardi Gras and barely anything about Odyssey.
  8. You should be fine with either test. I’m in healthcare and get tested weekly. Both tests. I had Covid June if 2020 and both Vaccines in February. I have heard that people who had Covid and have had the vaccine are”bullet proof”. 😂😂 I hope that is true. Lol
  9. We have a similar one near us called “15 to know”. It’s 49.00 per person and it’s the Abbot lab also. I was assuming that one was ok to use. I don’t have a CVS near me that does the rapid.
  10. I’m still confused about the “very small numbers”. The Providencetown, MA incident has me very concerned. I mean it doesn’t seem like anyone is getting extremely sick but 74% of the positive cases are fully vaccinated.
  11. I’m not surprised I would think all of them will. They have 7 positive cases on Celebrity Edge right now.
  12. Ok so! Allure Aug 15 is now available for tags and e docs. I hade private DM’d then less then an hour ago and all of a sudden they are available. 🙂
  13. When I was watching Matt’s (royal Caribbean blog) YouTube video he has it pulled down in Central Park and they politely asked him to put it back on. So I am guessing you have to wear it.
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